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1. Sending the same but modifed object over ObjectOutputStream    stackoverflow.com

I have the following code that shows either a bug or a misunderstanding on my part. I sent the same list, but modified over an ObjectOutputStream. Once as [0] and other ...

2. How can I get an Input Stream from HSSFWorkbook Object    stackoverflow.com

I want my web application users to download some data as an Excel file. I have the next function to send an Input Stream in the response object.

public static ...

3. Strange behavior of RandomAccessFile object    stackoverflow.com

Here is a snippet of code that is behaving strange.

    private void saveToFile() throws IOException {
 JFileChooser fileChooser = new JFileChooser();
 File name = null;


4. Java Outputstream behavior when multiple outputstream objects are wrapped    stackoverflow.com

I have a code that does compression, encryption and checksum on a File Outputstream. Following is the code-

private void start() {
    OutputStream os = null;

5. java casting an Object as a PrintWriter    stackoverflow.com

I have an array of type Object in which I am saving object of different types, I want to cast them back their specific types after I take them out of ...

6. A problem with java Object Streams while writing to file    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to write an Object of kind "HashMap" to a file & recover it when my program run again. But I faced with an EOFException when I try to ...

7. How is the best way to extract the entire content from a BufferedReader object in Java?    stackoverflow.com

i'm trying to get an entire WebPage through a URLConnection. What's the most efficient way to do this? I'm doing this already:

URL url = new URL("http://www.google.com/");
URLConnection connection;
connection = url.openConnection();
InputStream in = connection.getInputStream();  ...

8. has anyone works on JSO :: JABBER Stream Objects...i want sample working example using JSO    stackoverflow.com

i want to create xmpp server using JSO :: JABBER Stream Objects.. i have alreasy written some small code to test JSO.. but didnt get much out of it...

9. Way to determine the type of an object and then cast an object from snake yaml.load(InputStream)    stackoverflow.com

So I'm writing this utility class for all my model objects to inherit from so that whenever I call saveToFile(filename) it will save that object in a yaml format. To String ...

10. BufferedReader, other Object to get a String    stackoverflow.com

In java there is another Object like BufferedReader to read data recived by server?? Because the server send a string without newline and the client don't print any string untile the ...

11. Is it more efficient to use an object data stream or a primitive data stream in Java?    stackoverflow.com

When performing I/O operations in Java, is it generally more efficient (in terms of computing resources) to use an object data stream like ObjectInputStream or is it more efficient to use ...

12. Write object to file not working    stackoverflow.com

I have the following code:

public static void logMessage(Object msg) {
    if (outputStream != null) {
        try {

13. how to make a buffered reader read from the beginning instead of using another object    stackoverflow.com

In the below written code, i want the second while loop to read from the second line of the same file which the first while loop is using. As of the ...

14. return an object using ObjectOutputStream    stackoverflow.com

I found a segment of java code that is claimed to return object using ObjectOutputStream

     OutputStream outstr = response.getOutputStream();
     ObjectOutputStream oos = new ...

15. Creating IO stream object    stackoverflow.com

I ran FindBugs to check my code and it complains that method may fail to close stream:

Properties prop = new Properties();
prop.load(new FileInputStream("file.txt"));
Is it a mistake or just false positive? Will this ...

16. Inputstream handled by different objects depending on the content    stackoverflow.com

I am writing a crawler/parser that should be able to process different types of content, being RSS, Atom and just plain html files. To determine the correct parser, I wrote ...

17. how to Typecast File object into InputStream    stackoverflow.com

How to Typecast File object into InputStream.

File file=new File("c:\\abc.txt");

18. Java: ObjectInputStream    stackoverflow.com

    public void bar(String fileName) throws IOException{
    FileInputStream fileIn = new FileInputStream(fileName);
    ObjectInputStream in = new ObjectInputStream(fileIn);
    Map map ...

19. Reading Objects from Random Access File    stackoverflow.com

I wrote a file using Java's FileChannel class that uses RandomAccessFiles. I wrote objects at various locations in the file. The objects were of variable sizes but all of the same ...

20. Returning the input stream of the object that the caller already has an instance of    stackoverflow.com

I have a design question. I'm using the HttpURLConnection class to navigate a website. In order to obtain an HttpURLConnection instance, I have a local getter method. This is responsible for ...

21. How to write data to two java.io.OutputStream objects at once?    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for magical Java class that will allow me to do something like this:

ByteArrayOutputStream byteStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
FileOutputStream fileStream = new FileOutputStream(new File("/tmp/somefile"));

MultiOutputStream outStream = new MultiOutputStream(byteStream, fileStream);

outStream.write("Hello world".getBytes());
Basically, I ...

