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1. invalid stream header: 7371007E

this is pprobably a simple question .
I got a client Server application which communicate using objects.
when I send only one object from the client to server all works well.
when I attempt ...

2. StreamCorruptedException, when using ObjectInputStream

I need to send an Object from client to server by serializing it.
This is my code:

     HttpURLConnection con = null;
     ObjectOutputStream out = ...

3. Possible causes for "StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header"

I (try to) use drools to process my pricing rules. But when I try to execute the rules the following exception is thrown:

java.lang.RuntimeException: KnowledgeAgent exception while trying to deserialize KnowledgeDefinitionsPackage  ...

4. invalid stream header: 75720002

i am creating a server-client application where the server sends a pdf file to the all connected clients. The problem is i get this error and i searched for a solution ...

5. StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header

Hi, I am sending a vector from an applet to servlet.When I tried to execute applet from browser I am getting above error in the Weblogic console. I am sending data using ObjectInputSTream... The code is like below... The applet: public void sendObjToServer(Vector loginParamaters) { URL url = null; URLConnection urlConn = null; InputStream is = null; DataOutputStream outs = null; ...

6. StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header

Hi all, My code runs correctly when i run the clients one after another without using threads. I am getting this following error when i run my multi-threaded server. When a server accepts a client connection, ClientHandler is the thread that handles that client. Exception in thread "main" invalid stream header at at at comm.DOMTransfer.( at ClientHandler.( at ...

7. Need Help With: StreamCorruptedException invalid stream header

ALL: 1. I hope this the proper forum. For some time I have tried to correct an error: " StreamCorruptedException invalid stream header" , reoccuring in Jasper Reports source code. 2. Based upon requirements, The Program packages variables into a HashMap, and creates a "BLOB" object which is inserted into an Oracle database. At a later point, the BLOB object is ...

8. StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header:

hej guys! i also have some issues with the inputstream. I got this error again and again. MessageDispatcher interrupted for invalid stream header: 77617161 invalid stream header: 77617161 at Source) at Source) at at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source) at Source) actually i am working on a peer to peer chat application and this error ...

9. Java Applet Exception : invalid stream he

Hi ejp, Actually main problem is that 1. scenario1: This code works good in localhost i.e. on tomcat i am running it as http://localhost:8080/index.html in browser. 2. scenario2:One more point is that when i start tomcat and run same code on command prompt appletviewer index.html it gives me an exception "protocol doesn't match". 3.scenario3: when i put same servlet on remote ...

12. invalid stream header

But still throws the same exception: invalid stream header the stacktrace is: invalid stream header at ) at at TestFIS.main( i checked everything but couldn't get a solution and now i desperately need to know what am doing wrong. So i will appreciate if someone can tell me what's going on. Thank you very much

13. Jasper Report Problem( invalid stream head

} catch (Exception e) { //handle the exception e.printStackTrace(); } finally { //boilerplate code to close the result set, statement, and exception } } } ===============================