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1. import csv with Java

How do I import a CSV file using APIs? I want to do this using the same functionality that is also provided when I open the same file using "CVS ...

2. POI: Importing CSV data

How can I efficiently import CSV data with Apache POI? If I have a very large CSV file that I would like to store in my Excel spreadsheet, then I ...

3. How to import multiline csv files?

I got a file in this format.

Now i want to import it with Java. Does anyone know a library that support this kind of import?

4. Open-source Java library to mimic Excel's "Text Import Wizard"?

Microsoft Excel has a nice "Text Import Wizard" to help load files that are not .xls or .csv files. The user specifies the delimiter used (or the fixed width), as ...

5. How to import csv files as data for bootstrapping

I'm trying to import a csv file to my grails project, what I'm trying to do is to build a map based on that csv file which is a list of ...

6. import from dsv files and export to csv files

hi .. i am just started learning java from two months and i need to create a project that does the following 1- import a .dsv (Delimiter-Separated Values) file content and save it to array - the values in this format separated by fixed commas example "AIG" "Insurance" "64.91" "25/11/06" 2- export into .csv file (Comma Separated Value) -the values in ...

7. import from dsv files and export to csv files

Well, first off you need to decide what kind of program you want. Do you want a command line program (the simplest to write) or a fancy GUI front end. Then you go to File/New Project and follow the Wizard, and Netbeans will build the framework of the application. Then you get coding.