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1. OpenCSV CSV to JavaBean

If I have a class with non-primitive public members and I want to populate them from a CSV file with OpenCSV, how can I do this? I notice that OpenCSV has ...

2. setting a UTF-8 in java and csv file

I am using this code for add Persian words to a csv file via OpenCSV:

String[] entries="\u0645 \u062E\u062F\u0627".split("#");
    CSVWriter writer=new CSVWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream("C:\\test.csv"), "UTF-8"));


3. getting the content of a .csv using open csv

How to get and display some lines of a csv using openCSV. I currently have the following code :

CSVReader reader1 = new CSVReader(new FileReader(mydata_csv.getpath()));
List myDatas = reader1.readAll();
How to display one specific line ...

4. Java CSV Reader/Writer Questions

I have some questions regarding reading and writing to CSV files (or if there is a simpler alternative). Scenario: I need to have a simple database of people and some basic information about ...