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1. How to create a stream of jpegs(live) in c++ or c# or java? RTSP?    stackoverflow.com

I am building a server sided html rendering browser that renders html and sends jpegs to the mobile client. I need to figure out how to build a server that grabs ...

2. Java RTSP get contents    stackoverflow.com

Can I download the contents from an RTSP url in java? Just like we can get contents of an HTTP url as an InputStream... Thanks Chris

3. rtsp streaming on java    stackoverflow.com

can anyone please help me with a tutorial on how to implement a RTSP streaming server in java using gstreamer. link text

4. gstreamer video streaming    stackoverflow.com

I have executed AudioPlayer.java example posted by open source community link Audio Player Tutorial I got the following exception

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No such Gstreamer factory: playbin
 at org.gstreamer.ElementFactory.makeRawElement(ElementFactory.java:180)

5. SDP message for screen stream    stackoverflow.com

When transmitting files over RTSP, at one point, a message is sent SDP such that:

m=video 3000 RTP/AVP 32
a=rtpmap:32 MPV/90000
a=mimetype: video/MPV
Information sent in the SDP message, does it have to be different ...

6. Payload Type to transmit the webcam stream    stackoverflow.com

I would like to know the payload type, from the list that appears in the rfc3551 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3551.txt page 33), to transmit, via RTSP, the webcam stream. Can be any of them? Thanks for ...

7. Playing RTSP stream gives error    coderanch.com

When I try to play a RTSP stream I get this error: Exception in thread "JMF thread: com.sun.media.content.rtsp.Handler@1c05ffd[ com.sun.media.content.rtsp.Handler@1c05ffd ] ( realizeThread)" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at com.sun.media.content.rtsp.RtspUtil.rtspStart(RtspUtil.java:310) at com.sun.media.content.rtsp.Handler.initRtspSession(Handler.java:166) at com.sun.media.content.rtsp.Handler.doRealize(Handler.java:84) at com.sun.media.RealizeWorkThread.process(BasicController.java:1400) at com.sun.media.StateTransitionWorkThread.run(BasicController.java:1339) Does anyone know why this is happening? My code is as follows: String rtsp = "rtsp://host:554/path_to_media/TestSong2.mp3"; MediaLocator locator = new MediaLocator( rtsp ); try { player = ...

8. RTSP + live video streaming    forums.oracle.com

Hi Guys, this is my setup, I have a camera installed at home that streams live video to a server..the end-user installs an application (midlet) onto their mobile device to view this live stream....I have read up on RTSP...and some forums, that say RTSP, is not fully functional and has issues as the entire file needs to be downloaded before being ...