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1. How can I convert HSSFWorkbook into a CSV file..?

I wish to convert HSSFWorkbook into a CSV file format and then write it to ServletOutputStream where I have setContentType as text/x-csv. Thanks in advance.

2. Keep the order of the JSON keys during JSON conversion to CSV

I am using the JSON library provided here to convert a json string I have to CSV. But the problem I have is, the order of the keys is ...

3. how to convert jchart into csv formate

HI , Please can anyone tell me how to convert a JCChart into csv formate , so that I can save the chart data into csv format Thanks & Regards Dilip Agarwal

4. Converting data to OFX format - Java

Does anyone know of a Java library or method of converting data into the OFX file format for use with Quicken? I have a personal financial management application which I would like ...

5. Excel to csv conversion in java. Problems with currency representation

while converting from excel to csv using the jxl api, I face a problem which is any currency amount greater than 999 is being split into two columns. i.e $100,000 is split ...

6. How to convert a result into a CSV file?

7. need xml to csv conversion code

8. Convert accdb file into csv

9. Convert CSV to ARFF

Hi all I hit a mental/coding block where I cannot figure out on how to convert CSV file into ARFF. I would like to know, are there any classes in java library to deal with reading CSV and write out ARFF file format? What are the possible procedures for the conversion? I need some ideas of how this could be implemented ...

10. How to convert excel file to csv?

The steps aRE ROUGHLY AS Follows - save data to array(hashtable) - call startbuild - startbuild is unique for your output stringbuffer.append(""); stringbuffer.append(escapeXML(variable)); stringbuffer.append(""); -write stringbuffer to file As this program is part of a larger copyrigthed routine, I am not permitted to share my code, because my company owns the rights to it. you may run into trouble ...

11. Convert a CSV file to MS Excel

When I use this method the the xls generation goes all well. But when the number of records is set to somewhere above 300 then the resulting xls cant be opened I Excel 2003. I receive this error from excel 2003: Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications.

12. converting csv file into arrray

hey i want to convert a csv file which looks like this order,submit ,57868,2367673,,Bar,ramesh, .................................................... ................................. i am able to read that but now i want to store the data into variable for example the Order will be stored in vairable order,, and submit whould be get stored in status variable etc,..... its confusing to use Stringtokenizer or split which evver ...

13. Convert Excel file to CSV