23. Human Readable and Editable Object Input and Output Streams?    coderanch.com

I would like to be able to serialize objects to a human-readable and editable format. For example the following class ----------------------------- package com.blah.testing; public class Test implements java.io.Serializable { private String name; private int countOfSomething; ... } ------------------------------- might look like the following when serialized to a file ------------------------------ begin type=com.blah.testing.Test begin type=java.lang.String; fieldName=name; fieldValue="John Doe"; end begin type=int; fieldName=countOfSomething; fieldValue=17; ...

24. Reading an object from ObjectInputStream    coderanch.com

I keep getting a NullPointerException exception when I try to read the object. Here is the code: inbound = new ObjectInputStream(recTask.getInputStream()); message = (InCMsg)inbound.readObject(); "inbound" is an ObjectInputStream object, and "message" is of type InCMsg (a class I created). The client sends the object using: toStoreMsg = new ObjectOutputStream(connection.getOutputStream()); //send message to output stream to be received by StoreMsg toStoreMsg.writeObject(message); Here, ...

26. Putting a string object to an output stream    coderanch.com

Hi guys, My problem is this: I am using log4j as my logging mechansim. But I want to log my message (a string) to an output stream, read it off the output stream (with an input stream) and then put it onto a JMS Q. Because a ByteArrayOutputStream is buffered this is the best choice for what I need to do. ...

27. stream corrupted exception in Object streams    coderanch.com

Hello! one of our applications was running good in developement enviroment (apache/tomcat) but when we put it over internet it started showing stream corrupted exception at places where we were using ObjectInput/OutputStream.It involved use of URLConnection in applet/servlet communication..and we were trying to read /write String/Hashtable/Vector. can someone please explain what actually is happening here.For the time beeing we changed all ...

28. object outputstream    coderanch.com

i am using objectoutputstream oops object to write string to a file : FileOutputStream fis = new FileOutputStream("abc.tmp"); objectoutputstream oops =new objectoutputstream(fis); oops.writeObject("hello"); oops.writeObject("how are you"); i see the the contents od abc.tmp as hello how are you. i want the output to be hello how are you what should i do for this.

29. Solved : Can someone help with Object Input/Output Stream...    coderanch.com

Hi. I am trying to capture 2 values from the browser/applet and using object input/output stream, pass them to the servlet on the app-server. JAVA console is showing me meaningless error : ... BaseTunnelClient : connecting... JSESSIONID=C6AC21B50029D5A6060656FB86E94D6B java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL: at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source) ...etc... This is the code snippet from the ...

30. saving object state in object while writing-reading object in streams    coderanch.com

Hi, Welcome to JavaRanch! I'm not sure I understand your question: it sounds like you're saying that if you write out an object, change it, then read it back in, the changes get overwritten; but of course that can't be what you're saying, because surely that's the behavior you'd expect. Can you try to rephrase your question? Also, this has nothing ...

31. How to delete from the middle of the file using object streams    coderanch.com

hi i am stuck with a problem. how do u delete a particular object from a file using object streams? i have added the objects to the file in a serialized form like Object[0][0] = new Class(a0,b0,c0); Object[0][1] = new Class(a0,b1,c1); Object[0][2] = new Class(a0,b2,c2); Object[1][0] = new Class(a1,b0,c0); Object[1][1] = new Class(a1,b1,c1); I am able to delete 'a0' but how ...

32. Making Request object available to stream    coderanch.com

I am trying to capture a snapshot of the HTML of a page at a certain stage. If I call the struts action class from a browser, this page comes up perfectly with the correct values where the JSP write tags resolved. When I try calling this struts action class from inside a different action class and capture the HTML in ...

33. objects in a stream file    coderanch.com

34. Reader Object    coderanch.com

Hi, i am using a reader object to read input. int next = reader.read(); if (next != -1) //if not end of input { char c = (char) next; //cast "next" into character and store in "c" System.out.println(c); } may i know what reader.read() will return when it is end of input and space?

35. File into object stream    coderanch.com

36. ResourceBundle append to one main object    coderanch.com

im trying to load all the properties (key,value) to one main object but I dont know how to append object to object .. or maybe my way is wrong .. here is what I have : //this reading the main global property file that contains the names of other properties files ResourceBundle Alllabels = null; ResourceBundle Globallabels = ResourceBundle.getBundle("global",supportedLocales[2]); Enumeration bundleKeys ...

