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1. How can I separate tokens in Java when there are some null tokens

i have line in .csv file as abc,bcc, i have to separate it into three tokens as abc bcc and null first i had try stringTokenizer but it will ...

2. CSV parsing in Java - working example..?

I want to write a program for a school java project to parse some CSV I do not know. I do know the datatype of each column - although I do ...

3. Parsing CSV in java

I have this weird situation where I have to read horizontally. So I am getting a csv file which has data in horizontal format. Like below:

All the dates shown after RunDate ...

4. Parsing a csv file in Java

How to do I parse a csv file correctly in java? There are cases where simple StringTokenizer doesn't work as in the example below:

xxx,"hello, this breaks you"

5. problem with parsing CSV values In java ( using Jsoup)

I have the following program :

import java.util.Iterator;
import org.jsoup.Jsoup;
import org.jsoup.nodes.Document;
import org.jsoup.nodes.Element;

public class JSoupDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

6. Java CSV file Manipulation

I have following sample CSV file

I want to read this CSV file and get column by its name (e.g., s). subtract fetched column by some values and update that column in ...

7. Cache a CSV file

i have an application server in java which requires parsing a csv file.Is there any way by which i could increase the performance, as the program requires parsing the csv file ...

8. Fast CSV parser with low GC load

Does anybody knows a fast CSV parser which has a low impact on GC? For example SuperCsv creates too many objects(Strings) and GC is not so happy about that... Thanks.

9. Java Parsing Framework for complex CSV files

I need to parse complex (non fixed length) csv files to Java objects in order to compare its values. I first tried the Flatform Parsing Framework, i liked the approach of describing ...

10. Fast CSV parsing

I have a java server app that download CSV file and parse it. The parsing can take from 5 to 45 minutes, and happens each hour.This method is a bottleneck of ...

11. What is csv file and how to parse it using java code?

Possible Duplicates:
Fast CSV parsing
How to properly parse CSV file to 2d Array?
I'm very new to java file handling. Please, can any ...

12. Parse CSV with double quote in some cases

I have csv that comes with format: a1, a2, a3, "a4,a5", a6 Only field with , will have quotes Using Java, how to easily parse this? I try to avoid using open source CSV ...

13. how to parse a csv file which has some null value in java

I want to parse csv like following :

12:50 AM,11.0,10.0,94,1013,10.0,NNW,14.8,-,N/A,,Mostly Cloudy,330,2011-10-27 23:50:00
for parsing it I use a code like below :
while((mylines = rdr.readLine()) != null)

14. Parsing a .csv file containing special characters

Please can somebody tell me a way to parse a .csv file. I am having an excel file(saved as a .csv file) with 8 columns and every column is having certain data. I have written a code which parses this data and reads into a business object . My problem is that whenever there is a text message which has the ...

15. creating and parsing csv files

Has anyone written any code to create or parse CSV files? I saw a post awhile back about some freeware, but I'm not sure I can use that for commercial purposes. (Also, some of the source code was omitted, and unfortunately the classes I needed didn't compile.) From what I've read, Java's StringTokenizer and StreamTokenizer are not really designed to deal ...

16. parse a csv file (PLEASE HELP)

Hi there, I am trying to parse a CSV file, I have a program which will read in the contents of the file and display them to the console and i need to parse some of the fields, which I have no idea how to do I am trying to get the field info into to an SWT table. The csv ...

17. Parsing CSV files with quotes

Hi All, Normally, if I want to parse a string of values separate by commas, I used something like: String[] values = line.split(","); The problem is that I have a file in which some values are text strings with escaped quotes such as: 1,2,"My dog is white, and the zoo is far away",cat Notice the , inside the quotes to indicate ...

18. how to parse a csv file

I'd like some help with parsing a csv file to put the info into a database. I have some crude way of doing this using StringTokenizer and then persisting the fragments one by one. I was wondering if there is a more elegant way to do this, since my technique might lead to corrupted data. Thanks.

19. Parsing a CSV file

Hi , I need to parse a CSV file which might have a data in the following format. "a" , "b" , "c" , "d" , "e" This line would comprise one record. I want to parse each such line such that I capture each element in a local java variable eg String a = a String b = b String ...

20. Parsing huge CSV file/ Time to load in the memory

Hi, Will I face any issues in parsing a huge CSV file (in GBs) ? If yes what should be the plan of action? I would be applying logic row by row. How would this affect the performance ? Is the usage of core java for the parsing csv file using it efficient ? Thanks, Aditya

21. Parsing CSV

22. parsing CSV

import; import; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Scanner; import javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel; import javax.swing.table.TableModel; public class CSVparser { public static void parse(File f) throws FileNotFoundException { ArrayList headers = new ArrayList(); ArrayList oneDdata = new ArrayList(); Scanner lineScan = new Scanner(f); Scanner s = new Scanner(lineScan.nextLine()); s.useDelimiter(","); while (s.hasNext()) { headers.add(; } while (lineScan.hasNextLine()) { s = new Scanner(lineScan.nextLine()); s.useDelimiter(","); while (s.hasNext()) { ...

23. CSV file parsing

Initially I had written a java application which reads from a Tab delimited file and then selects fields from each record in the file. Now the input file is a CSV file and the required fields themselves contain commas in between them therefore I cant say inputvar.split("\t"); or even inputvar.split(","); How do I make sure that I get the fields I ...

24. Parse a CSV file every 1hour

i am working on this app, in which i need a parse a CSV file every 1hr. now the CSV file is average size. i need to parse the file (i will use simple stringtokenizer), organise the data in the file (using simple string manipulation) and export to some format (will worry about later). now whats the most efficient and quick ...

25. Parse to csv

If you mean "method" as in "a single Java method that I can call that does that" then: No. If you mean "method" as in "some way to approach and solve the problem" then: Yes. 1.) Read HTML file 2.) Parse HTML 3.) Extract desired information 4.) Write it to a CSV file.

26. parsing several csv files

iketurna wrote: I know how to parse the data, I just wonder is there a way to use configuration files to handle various csv files? The short answer is yes, but it seems to me that it would be obvious once you have parsed the file, but perhaps it is not to some others. So, for each file there would be ...

27. Parsing CSV file using ExcelCSVParser

Hi All! I want to convert the pipe delimitated text file into an XML file and then parse it. The file has a field where there occurs a pipe inside the single field enclosed by inverted commas..for example A|B|"C|D|E"|F.I was using the LabeledCSVParser before till i knew about this anomaly of pipes within a single field. Now, previously in the XML ...

28. CSV parsing joy

CSV parsing joy This is not a CSV format. There are rules that need to be followed and using a "," to denote a new line is not one of the rules. So if you want to use standard CSV parsers then you need to change the format of your data. Then search the forums for standard CSV parsers. Otherwise you ...