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1. Java FileReader encoding issue    stackoverflow.com

I tried to use java.io.FileReader to read some text files and convert them into a string, but I found the result is wrong encoded and not readable at all. Here's my environment:

  • Windows ...

2. Reading a line from a text file using FileReader, using System.out.println seems print in unicode?    stackoverflow.com

Im still teaching myself Java so I wanted to try to read a text file and step 1) output it to console and step 2) write the contents to a new ...

3. using printwriter am getting junk characters in the client browser    stackoverflow.com

i am using printwriter to get the output in the browser,code sample is given below,

printwriter pw = res.getwriter();
stringBuffer c = method(this method returns stringBuffer)
have closed the printwriter n flushed it also ...

4. how to parse unicode that is read from a file in java    stackoverflow.com

I have written a text file with the following contents: \u0032\u0142o\u017Cy\u0142 Then I have used FileReader und BufferedReader to read the file.

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
   FileInputStream fr ...

5. How to read a file's inputStream with RTFEditorKit and Convert it to UTF8?    stackoverflow.com


import javax.swing.text.rtf.RTFEditorKit;

private UploadedFile uploadedFile;
private RTFEditorKit kit;

InputStream is = getUploadedFile().getInputStream();

kit = new RTFEditorKit();

Document doc = kit.createDefaultDocument();   

kit.read(is, doc, 0);

String s = doc.getText(0, doc.getLength());     // this ...

6. Writing unicode to rtf file    stackoverflow.com

I´m trying write strings in diffrent languages to a rtf file. I hav tried a few different things. I use japanese here as an example but it´s the same for other languages ...

7. Unicode Streams    coderanch.com

Hello, I needed some clarification on a few concepts surrounding Unicode streams within a java program. The following is the scenario: I have an XML file which is encoded as UTF-8. I need to read this as a unicode stream. For characters that lie outside a particular unicode range, I need to replace them with thier hex equivalents. I was thinking ...

8. RandomAccessFile Full unicode support, trouble    forums.oracle.com

I use RandomAccessFile to read a text file, using readLine() function. But this method does'nt support Full unicode characters so my output text file has many unknown characters like ( ? ). Which method should I use that support full unicode characters ? First you explain what you think that you are going to do with the RandomAccessFile in the first ...

9. help,DataInputStream and Unicode encoding problem    forums.oracle.com

the class DataInputStream has the methods useful to me, but find there is no method to set the encoding format ,both in DataInputStream and argument types used in its constructor: ********************************* FileInputStream fis=new FileInputStream(fileName); DataInputStream dis=new DataInputStream(fis); String line =dis.readLine(); System.out.println(line); // only "????????" output as result ************************************** I wonder how to set the encoding type,or another class. if I do ...