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1. java how to combine InputStreamReader with StringBuffer?


public class MyName
    public static void main (String [] xxx) throws IOException
        String a;


2. How to convert StringBuffer to InputStream in Java ME?

I'm new in Java and learning Java ME development. I got stuck in this conversion. Please help me to convert StringBuffer to InputStream. Thanks!

3. need help: inputstream to String or StringBuffer

This is probably a really simple problem if you know much about input streams at all. I'm reading some bytes streaming in over HTTP - basically, I read the InputStream and just write it out to a file, and later I read in that file into an XML SAX parser like so: fis = new FileInputStream(responseFile); // debug way oXMLRead.parse(new InputSource(fis)); ...

4. java.nio.ByteBuffer to StringBuffer

Hi, I want to convert java.nio.ByteBuffer object to a StringBuffer. I have tried using getChar(int index) method of java.nio.ByteBuffer and then tried to append each char to the StringBuffer. But, when I print the contents of StringBuffer using SOP, it prints a series of '?'. Is there any other way of converting from java.nio.ByteBuffer to StringBuffer ? Please help me out. ...

5. New to java... Having problems with Stringbuffer - FileReader

private void emailDevLicense(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response, String operatorId) { String configId = request.getParameter("configurationId"); String deployPath = cdlcmConfig.getLmLicensePath(); String cName = request.getParameter("cName"); String aName = request.getParameter("aName"); String lPath = request.getParameter("lPath"); String licenseName = request.getParameter("name"); String description = request.getParameter("licenseConfigDesc"); String contents = null; Properties emailProperties = new Properties(); emailProperties.put("", cdlcmConfig.getEmsMailServer()); Session mailSession = Session.getDefaultInstance(emailProperties, null); String mailFrom = cdlcmConfig.getEmsMailFrom(); MimeMessage message = new ...

6. Parse lines out of a StringBuffer and/or InputStream

I am loading and parsing a ~40MB text file. I am retrieving this file using the JCraft JSch SFTP library. This has given me no problems so far. Since I need to process this file line by line, my first approach was to read a character at a time off the InputStream provided by the SFTP library, collect characters until a ...

7. BufferedWriter and Stringbuffer Issue- J2SDK.v.1.4.1

I was using this version of java and I wrote a program which appends strings to a string buffer. It then converts the string buffer to a string and outputs that to a file using bufferedwriter.write However it causes line breaks in the file where it shouldn't and I dont know why. Are there any known issues with bufferedwriter in this ...

8. Using StringBuffer instead of PrintWriter