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1. How to find if the file is a CSV file?

I have a scenario wherein the user uploads a file to the system. The only file that the system understands in a CSV, but the user can upload any type of ...

2. cannot find file

private void readRandomContacts() throws IOException 

BufferedReader bufRdr;
contacts = new ArrayList<Contacts>();

File randomContactsFile = new File("C:\randomContacts.csv");
try {
     bufRdr = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(randomContactsFile));
     String line = ...

3. Finding CSV files in a directory?

That's ALMOST EXACTLY what I wanted! And the response was so quick... Thanks so much! Thank you for the welcome as well! I have two follow up questions... 1) Is there any special character that can be used to escape the '\' for the whole string? What I mean is, instead of doing String directoryPath = "C:\\Users\\Justin\\workspace\\Proj1\\src" Is there someway I ...

4. reading and finding location of a cell in csv file with blank cells

Hi, I am automating an application using RFT. My problem is, i have to read values from a CSV file. But the data in the csv file is scattered as there are plenty of blank cells. So i need to find the location of the cell which contains the data. i am using stringtokenizer and string buffer class to read the ...