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1. Is there a way to make PrintWriter output to UNIX format?    stackoverflow.com

In Java, of course. I'm writing a program and running it under a Windows environment, but I need the output (.csv) to be done in Unix format. Any easy solution? Thanks! ...

2. Repeat Unix Command in Java    stackoverflow.com

Is there a way to periodically run a Unix command (ps in my case) in Java? The loop I wrote:

while( this.check )

3. Difference between ByteBuffer.allocateDirect() and MappedByteBuffer.load()    stackoverflow.com

I was trying to implement a sort of shared cache between two or more JVMs by memory mapping a particular file using MappedByteBuffer. From the specifications I see that when we ...

4. Problems writing to a unix pipe through Java    stackoverflow.com

Hey, I am writing to a framebuffer located at "/dev/fb0". Everything works fine until I try to write again to the pipe using an OutputStream, which hangs the program. I have resolved ...

5. Invoke a unix shell from java program?read and write a steady stream of data to and from a unix pipe from java program    stackoverflow.com

I have 2 questions 1) how do I i invoke a unix shell from a java.runtime library to run a command like this Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(commands); cat alias > bias 2) How ...

6. Problem with InputStreamReader in UNIX    coderanch.com

Hi, I have the folowing code: 1 Socket socket = new Socket(host, port); 2 PrintWriter sout = new PrintWriter(socket.getOutputStream(),true); 3 4 BufferedReader sin = new BufferedReader( 5 new InputStreamReader( 6 socket.getInputStream())); 7 8 9 InputStreamReader sin = new InputStreamReader(socket.getInputStream()); 10 // I read the firts line produced by the // remote machine 11 String line = sin.readLine(); 12 line = sin.readLine(); ...

7. Unix InputStream /n problem    coderanch.com

Dear Friends I'm disperate !!! I need to connect to a unix machine whith a java class , and get the output on the web. My problem is that I'm non able to get the new line command ... and when I create the return string I'm not able to put
where is the new line!!! this is my code ...

8. Communicating with unix command process from java using stream    coderanch.com

Hi all, I want to use stream based IPC in Java. To test this I am trying to exec unix more filename command from my java code. Interesting thing is commands like ps, man, ls -l execute fine using the code below. But executing more on a big file , which requires enter input from keyboard occasionally fails. I would like ...

9. Using Random access file to write to a file with long absolute path take long time in unix    coderanch.com

Hi All, I am using RandomAccessFile to write data to a file. I am running performance test on my code on solaris machine. If provide a shorter path for the file lets say "/tmp/", the records are written in expected time in sync with the requests I am sending through my client program. But when I provide a longer path like ...

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