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1. Exporting to CSV/Excel in Java    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to export data into a CSV file through Java and I've got some code to do it but it doesn't seem to be outputting the CSV file. Could someone ...

2. Data is not properly export in the csv file    coderanch.com

Dear All, In the below given code i am properly fetching the data from database.The value i am fetching from database i am export the data in the csv file. The System.out.println prints like PER_NR LNAME 000329 Cory 0011333 Kline For PER_NR column data when export in the csv file it removes the 00 value in the left side.But i should ...

3. Export the multilanguage (Estonian , Lithunain, Latvian)data to CSV file using Outputstreamwriter    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am currently facing one issue with Export the data to csv, please help me out or give me idea or suggestion to solve the same The problem here it is : we are newly introducing 4 more new languages(Estonian, lithunaina, Latvian, polish) to existing application, i have a list screen where i am export the same list screen ...

5. Problem when exporting to CSV    java-forums.org

Hello All, I have a few problems related to formating when exporting data to CSV. I'm following this method: i have a string buffer, to which i add different elements from a list separated by comma. finally i convert this stringbuffer to string and write it to a csv file. Most of the data are coming properly except some fields like ...

6. export to unicode csv    forums.oracle.com

hi i need help on exporting to unicode csv, I already have a java program that export to csv file but when i set my computer to chinese language and export to csv, the csv file doesnt show the chinese character. I know if i open my csv with notepade and resave it choosing unicode, it will display the chinese character. ...

7. Java Export to CSV    forums.oracle.com

Hello A recent assignment of mine is to export a report from a jsp to a csv file. At the moment my csv file is very very bare. I need to be able to save a company logo to this csv file also. I was wondering, is there any way to export an image to a csv file. Also is there ...

8. How to export data in csv    forums.oracle.com

9. Exporting data in csv format with utf-encoding    forums.oracle.com

Hi All I have a problem while opening the csv format in ms-excel. I have some bulgarian characters and exported them into .csv file with encoding "utf-8". But after opening this file from ms-excel, these characters are displaying like boxes. If anyone have faced with similar problem, Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks & Regards Nanda Reddy

10. Chinese csv file export to excel using POI    forums.oracle.com

11. Proble in CSV export    forums.oracle.com

I am facing an issue with .csv upload. I am executing a query in jsp page & redirecting the output to a .csv file using response.setContentType("application/vnd.ms-excel"); response.addHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename= Output.csv": Data is being directed properly, but the data is being store from 10th line of the file. Can someone help me on this one?

12. Export a query results to CSV    forums.oracle.com

Hi all, I am currently planning to develop a program that does the following things: 1. Connects to the Oracle database 2. Runs a query 3. Export the results of the query to a CSV file in a folder If theres anyone out there who has experienced in similliar work, please explain to me with codes as example or point to ...

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