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1. How do I authenticate a user with the "Smart card is required for interactive logon" set? When the "Smart card is required for interactive logon" is set on Active Directory, it generates a random password. How do I utilize a smart card to authenticate a ...

2. Using Java for 'nslookup -type=srv'

Is there a way in Java to do a Nslookup search on SRV records? I need to bind to Active Directory and would like to use the SRV records to help determine ...

3. Java SSO: Kerberos authentication against Active Directory

I'm still trying to find a Java based solution for SSO (running on *nix), which I can use on JBoss to authorize against an Active Directory/domain controller. I initially tried to ...

4. java is not executing system command

In the following program am giving name as "don" so the command will search activedirectory with all the names starting with don (like donald etc). But the line2 variable becomes null after ...

5. Java SimpleDateFormat always returning January for Month

I'm working on taking a date value (createWhen) from Active Directory, and translating it into a Java date, for the purposes of getting a list of accounts created between two dates. ...

6. Querying Active Directory via Java

What is the best way to query Active Directory from Java? Now I know that .NET has special methods built in for doing this sort of thing. But in Java, would calling ...

7. What does "rundll32 dsquery,OpenQueryWindow" return?

So I'm working on a project where I would like to be able to have the user browse the Active Directory to find a machine or workstation. I already know that ...

8. Problems programmatically connecting to AD

I'm developing a Java EE 6 application that uses AD to help with logging in. My authenticator is simple and looks like this:

public class ADAuthenticator{
    private static final ...

9. Java Program to search AD

Here is my code currently. I'm making a java program that seaches Active Directory to determine what policies a user/computer has applied. This is currently working as followed. I will next ...

10. Import Active Directory users and groups using Java

I'm implementing a profiled (user / group) web application and I need to import into my application database all users and groups of my Active Directory. I'm running this application on ...

11. Is it possible, in Java, to authenticate a user over active directory and then perform tasks that user has permissions for?

I have a java app that is running as a service on a server. The service is running as the local system user. Which does not have access to folder XYZ However, ...

12. Java process determining executing user's NT groups

I'm aware I can call out to Active Directory and do queries provided I have a cleartext username and password. (I don't want to do that) In VB, I can set authorisation ...

13. Access the groups and it's users in Active directory using java code

I am trying to write a java program to list the groups and users of that group but I am not able to do that. please I am getting the error.. ...

14. MS Active Directory

15. Active Directory

16. Single Sign-on with Active Directory

I have a requirement in my project for SSO with Active Directory . Users should be allowed to login to their Windows desktop and not have to authenticate themselves to any web apps deployed under Tomcat. I have been doing research on this for few days. We already use JOSSO in our project for Single sign-on. But from what i read ...

18. How do you get all Active Directory Groups

I'm currently writing a Java program to retrieve all the Active Directory groups. The code below is only return one group. I'm wanting all active dirctory groups. I have posted my code below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. public ActiveDirectoryGroup getGroup(DirContext ctx) throws NamingException { ActiveDirectoryGroup group = null; SearchControls scope = new SearchControls(); scope.setTimeLimit(searchTimeLimit); scope.setSearchScope(SearchControls.SUBTREE_SCOPE); String base = (String) ...

20. NTLM Issue:retrieving username from active directory

Hi, I am trying to retrieve user name using NTLM from active directory service for single sign-on web app.The code works in Firefox,retrieves correctly the logged in username.But in IE instead of giving username, it outputs the system name.Is there any problem with NTLM as firefox still uses NTLM but IE uses NTLMv2.Please help.I am using the following code: <%@ page ...

21. Retrive authenticated user attributes from Active Directory using principle obj from request

Hi, i would also love to pull user attributes directly from Active Directory, of course i dont know and i am not bothered. Have you tried use Sun Directory services to synchronise directory data from Active Directory, then use the JNDI API to get all you want except the userPassword attribute, which i am also having problems with and asking for ...

22. Search users last modified - Active Directory

Hi , I have a client requirement to search for users that are newly created or updations done to the existing ones. I assume last modified property of the users will fetch both the categories. LDAP : Active directory I want to use java to fetch these details . Is there any good approach to this? Are their any attributes in ...

23. Java, Active Directory, and sorta SSO

Ok, so I suspect I've broken off quite a bit more than I can chew here. In fact, it may be mroe than I can comfortably consume in a meal. I'm pretty new to Java. They have me developing an app, largely in JSP, to manage some communication. Part of this is displaying contents based on who the user is. So ...

24. Pulling from an Active Directory

Solved, Here is the solution. PHP Code: import java.util.Hashtable; import javax.naming.*; import javax.naming.ldap.*; import*; public class ldapfastbind { public Hashtable env = null; public LdapContext ctx = null; public Control[] connCtls = null; public ldapfastbind(String ldapurl) { env = new Hashtable(); env.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY,"com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory"); env.put(Context.SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION,"simple"); env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL,ldapurl); connCtls = new Control[] {new FastBindConnectionControl()}; //first time we initialize the context, no credentials are supplied ...

25. How to access Active Directory on Java ???

Java Code: public DirContext ActiveDirectory(String serverName, String username, String password) { DirContext dirContext = null; // returned to the calling program Hashtable environment = new Hashtable(); // holds parameters that will be passed to the AD server // Set up the Active Directory environment. environment.put(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY,"com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory"); environment.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "ldap://" + serverName); //environment.put(Context.SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION, "simple"); //environment.put(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, username); //environment.put(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, password); environment.put(Context.REFERRAL, "follow"); try { dirContext = ...

27. Java plugin/module to verify data against Active Directory

Hi All, I am like just brainstorming now about possible solutions. I need to create some kind of Java module/program which will be used in several Java web applications. This module must function as a user name and password verifier. It must verify this data with Microsoft Active Directory. I have seen a lot of posts about retrieving data from Active ...

28. active directories

29. Active Directory connection

Hy, I want to connect with a company's active directory service with a java application I developing. The problem is, that I can't get any further informations about the AD server, such as host, IP. I have right to open, search and modify the members of a domain. The reason I write to this part of forum, because I don't know ...

30. How to search Active Directory by using JSSE

31. Active Directory error

[01/11/07 10:07:35:083 GMT] 0000002b ServletWrappe E SRVE0068E: Could not invoke the service() method on servlet D********Com. Exception thrown : java.lang.NullPointerException at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.getServletContext( at com.dewhirst.dewhirstcom.D*******Com.doRequest(D******* at com.dewhirst.dewhirstcom.D********Com.doGet(D******** at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at ...

32. Java and Active Directory

Thanks, This seems to be what i need. I took a quick look at The API and also at the tutorials, but i can't find how to bind to the active directory. Im sure its stupid and easy but still im stuck . If anyone can give me a little help here ? Thanks for any help !

33. Java & MS Active Directory

Hi, a user uses an application on Windows. This application has its own password, which is stored in a local database of this application. If a user modifies his password on windows (Active Directory), the password of the local database should also be modified. A possibility would be - catching the "password modified event" on Windows - catching the new password ...

34. How to configure multiple domains in Active directory

HI, How can I configure multiple domains on Active Directory. When I installed AD it asked for a domain name, there I gave as domain name. But now I find no way of creating another domain. I am a java developer and my task is to write a programme which returns all the domains available in LDAP server. To start ...

35. Active Directory

Google for LDAP and Java (Active Directory is the windows version of LDAP essentially). When you use the examples, though, keep in mind that you may need to use a regular Enumeration rather than the NamingEnumeration class. I seem to recall that there was a problem using NamingEnumeration with ActiveDirectory and that the solution was to use Enumeration and filter out ...

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