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1. Java ME object persistence    stackoverflow.com

I know that Serialization (Serializable) is not available in the Micro Edition of Java. It's kinda straight forward to save primitives like int and java.lang.String objects with the RMS. But if I want ...

2. J2ME API Hard to Find    stackoverflow.com

Where is the API for J2ME? Why is it more difficult to find J2ME's API than its J2SE counterpart? Typing String and Java 1.6 will immediately present one with the String ...

3. Deleting a File using J2ME throws an IOException    stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to delete a file using J2ME's FileConnection.delete() method, but I an IOException is being thrown each time I call the delete() method. I have written a conditional statement ...

4. Alternative ways to open a file for writing on J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

I've inherited a bit of J2ME code where a single class has the following two methods in it:

public DataOutputStream getOutputStream(String filePath) throws IOException
    return Connector.openDataOutputStream(filePath);

public DataOutputStream createOutputStream(String filePath) ...

5. Convert a JSON string to object in J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

I've asked this before for Java, but this applies specifically to J2ME. Is there a way in J2ME to convert a string, such as:

{"name":"MyNode", "width":200, "height":100}
to an internal Object representation ...

6. Encrypt and decrypt file in J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I'm having problem decrypting an encrypted file in J2ME using bouncy castle. What I'm trying to do is select a file to encrypt,write the encrypted file and try decrypt it back to ...

7. Indexing a set of key pair values for use in J2ME Application    stackoverflow.com

I have some 1000 key-pair values that I will use in my j2me application, reading it from a resource file. However I will be using only a few of those values ...

8. J2ME SMS IOException    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to send a text message to a phone and I get an error Fail to send because of unknown reason. -java.io.IOException

import javax.microedition.io.Connector;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Display;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.Form;
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection;
import javax.wireless.messaging.TextMessage;

public class Midlet ...

9. Select and read file in java me    stackoverflow.com

How to select file in java me with file selection dialog?
How to read this file?

10. J2ME java.io.IOException error    stackoverflow.com

I have the following code:

import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import java.io.*;
import javax.microedition.io.*;

public class FileConnection extends MIDlet implements CommandListener, Runnable {
  private Command exit, start;
  private Display display;
  private Form form;

11. Video player using j2me to play mp4 from a directory    stackoverflow.com

I want to develop a j2me application that will play a video file(.mp4) by selecting a particular directory on mobile phone(nokia s40 series). How do i go about this?can anyone help me ...

12. File path for J2ME FileConnection?    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing a MIDlet which needs to write file. I'm using FileConnection from JSR-75 to accomplish this. The intention is to have this MIDlet runnning on as much devices as possible (all ...

13. security exception in file handling in j2me    stackoverflow.com

i am trying to generate a logfile.

static String fname="file:///c:/logfile.txt;append=true";
fc = (FileConnection) Connector.open(fname, Connector.WRITE);
if (fc.exists()) {
  // file exists, open at EOF.
  offset = fc.fileSize();
  os = fc.openOutputStream(offset);
} else ...

14. How to access files in Java ME    stackoverflow.com

I want to access the files encircled in this screenshot. What path should I use? This is for my JavaME application. file:///ParseExample/service1.xml doesn't seem to be the right one. http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/5/28/2872707//projectfiles.JPG Edit: Here is my ...

15. Write a File in Phone Memory using J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I have just downloaded the Samsung SDK 1.2 for Java Development. Now, it's pure based J2ME architecture, so I have a requirement to store some files inside the memory for my application ...

16. Read lines in Java ME    stackoverflow.com

Does Java ME allow you to read a line from an InputStream?

17. Symbian Instal sis file programmatically using Java ME    stackoverflow.com

I would like to start the installation of sis file through my Java ME application on device. I know that if I was using Symbian I could use the RSWInstLauncher like

18. Displaying HTML file in Java ME?    stackoverflow.com

For a newbie to J2ME, I have a basic task: display an HTML file. How can you do this with J2ME?

19. how to load local html file in to j2me?    stackoverflow.com

suppose i have one html file. Hello World how i can load this file to browser in j2me. anyhelp thankx

20. File random access in J2ME    stackoverflow.com

does J2ME have something similar to RandomAccessFile class, or is there any way to emulate this particular (random access) functionality? The problem is this: I have a rather large binary ...

21. Split/break a File in to pieces in J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I need to split an audio or large image file in J2ME before uploading it. How can i split/ break a file in to pieces in JavaME. Regards, Imran

22. Mimic file IO in j2me midlet using RMS    stackoverflow.com

I want to be able to record audio and save it to persistent storage in my j2me application. As I understand j2me does not expose the handset's file system, instead it ...

