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1. Parsing very large XML documents (and a bit more) in java

(All of the following is to be written in Java) I have to build an application that will take as input XML documents that are, potentially, very large. The document is ...

2. Floating or Integer?

Hi all is there a way to find if the value parsed and returned by (e.g. 200) was an integer or a floating number ? Thanks Edited: I want to be ...

3. Problem in using stream reader

I have XML data as a string which has to parsed, I am converting the XML string to inputsource using the following code:

StringReader reader1 = new StringReader( xmlstring);
InputSource inputSource1= new InputSource( ...

4. DocumentBuilder.parse(InputStream) returns null

I am fixing a bug on an existing code concerning DocumentBuilder.parse. I have the below code:

 String theOutput;
    theOutput = response.encodeURL(prefix + "/include/sampleForConversion.jsp?" + request.getQueryString();

5. Java Buffered Reader Text File Parsing

I am really struggling with parsing a text file. I have a text file which is in the following format

Float Float 
Float Float
....   // variable number of floats
Float Float ...

6. Parse text- Scanner or BufferedReader?

For my data structures class, the first project requires a text file of songs to be parsed. An example of input is:
TITLE="Rockabye Baby"
LYRICS="Rockabye baby in the treetops
When the wind blows ...

7. Parse ByteBuffer looking for whitespace

I have a ByteBuffer containing some data (chars to be exact). How can I parse it to get only starting bytes up to first whitespace character ?

8. java, ByteBuffer to parse data from file

In java, I want to parse a file, with heterogenous data (numbers and characters), fast. I've been reading about ByteBuffer and memory mapped files. I can copy it, but when parsing data it ...

9. How to parse byte[] (including BCD coded values) to Object in Java

I'd like to know if there is a simple way to "cast" a byte array containing a data-structure of a known layout to an Object. The byte[] consists of BCD packed ...

10. Substitute chars on Java 1.4 InputStream

I have an InputStream that is returning, for example:

<?xml version='1.0' ?><env:Envelope xmlns:env=""><bbs:rule xmlns:bbs="">
I then pass the stream to a method that return a byte array. I'd like to substitute "" with something ...

11. Java XML parsing

I have a file that has several XML documents like below in sequence.

<?xml version="1.0"?><Node>...<Node>...</Node>...</Node><?xml version...
which repeats several times. I use Java, I have a FileChannel opened for the file and I have ...

12. Parsing an XML stream with no root element

I need to parse a continuous stream of well-formed XML elements, to which I am only given an already constructed object. These elements are not enclosed in a root element, ...

13. Can I make SAXParser.parse() return before it has parsed an entire InputStream?

I'm trying to parse a never-ending xml stream that looks like this:

I've got my SAXParser set up:
SAXParserFactory factory = ...

14. Parsing a String from text file into a date

I'm trying to read a date out of a text file then parse the String into a date so I can read it into my array. I keep getting an error ...

15. How Parse Multiple images contained in a single file stream

I have a project where a large number of tiff image files are concatenated together into one file (i.e. imagefile.img) and sent to us from another company. Accompanying this file is an index that give the "Image Starting Location" and the "Image length" in bytes is listed sequentially in a text file (i.e. ImageIndex.txt). For instance, two entries in the index ...

16. parsing inputStream

say i want to get only a particular string of text from the page, or only a particular link which is already known to me, so that i can print only that string of text or maybe even follow only that link from the page... [ October 11, 2005: Message edited by: kwame Iwegbue ] [ October 11, 2005: Message edited ...

17. Re: Best way to parse multi-layered data stream

So with FilteredInputStream, we're talking about each higher layer being a subclass of the lower layer. If you call "readLFrame" in the uppermost level, it will in turn call "readBytes(10)" from its parent class which will then return the next 10 bytes from its "KFrame" buffer, and will call "readBytes(100)" in its parent class if it runs out to refill its ...

18. parse XML in inputstream, help!

There are no "City" elements in the XML. In fact, as with your post yesterday, there is very very little in the XML. Also, there is no need to create a String of the response. You can use the reader directly to in the InputSource. Edited by: sabre150 on Aug 11, 2009 1:08 PM

19. XML file (stream) parsing

20. Inputstream --> Parse --> Outputstream

Hi guyz, Just need a little help. What I want is: 1) Receive data via InputStream 2) Parse the data contained in InputStream 3) If parsing was succesful, I wan't to write content of InputStream to OutputStream. The above procedure is a requirement. Now, all the parsing stuff I got covered. I'm just not sure of how to write the content ...