37. How can I read all objects in a file with ObjectInputStream?    coderanch.com

Hi people. I saw an example in Head First - Java that some objects are read from a file with ObjectInputStream. It's like this: ObjectInputStream in = new ObjectInputStream(new FileInputStream("C:\customers.ser")); Customer cus1 = (Customer) in.readObject(); Customer cus2 = (Customer) in.readObject(); Customer cus2 = (Customer) in.readObject(); . . . I need to do it in a loop (like for or while) because ...

38. object stream    coderanch.com

Hello i would like to know if it is possible to work with objectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream without having to load and save to a file. I dont want to depend on any file at the moment, but i would like to work with a stream of object. For exemple a cat instance that i would like to serialize and reconstruct for ...

39. Object Stream for large volume of data    coderanch.com

Hi Friends, I have to write a service between DB and other applications. This service is need to read the database and provide the stream of objects. There will be millions of records in the DB. I thought of below given approach. I need to convert the records into Objects stream (Is is possible to do soo??!). This stream will be ...

41. How to get a File object from a InputStream or BufferedReader?    coderanch.com

Hi, Is it possible to get a File Object from a InputStream or BufferedReader? It is basically to allow my applet running in a browser to access local file system. My applet has to access few files from my local drive. I found following code on internet and want to get a File object from which I can call list() on. ...

42. Declaring a PrintWriter object    coderanch.com

Thanks again for the reply. It cleared out a few things for me. At the moment, I've got a main() method and an output() method, which writes the contents of an array to a file. I've tried passing in my PrintWriter object from the main() method but the writing never seems to occur from within the output() method. Here is my ...

43. Trouble streaming objects to file    coderanch.com

I am trying to stream an arrayList from another class and write it to file. The code has no errors but nothing is being written to the file either. The file name is "Accounts.txt". Here is the code: package bank; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import javax.swing.*; public class LoadStoreAccounts { //main constructor public LoadStoreAccounts() {} public static ArrayList readCollectionObject(ArrayList accountList){ try ...

44. Question about == and restored Object after InputStream    coderanch.com

Hi everyone, thanks for reading my question. I am currently having this problem with my project but I think if any of you expert can clearfy for me than I should be able to solve my problem. I will try not post my entire source code because that might take up too much time to read. so here it goes Date ...

45. Question on correct use of I/O stream objects.    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm using apache Fop to generate pdf document from xml and xsl data, that is stored in a database table. I pass the Inputstreams connected to these database coulmns as arguments to the method, that does the actual conversion. protected void generatePDF(InputStream xmlIn, InputStream xslIn, OutputStream out) { BufferedInputStream bufIn = null; BufferedInputStream bufXsl = null; try{ // create the ...

46. DataOutputStream object might not have been initialized????    coderanch.com

Hi all, I'm trying to create an application that writes input to a text file, but I keep getting 'variable ostream might not have been initialized' in the last usage. I don't see what I could possibly be doing wrong. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks! package javaapplication3; import java.io.*; import javax.swing.*; import java.lang.*; public class Main { ...

47. Error in object retrieval through ObjectInputStream    coderanch.com

hi everyone, i am struggling with this problem i am getting error while retrieving object through ObjectInputstream. i have a jsp which contains an applet, in this jsp i set one araylist as object by session.setAttribute and call the applet, this applet intern calls a servlet which takes the session object and then generates an graph object and puts in outputstream. ...

48. Object output stream    coderanch.com

Hi, I need your advise on serialization. I need to send stream to my server which one is efficient Method 1: 1. read the object 2. convert the object using xstream in to xml string 3. convert to bytes and write to servlet output stream 4. read the bytes and convert bytes to xml string 5. convert xml string back to ...

49. ObjectInputStream wait for readable objects    java-forums.org

Hi all. I have a Server/Client program where they send Objects back and forth. I'm wondering if it is possible to make the ObjectInputStreams block until there is an object that can be read. Currently I get exceptions when I try to run the program because there is nothing in the stream that can be read. Is there any way to ...

50. Defining the inputStream object    java-forums.org

If you don't need functionality from the FileInputStream, that is there's no specific methods required, then simply using InputStream is viewed as best practice, since you know that changing the right hand side to new SomeOtherInputStream() won't affect the rest of the code. For the same reason, methods should generally return an interface (ie List rather than ArrayList) so it allows ...

51. Input Stream as an Object?    java-forums.org

I am reading in a file using: Java Code: JFileChooser fileopen = new JFileChooser(); String Title = "Please select your matrix file"; fileopen.setDialogTitle(Title); int ret = fileopen.showDialog(null, "Open file"); if (ret == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) { file = fileopen.getSelectedFile(); } try { FileInputStream fstream = new FileInputStream(file); // Get the object of DataInputStream DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(fstream); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new ...

