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1. Lightweight implementation that supports mark() & reset()

Good day, Currently, we are using ByteArrayInputStream for our reset-able InputStream. My problem with it is that it consumes a lot of memory (it loads all the bytes it represents in memory ...

2. java file input with rewind()/reset() capability

I need to write a function that takes in some kind of input stream thing (e.g. an InputStream or a FileChannel) in order to read a large file in two passes: ...

3. How Can I Reset The File Pointer to the Beginning of the File in Java?

I am writing a program in Java that requires me to compare the data in 2 files. I have to check each line from file 1 against each line of file ...

4. Reset buffer with BufferedReader in Java?

I am using class BufferedReader to read line by line in the buffer. When reading the last line in the buffer, I want to start reading from the beginning of the ...

5. Can I perform successive mark operations on an InputStream in Java

I'm trying to build a simple parser, and since InputStream doesn't have some peek-like method, I'm using mark and reset. But I suspect that successive calls to mark, invalidate the previous ones. ...

6. Reset ObjectOutPutStream to update new object state?

I want to reset ObjectOutPutStream to update the new object state. But why it doesn't effect. The below code outputs "BEFORE" instead of "AFTER"? What's wrong with my code?

package test;

import ...

7. InputStream will not reset to beginning

InputStream data = realResponse.getEntity().getContent();
byte[] preview = new byte[100];, 0, 100);
// Now I want to refer to the InputStream later on, but I want it from the beginning of the stream, not ...

8. Copy the start of an InputStream

I want to copy the "start" (i.e., first N characters) of an InputStream and then reset the stream to its start, so that it can be reused. Using mark() and reset() does ...

9. What is mark and reset in BufferedReader

I would like to know what are mark() and reset() methods in BufferedReader.I read the javadoc but as i am a beginer I was unable to understand it.

10. How to use mark(int readAheadLimit) and reset() in BufferedReader?

It would be easiest to start over by creating the buffered reader again on the same file. If you use mark/reset, the whole contents of the file will have to be saved in memory, which negates most of the advantages of using Readers. If you use mark and want to be able to reset to the beginning of the file, use ...

11. can't use reset on input stream?

I am trying to get the input stream from a zip file uploaded through struts form file, like so: FormFile zipFile = dataForm.getFileToImport(); adminDelegate.zipInput(zipFile.getInputStream()); I am then passing it to my delegate for some processing. The delegate method in turn passes the input stream to two methods like so: Zip zip = readFile(in); in.reset(); writeFilesToDestination("",zip,in); Here is where i run into ...

12. BufferedReader.reset() - Can it take you to the start of the stream?

If the BufferedReader.reset() method is called and no marks have been set, will the reader move to the start of the stream? (This isn't confirmed by the Javadoc. I'm guessing this isn't the case.) If this isn't the case, what is the best way to reset a reader to the start of a stream, if this behavior is supported by the ...

13. How to use Mark and reset for inputstream ?

public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception { BufferedReader bufferedReader = null; FileInputStream fileInputStream = null; try { File inputFile = new File("C:\\file.htm"); int fileSize = (int) inputFile.length(); fileInputStream = (new FileInputStream(inputFile)); bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( fileInputStream)); StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); System.out.println(bufferedReader.markSupported()); bufferedReader.mark(50); String fileLineString = ""; while ((fileLineString = bufferedReader.readLine()) != null) { sb.append(fileLineString + " "); } ...

14. BufferedReader mark() and reset() help

Hi, I'm trying to write a function that grabs a 4 character sequences of a file, sends that to another function, then continue to do the same thing from where the BufferedReader left off until the end of the file but can't seem to figure out how to make it work. Here is what I have so far: String str = ...

15. does DataInputStream support Mark() and Reset()?

Unfortunately for you, you do not get to dictate which comments are irrelevant. And, if you scan through these fora, you will discover that people who are here helping do not enjoy finding the same questions multiple times. IMO, this is a duplicate post. ofcourse i get to dictate it as far as my post is considerd. to the second comment ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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