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1. Is there a reason to use BufferedReader over InputStreamReader when reading all characters?    stackoverflow.com

I currently use the following function to do a simple HTTP GET.

public static String download(String url) throws java.io.IOException {
    java.io.InputStream s = null;
    java.io.InputStreamReader r ...

2. How do you determine the ideal buffer size when using FileInputStream?    stackoverflow.com

I have a method that creates a MessageDigest (a hash) from a file, and I need to do this to a lot of files (>= 100,000). How big should I make ...

3. Alternatives to rotating buffers into Players in J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

Due to (quite annoying) limitations on many J2ME phones, audio files cannot be played until they are fully downloaded. So, in order to play live streams, I'm forced to download chunks ...

4. Java: ignoring an input stream - will buffers overflow and bad things happen?    stackoverflow.com

I have a client connecting to my server. The client sends some messages to the server which I do not care about and do not want to waste time parsing ...

5. How java.io.Buffer* stream differs from normal streams?    stackoverflow.com

How buffered streams are working on the background and how it actually differs and what is the real advantage of using the same? Another Query,.. Since DataInputSytream is also Byte based, but it ...

6. What are the default buffer size for java.io.BufferedInputStream on old and exotic JVMs?    stackoverflow.com

I've been doing some research for a blog post regarding java.io.BufferedInputStream and buffers. Apparently, over the years, the default has grown from a measly 512 bytes to 8192 bytes as ...

7. Any tutorial to understand Streams, Buffers and their usage in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have been coding Java for a while, but I have to admit that I don't get streams, buffers, etc. 100% I have tried to find a good tutorial on the subject ...

8. Native JDK code to copy files    stackoverflow.com

Is there a native JDK code to copy files(buffers, streams, or whatever)?

9. What about buffering FileInputStream?    stackoverflow.com

I have a piece of code that reads hell of a lot (hundreds of thousand) of relatively small files (couple of KB) from the local file system in a loop. For ...

10. Why FileOutputStream does not throw OutOfMemoryException    stackoverflow.com

I've tried the code below on both Windows (64bit) and Linux(32bit). I was sure that without BufferedOutputStream the code is bound to throw OutOfMemoryException yet it didn't. Why is that? Who ...

11. Infinite ByteBuffer in Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on a program where I'm compressing a large amount on information and storing it in bytes in a buffer. I can't use ByteBuffer because I don't know the finall ...

12. Should I buffer the InputStream or the InputStreamReader?    stackoverflow.com

What are the differences (if any) between the following two buffering approaches?

Reader r1 = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(in, "UTF-8"), bufferSize);
Reader r2 = new InputStreamReader(new BufferedInputStream(in, bufferSize), "UTF-8");

13. Equivalent of BufferedReader.readNext() for ObjectInputStream in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a Server communicating with multiple clients through a socket connection. In my original program, messages were sent and recieved using a PrintWriter and a BufferedReader. When I checked to ...

14. Problems with BZIP-OutputStream    stackoverflow.com

first some code:

ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
CBZip2OutputStream zos = new CBZip2OutputStream(bos);


length = bos.size();
"provider" send (lets say) 200 bytes to "zos". But length is == 1. I know bzip is good, but ...

15. BufferedReader no longer buffering after a while?    stackoverflow.com

Sorry I can't post code but I have a bufferedreader with 50000000 bytes set as the buffer size. It works as you would expect for half an hour, the HDD light ...

16. What is the buffer size in BufferedReader?    stackoverflow.com

What is the sense of buffer size in the constructor?

BufferedReader(Reader in, int size)
As i have written the program:
import java.io.*;
class bufferedReaderEx{
    public static void main(String args[]){

17. FileChannel#force and buffering    stackoverflow.com

I would like to make it clear and draw some parallels between FileOutputStream and FileChannel right now. So first of all, it seems like the most efficient way to write file with ...

18. Increase Internal Buffer Size Used by Java FileInputStream    stackoverflow.com

When calling read(byte[]) on a FileInputStream, the read size is always 8k, even if byte[] is exponentially large. How do you increase the max read amount returned per call? Please do not ...