53. System.out.println() vs PrintStream object    forums.oracle.com

hi,we generally output our content on the console window we use either System.out.println() or instantiating PrintStream class.And both help to print the contents.In fact,which one is more preferable of them. (1)Any specific reason for using System.out.println(),instead of creating and using PrintStream object? (2)Whether System.out.println() has convienent usage than that or any thing extraordinarily some intention which has? plz anyone answer me ...

54. passing a dataInputstream as a object    forums.oracle.com

55. File I/O Using Object Streams    forums.oracle.com

I don't know how to write an array...when I try oout.write(r[]), I still get an error. As far as your first comment, I'm not 100% sure what you mean, could you please elaborate? It seems to be the only compiler error I'm getting...as for actual functionality of the program after that, I can't be sure. Thanks for the help so far ...

56. How to control the read index position of a BufferedReader object ?    forums.oracle.com

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57. Help for using PrintWriter and File object    forums.oracle.com

mate filenmae has already been declarted here: public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException { // TODO Auto-generated method stub String str; String filename; <-------------- so your assumption that the try-catch block is causing the problem is incorrect. Its not an assumption. I am not talking about declaration, I am talking about assigning the filename variable a value. The compiler is ...

58. ByteBuffer and Object Streams    forums.oracle.com

Thanks ejp I think my code if full of junk, as I tried examples from some sites. I will do all you say, but please, would you mind telling me if the aArray method (or the toArray, if aArray doesn't) is correct to turn a ByteBuffer into a byte array ? And if you could know some resource related to how ...

59. Help with the PrintWriter object    forums.oracle.com

I'm in my first class at java, and as part of a program I have to write the output of a program I've written to a file. I think I need to use the PrintWriter object. I'm sorry for asking such a general question, but how do I properly implement and use it? I couldn't make much of the java API. ...

60. Count Objects (ObjectInputStream)    forums.oracle.com

I's there a way to count the objects in a file? Say i have a file full of Student Objects. What would i do if an application had to read in all the objects and the actually number of objects is unknown. How would i know when to tell the program to stop and that there was no more objects in ...

62. Slow object persistance using objectoutputstream.writeobject    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for bringing this up, the problem was due the size of the object that im sending. As of now i'm trying to compress the data and decompress it at the other end. This works with small chunks of data but i get an error with larger chunks of data. I've posted a new topic in the networking board and hoping ...

63. Using Stream like a object    forums.oracle.com

65. problem with using Outputstream object    forums.oracle.com

67. Writing BOLD string to the PrintWriter object    forums.oracle.com

68. Object Input Stream Question    forums.oracle.com

(a) If two classes are in different packages, they are different classes, regardless of their name or content. (b) If you are sending an object of class X it is received as an object of class X. Why would you want it any other way? and why would you duplicate the same source code in two different places? That's just a ...

70. ByteBuffer objects?    forums.oracle.com

I'm trying to optimize the performance of my program, whose bottleneck I have determined via profiling to be in serialization (for network comm.), which I already tried to optimize before via a custom code generation tool. If there is a utility available for using objects directly "in place," and it's easy to adapt into my program, then I might as well ...

71. How to read appended objects from file with ObjectInputStream?    forums.oracle.com

How to read appended objects from file with ObjectInputStream? The short answer is you can't. The long answer is you can if you put some work into it. The general outline would be to create a file with a format that will allow the storage of multiple streams within it. If you use a RandomAccessFile, you can create a header containing ...

72. How to create File object from InputStream    forums.oracle.com

Well, I dont want to create any files on the file system. I need to read a file and create a file object. I didnot succeed. All this was done to create a schema object and I did that by giving a steam input instead of a file input. Its worked that way.

73. get all object using RandomAccessFile    forums.oracle.com

am using RandomAccessFile class and this my raf.writeInt(baos.size()); raf.write(baos.toByteArray()); raf.seek(0); int a = 0; while(true) { a = raf.readInt(); System.out.println("The pointer Value : " + a); byte[] b = new byte[a+4]; int x=(int)raf.getFilePointer(); System.out.println("file Pointer : " + x); raf.read(b,x,a); ByteArrayInputStream bais = new ByteArrayInputStream(b,x,a); ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(bais); Record rec = (Record)ois.readObject(); //here record is object System.out.println("The object : ...

74. read the object using RandomAccessFile    forums.oracle.com

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