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I need to transform a complicated nested grouped csv file to xml. I will include a sample. Because I do not yet know Java enough I am hoping to get some advise ...

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Hi, I have this requirement where I need to read a huge XML file (100+ Megs), parse it (StAX) record by record (boundary conditions as defined by the business logic) into an intermediate data structure (HashMap) and then write the contents of the structure to a file. What would be the optimum solution to this? Should I make use of an ...

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Hi all, I am converting csv to xml without using any 3rd party library. now there is problem, simple csv is working fine.. "hello, how are you?", good morning, 1 , 3 In above csv sample I don't want to token after hello.. so I checked the text delimeter quote(") and working fine.. But I want to know that is there ...

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I did a project like this once. I used SAX to parse the XML, and stick it into a table. The main problem you have here is that XML and CSV are fundamentally different ways of structuring data. XML is a tree structure, and CSV is tabular. So you have to think of some way, that makes sense given your application ...

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Well, a professional wouldn't consider this a big deal. He or she would just clarify the requirements and write some code. And personally, I would write the code so that it generated XML that was valid in the first place, so I didn't have to go through that validation step. Anyway, get the requirements first.

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