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1. CSV file validation with Java

I'm reading a file line by line, like this:

 FileReader myFile = new FileReader(File file);
 BufferedReader InputFile = new BufferedReader(myFile);
 // Read the first line
 String currentRecord = InputFile.readLine();

 while(currentRecord != ...

2. Validating a particular column in CSV

I am validating a particular column in a CSV file , I have basically two approaches i.e

  • Approach 1 I can Read the CSV file line by line with a BufferedReader and ...

3. CSV file structure Validation

I want to validate CSV file structure. CSV file will have different data-types and different data-types will have different fields. we want to check number of data-types records against value we have in different count file and predefined fields in each data-type records. fields will be separated by "|". Simple Example of CSV file is like if I have 3 different ...