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1. Why does Antlr not generate a lexer java file?

Antlr3 does not generate I use AntlrWorks... when I have grammar starting like grammar mylexer; It does generate It looks like a simple thing.. I wonder what may be the reason.. and the ...

2. Is there a way to specify java annotations in antlr grammar files?

I'm looking for a way to include a few additional strings in output .java files generated from antlr. Is there a comprehensive listing of available directives? For example, given parser ...

3. ANTLR Serialization

What is the best strategy of making Abstract Syntax Trees serializable to an XML File?

4. Using ANTLR to identify global variable declarations in a JavaScript file

I've been using the ANTLR supplied ECMAScript grammar with the objective of identifying JavaScript global variables. An AST is produced and I'm now wondering what the based way of filtering out ...

5. Can I use an Antlr created lexer/parser to parse PDDL file and return data to a Java program?

I am new to Antlr, but have used Flex/Bison before. I want to know if what I want to do using Antlr is possible. I want to parse an PDDL file using ...

6. Way to view a parsed file output?

I am Vinod and am interested to use an ANTLR v3.3 for C parser generation in a Java project and generate the parsed tree in some viewable form. I got help ...

7. How to get everything till the end of file with ANTLR?

I'm trying to create ANTLR grammar that will parse the following input:

@code 123 some arbitrary text
I would like to split it onto three tokens: @code, 123 and any text after the ...

8. writing antlr grammar for parsing java file

i m new to antlrworks and m doing my final year project. could anyone please help me in how to write antlr grammar just for recognising a class in java "and ...

9. how to create token file from grammar file in antlr

I am creating a DSL using antlr. Lexer and Parser are written in one grammar file(say layout.g). Tree grammar is written in another grammar file (say layoutTree.g). Now Tree parser is ...

10. java Main < inputfile does not work (Main is a java Class to test an ANTLR grammar)

I am trying to test an ANTLR grammar with such a standard test rig

import org.antlr.runtime.*;

 class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

11. ANTLR failing parsing of java file on accented character

Hi all, I am using ANTLR parser 2.7.5 and it fails when I have accented characters in the file. e.g. ch == '') || (ch == '') || (ch == '') || (ch == '') || (ch == '') || (ch == '') || (ch == '') || (ch == '')) The error I get is, parser exception: unexpected char: ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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