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1. Reading a UTF-8 String from a ByteBuffer where the length is an unsigned int    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to read a UTF8 string via a java.nio.ByteBuffer. The size is an unsinged int, which, of course, Java doesn't have. I have read the value into ...

2. Reponse outputstream content length?    stackoverflow.com

I am writing to output stream through various methods. How can I, before I close it, find out content length of the outputstream?

3. Maximum line length for BufferedReader.readLine() in Java?    stackoverflow.com

I use BufferedReader's readLine() method to read lines of text from a socket. There is no obvious way to limit the length of the line read. I am worried that the ...

4. Filechannel position and string length    stackoverflow.com

In Java chars are 2 bytes long, But when I write a string to a file using a bytebuffer the filechannel position increments by the number of chars. I read that ...

5. counting file length in java: FileReader vs. File.length    stackoverflow.com

Why would fr_count and len be different in the code below?

FileReader fr = new FileReader(filename);
int c;
long fr_count = 0;
while ( -1 != (c = fr.read()) ) 
long ...

6. In java, how to read a fixed length from the inputstream and save as a file?    stackoverflow.com

In java, how to read a fixed length from the inputstream and save as a file? eg. I want to read 5M from inputStream, and save as downloadFile.txt or whatever.(BUFFERSIZE=1024)

FileOutputStream fos = ...

7. How to get length of bufferedinputstream    coderanch.com

yes the number of bytes....is there a sample program i can refer to private static int getLength(BufferedInputStream in){ int sizenew=0; try { ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); byte[] buf = new byte[1024]; int len; while ((len = in.read(buf)) > 0) { bos.write(buf, 0, len); } byte[] b=bos.toByteArray(); sizenew=b.length; File out = new File("/temp/a.txt"); FileOutputStream fo = new FileOutputStream(out,false); fo.write(b); } catch ...

8. file.length RandomAccessFile    coderanch.com

9. How to find length(in Bytes) of an Inputstream    forums.oracle.com

Hi , I have a dynamic InputStream which is coming from a HTTPRequest . My requirement is to read the data in stream more than once . If i read the data using read(), it will read the entire data and for the subsequent reading it is not allowing . So, is there any way to read a stream more than ...

10. how do I get the length of an input stream?    forums.oracle.com

In the case of a file, there is a solution, because the file has a known size. (unless possibly you want to deal with certain special files, and I don't want to think about that right now). In this case, use java.io.File to get the file size. There's no general solution for all InputStream objects, because not all InputStream objects will ...

11. How to get the length of inputStream    forums.oracle.com

You can't know how many bytes you will read from an InputStream, in general, until you read them. It's possible that a particular subclass could give you this information but you can't expect all subclasses to do that. If you're asking because you need a number to give to PreparedStatement.setBinaryStream, have you tried passing zero for that parameter? Or Integer.MAX_VALUE?