19. Newline character omitted while reading from buffer    stackoverflow.com

I've written the following code:

public class WriteToCharBuffer {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  String text = "This is the data to write in buffer!\nThis is the second line\nThis is ...

20. What is the use of ByteBuffer in Java?    stackoverflow.com

What ByteBuffer functions are used for application in Java? Please list any example scenarios where this is used. Thank you!

21. Java Buffers and Streams: Releasing underlying resources    stackoverflow.com

Case 1:

BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader( new FileInputStream(file) ) );
Case 2:
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader( new FileReader(file) );
Case 3:
InputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream( new FileInputStream(src) ...

22. How to safely cancel an InputStream read?    stackoverflow.com

When reading from an InputStream, is there a way to cancel the read when it reaches a certain size and ignore the rest of the stream safely ensuring the resources are ...

23. Strange IOException when buffering inputStream in Java    stackoverflow.com

I have a weird issue regarding buffering inputStream of pdf and odt files. They are not so big, just 5 - 15 pages, but it always ends up like this

java.io.IOException: ...

24. Buffered RandomAccessFile java    stackoverflow.com

RandomAccessFile is quite slow for random access to a file. You often read about implementing a buffered layer over it, but code doing this isn't possible to find online. So my ...

25. When to use BufferedInput/OutputStreams in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I have a client program that sends an encrypted object to a server, and am using a bunch of streams to do it:

    //httpOutput is the HTTPUrlConnection request ...

26. Java BufferedOutputStream strategy    stackoverflow.com

Hallo, you can give the BufferedOutputStream constructor a int parameter for the buffer size. I my szenario I have one process writing to the disk and on process reading from the disk. ...

27. How to delete buffered data in a buffered OutputStream?    stackoverflow.com

It is possible to skip data from an InputStream

but if you want to do something similar with OutputStream I've found
But that's not the same, flush will ...

28. Java = Download Buffer not filled fully? How does flusing/Buffering work?    stackoverflow.com

I want to monitor the progress of downloading data. I want to log after a certain amount of data has been transferred. My Code:

int contentLength = 0;
final int bufferSize = 1024*8;
byte[] ...

29. Why default buffer size is 8k in Java IO?    stackoverflow.com

The default buffer size is 8k in BufferedWriter of somewhere else. Why use 8k? Does larger buffer size improve the performance?

30. Unable to read the content from a non-empty InputStream    stackoverflow.com

I have a piece of code that reads the content from a non-empty InputStream. However, it works fine in Eclipse and using ant script in my computer, but it fails in ...

31. How do i read in a file with buffer reader but skip comments with java    stackoverflow.com

I wrote a program that reads a file with buffer reader and stores data in a String variable. How can i modify it to make it skip single and multi-line comments? Here ...

32. Is FileInputStream using buffers already?    stackoverflow.com

When I am using FileInputStream to read an object (say a few bytes), does the underlying operation involve: 1) Reading a whole block of disk so that if I subsequently do ...

33. Does FileInputStream have an internal buffer    stackoverflow.com

This question includes the following surpising (to me) assertion

both Java and Perl try quite hard to find a one-size-fits all default buffer size when reading in files

34. Unknown buffer size to be read from a DataInputStream in java    stackoverflow.com

I have the following statement: DataInputStream is = new DataInputStream(process.getInputStream()); I would like to print the contents of this input stream but I dont know the size of this stream. How should I ...

35. outputStream.write has has buffer overflow?    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to send a byte[] to a serial port. However outputstream.write(byte[]); only works when byte[].length contains less then about 100 bytes. Just to know:

  • using spring source tool suite (Eclipse)
  • JDK ...

  • 36. Read Long and String from a file using BufferedReader    stackoverflow.com

    My Data is stored in a file in the following syntax:

    Where the numbers are not actually written as strings, they are written as longs using writeLong. I want to read these data ...

    37. how to clear/reset buffer when I use BufferedReader?    coderanch.com

    hi! in my program, I use BufferedReader to get a string at a time from another program using socket. anyway, I have BufferedReader in and I call in.readLine() inside the while loop. It's not starting to read from the beginning each time. ie. inside while loop 1)a string "abc" shows up, in.readLine() reads "abc" 2)the second string "def" shows up, in.readLine() ...

