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1. java FileInputStream - differences based on how the File object is referenced: classloader/filesystem    stackoverflow.com

I'm using apache POI to extract some data from an excel file.
I need an InputStream to instantiate the POI HSSFWorkbook class
HSSFWorkbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook(inputStreamX);

I'm finding differences if ...

2. reading excel cell contents as Java InputStream    stackoverflow.com

this code reads contents of cell of excel file into a string

String theCell_00=rs.getCell(j,i).getContents();
is there any method using which the contents of excel cell are read as Java InputStream i need to read ...

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This code appends to an already created Excel file:

FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("c:\\Decrypted.xls");
What can we add / modify so that Decrypted.xls should be created if not already created and appended if ...

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I’m looking for a – simple – solution to output big excel files. Input data comes from the database and I’d like to output the Excel file directly to disk to ...

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I was trying to connect my Java program with an Excel file. I have did upto this. But it throws this excepion

Unable to recognize OLE stream
Please, help me to ...

6. reading excel file + null pointer exc + inputstream is null    forums.oracle.com

after tring to solve i got the point that it could not create inputstream thats why it does not function properly ... my my quiestion is still open that why it is unable to create an input stream if i put the xls file else where instead of in the same place where java file is.... plz reply