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1. Speed: Java serialization or csv?

I have a large array of Java simple structs (consists of just primitive members) and I need to save and load them from and to a file What would be faster,

  • implementing ...

2. How to serialize object to CSV file?

I want to write a Object into CSV file. For XML we have XStream like this
So if i want to convert object to CSV do we have any such library ? ...

3. Java SOJO CSV Serialization

I am trying to use SOJO to serialize a Java object to CSV. The example looks pretty straight forward:

Car car = new Car("My Car");
car.setDescription("This is my car.");
Serializer csvSerializer = new CsvSerializer();
String ...

4. Java - Serialization to CSV

I want to serialize a POJO instance to CSV. I've found two libraies that can do this, but neither completely fit my needs:

  1. SOJO: Cannot serialize objects with nested ...