    38. Byte Reader and Buffer Reader    coderanch.com

    39. Buffering streams and writers...    coderanch.com

    There is probably no difference because the buffer sizes for BufferedWriter and BufferedOutputStream are the same... However if you are using a charset where more than one byte is frequently converted to a single char, then the boundaries of the two buffers aren't going to match up so nicely any more. Whether this matters I have no idea, though. ...

    40. buffer size and reading a file into an outputstream    coderanch.com

    Hi All, I have the following piece of code: FileInputStream fileInputStream = new FileInputStream(file); OutputStream outputStream = socket.getOutputStream(); while((size = fileInputStream.read()) != -1) { outputStream.write(data, 0, size); outputStream.flush(); } outputStream.close(); where 'data' is a byte[] and I have set it to 1024.....so my questions are: 1. what if the file size is huge....will this code segment work? by huge I mean ...

    41. Buffering in RandomAccessFile    coderanch.com

    Is writing to RandomAccessFile automatically buffered? If not, is there any built-in stream that can wrap around it to provide buffering? My concern is that I have to do many RandomAccessFile.write(int b) in a loop to fill out a big gap in a file. Big the performance of this operation is very slow so that I suspect each write() call causes ...

    42. InputStreamReader fails when buffer size is large    coderanch.com

    I have the following coding, //get the socket connection here InputStream streamFromSocket = socket.getInputStream(); InputStreamReader streamReader = new InputStreamReader(streamFromSocket, "UTF-8"); while(mycondition) { streamReader.read(charBuffer, 0, CHAR_BUFFER_SIZE); //rest of the logic } The "socket" reference holds a reference to a active socket. From InputStreamReader it receive xml data chunks. The question is with the "streamReader.read(charBuffer, 0, CHAR_BUFFER_SIZE)" method. When I define the charBuffer ...

    43. buffering or wrapping RandomAccessFile    coderanch.com

    45. How to increase the buffer size of the stream    coderanch.com

    Hi, I am developing a secure chat-server, in which i have to send rsa keys across client and server. However, when i try to send a key, i only receive part of the key on the other side. I feel the problem is because of the small buffer size. My key is of 1024 bit long. It is a RSA public ...

    46. ByteBuffer as***Buffer.hasArray();    java-forums.org

    47. ObjectInputStream buffer size.    forums.oracle.com

    48. storing input stream in a buffer    forums.oracle.com

    Saish wrote: Very spiffy! Although the one thing that seemed a slight concern to me was using available(). At least when I chain cipher streams and call that method, it is not reliable. Otherwise, very nice! Could be. Personally, I've never seen it, and I've been using InfoFetcher for so many years now without a problem that to be honest, I ...

    49. setting buffer size in inputstream    forums.oracle.com

    Hi, I would like to have a fast file transfer as close as to network transfer in a 100 mbps lan. what could be the best buffer size that I can use in my coding to read from my inputstreams and write them to an outputstream. The sizes vary from 150MB to 1 GB for each document that I would like ...

    51. Does Java have Input and Output Stream on a byte buffer?    forums.oracle.com

    I am looking for a ByteBuffer Input and Output Stream. The existed ByteArrayInputStream doesn't work as I expected. The output and input stream should share a same byte buffer. When the read method of the Input Stream is called, it will block the current thread and wait for the byte buffer. The method write of the output stream will write byte ...

    52. InputStream read Buffer problem    forums.oracle.com

    53. Input Stream available() vs read(buffer, int, int)    forums.oracle.com

    I hope this isn't too stupid a question. I was doing some debugging recently and found this. I have a PushbackInputStream. Iask what's available(). It says, "950". I say read(buffer, int1, int2) it says, "I read 155". That seems odd to me. If there are X available why does it read less than X? Thanks ST

    55. Buffer size in FileInputStream    forums.oracle.com

    However, it does not specify the ideal buffer size. Currently I'm using 2048 (which is 2 kb) because that was in the example code I read. Because there is no general ideal buffer size. Does someone know what advantages and disadvantages are connected with high buffer sizes. And what would be the 'ideal' size? That's up to you to define. You ...

    56. Does InputStreamReader buffer exceptions?    forums.oracle.com