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1. How to save web audio streaming to file ( c++ / java )    stackoverflow.com

hello all is there any lib or well known method to save audio web streaming ( web radio , mp3 streaming) to file programmatically ?

2. C++ equivalent of Java ByteBuffer?    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a C++ "equivalent" of Java ByteBuffer. I'm probably missing the obvious or just need an isolated usage example to clarify. I've looked through the iostream family & it looks ...

3. Streaming the desktop    stackoverflow.com

I want to create a C++ cross-platform (Windows and MacOS X) application that sends the screen as a video stream to a server. The application is needed in the context of lecture ...

4. Streaming videos from mobile phones    stackoverflow.com

I'm searching for open source libs for Streaming videos from mobile phones (from cameras on mobile phones) to servers. JAVA or C/C++ any one knows any?

5. Where to get streaming (live) video and audio from camera example app for Nokia?    stackoverflow.com

Where to get streaming (live) video and audio from camera example for Nokia (5800 for ex)? Suppose I want to create some live video streaming service app so I'll have some cool ...

6. How to encode video from multiple cameras into one mkv stream?    stackoverflow.com

How to encode multiple video + audio streams (we want streams not to be any how encoded) from cameras into one mkv so, that sound from camera A is encoded with ...

7. real time video streaming fast encoding    stackoverflow.com

We're building an app which requires really fast video streaming. We've never done nothing like it so during the research we thought to ask the pros :P Which codecs support fast encoding/decoding for ...

8. Java Process InputStream bug?    stackoverflow.com

Hey guys. So here is the deal. I have a Java program run a C++ program. The C++ process sends some doubles to the Java program by simply calling write on ...

9. Sending Images from C++ to Java | convert Stream to suitable Java Datatypes    stackoverflow.com

I want to send openCV Images via UDP Socket to a Java Server (run with GWT). How can I convert those cvFormats to java-workable datatypes?

10. Serialization with Streams in Java    stackoverflow.com

In C++, I've created a class called Serializer. And I want to duplicate the functionality in Java. Here's how Serializer works.

Serializer s;
s.writeString(myString); // automatically converted to Big-Endian unicode string with length ...

11. The best way to provide a JSON InputStream    stackoverflow.com

In different languages I need to provide users with a stream of JSON objects with an interface similar to the following:

JSONObject json = stream.nextJSON();
Since it is a stream, each call will ...