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1. Removing pause after reading using readLine in java

I am reading several lines from the console in a java program using the readLine command from the BufferedReader class. However, the program pauses at the end of the last line ...

2. Java: Outputting text file to Console

I'm attempting to output a text file to the console with Java. I was wondering what is the most efficient way of doing so? I've researched several methods however, it's difficult to ...

3. InputStreamReader or Console for Java I/O

To get user input in Java which is the better method?

reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
or by use of Console--> Console c = System.console(); what is the difference between the two and which ...

4. What is the right way to print .dat on Java Console?

What is the right way to print .dat on Java Console?

public void open(){
    try {
        FileInputStream inFile =

5. Java console output - File And to Console BOTH

Probably this thread is a duplicate but can someone guide? I want to write the java program output to console and file at the same time. I know that i ...

6. Writing Console Output to File in Java

So I was wondering if it was possible to write all the console output to a separate file outside of Java? I know about the Printwriter and Filewriter method. However, in ...

7. How do you pipe an OutputStream and InputStream to console?

When running a process, how do I pipe it's output to System.out and it's input to

Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cubc.exe");
// do something with p.getOutputStream())
EDIT: I think I explained this wrong; I ...

8. why does a local PrintWriter interfere with another local PrintWriter?

In this program, the third string never gets printed. Why? (This Java program was run on Eclipse Indigo on Ubuntu 10.10.)


public class Tester
    static void ...

9. Reading jar stream in c# from the console

i found some code online to run my jar (which outputs to the console either true or false) from c# and read it in. On my development machine the following code ...

10. How to readLine with echo in Java?

I would like to use a BufferedReader with a kind of readLine() (or similar) that can return an echo for every keystroke pressed. It's for a remote terminal. Other way to ask ...

11. What is faster in Java for reading/parsing console input, Scanner or BufferedReader?

I have to craft a data processor able to process more than 2.5MB/s of input from STDIN, and output a number to STDOUT. What is faster, to use a BufferedReader and ...

12. What is the difference between the "standard streams"(system.out,,system.err) and the "Console"( in java?

What is the difference between the "standard streams" and the "Console" in java?

13. Java: how can I format text on an OutputStream to the width of the user's console?

Specifically, I would like text sent to the user's OutputStream to have word wrapping so that when text continues onto a new line, words are not broken up. So instead of ...

15. how to read int or any input value entered in console using DataInputStream??

Hello Could you please tell me how to read the int or any input value which is entered in console while executing the program, using DataInputStream.. suppose System.out.println("Enter the Range:"); DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(; int range =; System.out.println("The range is "+ range); i think i am doing something wrong here..please suggest me.. Thanks Prasad

16. how to print an output stream on console.

17. ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping

hi, i am using web services and axis in my application, when i tried to start the Web Services hub, by default his hub having jboss configuration. when i tried to start the server, its showing the error like ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping can any help regarding this.