23. J2ME app File size    stackoverflow.com

i have doing j2me app using LWUIT lib. it get nearly 600kb. then i have use net-bean default Obfuscation tool. but still it size is not less than 430kb. any idea?

24. How we can write in a file through a j2me code?    stackoverflow.com

How we can write in a file through a j2me code ?Plz reply asap thanks in advance.

25. how to store the data in a file in j2me..?    stackoverflow.com

please can anyone tell me how to store the RMS data to file and how to modify it?

26. j2me - Content-Disposition attachment; filename - how to get it?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to download an audio file served by Rails server with my j2me application. Here is my piece of code:

try {
    connection = (HttpConnection) Connector.open("http://host.com/user/getaudio/65/");

27. Reason for java.io.IOEXception at com.sun.midp.io.j2me.file.Protocol.delete(+76) exception?    stackoverflow.com

i got above exception while using File Connection in j2me midp2.0.... Please give me the reason of this exception.... Saravanan.P

28. Avoiding file access permission in J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I have developed a J2ME application in which the application reads files from the Memory Card. Those are audio files to be specific. I need to supress the propmts which occure ...

29. Clear folder - delete files in folder - J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to clear all the files in a folder using j2me. How do I do that? Thanks!

30. How to overcome file browsing exception in J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

I have mobile application in which I have added mobile file browsing. But when ever I try to open some directory or some file, it raises exception that application is trying ...

31. How to programmatically attach a file to the MMS Editor using J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

In order to open the phone default MMS Editor in J2ME I use this code:

If I want to specify the number, I do it like that:
But I need to attach a ...

32. File connection+j2me    stackoverflow.com

I want to make the application where i can get all the images no mater where ever it is in phone or in external memory i want to import all that ...

33. hidden original files in j2me application    stackoverflow.com

How to hide original files in j2me?ex. when u insert image for splash page,if user extract jar file and replace one image with your image and zip files,your application started by ...

34. writing string into a file in j2me    stackoverflow.com

Sir i have a string received from server(j2me application ).sir i want to write this string into a file which i have to dynamically create. if any one can help me ...

35. How to do IO Write or file delete in J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I am making an app for a library 1) The library wants users to install app such that user does not have to access internet after installing app to get list of ...

36. J2Me Polish Serialization    stackoverflow.com

Hi Guys First of all I would like to say thanks in advance because I know this is the best website to get answers related to IT problem. Currently I am working on ...

37. Read file contents in j2me    stackoverflow.com

I Have a file like shown below,

OrderNo   id          name        ...

38. how to add file in j2me simulator file system    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to send file in xmpp, for that i need to make user to select file in phone I am using file chooser that i have created, I want to ...

39. How to select a file on Mobile MIDP using J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

I want to select a file on mobile using J2ME but I don't know way to do it. Help me, please !

40. j2me fileconnection java.io.IOException: Root is not accessible    stackoverflow.com

 FileConnection c = (FileConnection) Connector.open("file:///c:/myfile.txt",Connector.READ_WRITE);

        if (c.exists())

41. How can I invoke a local HTMl file in a browser using PlatformRequest() in J2me?    stackoverflow.com

What is the format for such an invocation?For eg if I have file Test.html in the same directory as the applicaion and using platformRequest, how do I invoke this file in ...

42. How to read files from phone memory and memory card in J2ME    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to create a music player in J2ME. I want to read all mp3 files from phone memory and memory card and add it to list. How to retrieve ...

43. How to change root directory of J2ME sun emulator?    stackoverflow.com

I need to change the default root directory of sun mobile emulator. I know that you can create and delete roots in the appdb/filesysytem directory, but I need the root to ...

44. J2me reading file while writing it?    stackoverflow.com

Using J2me, is it possible to read from a file while another thread is writing to it?
Or the writing operation locks the file and prevents the read operation ?
i.e. ...

45. Is it possible to get the path of a file in the memeory card using J2me?    stackoverflow.com

How can I get the path of a file or the current working directory using J2ME?

46. How to read file in J2ME using getResourceAsStream    stackoverflow.com

My J2ME program structure is like as follow. File Read

   -java libraries
Here ...

47. Why isn't J2ME able to create recursive directory creation?    stackoverflow.com

I want to create recursive directories ( for example : Connector.open("file:///Phone:/folder_1/folder_2/", Connector.READ_WRITE); ). The problem is that the two folders , here folder_1 and folder_2, are not mentioned explicitly but instead ...

48. How to view RMS file in J2ME?    stackoverflow.com

I have J2ME app in which RMS is used as a database. I just wanted to know:

  1. where is the Location of rms file in j2ME
  2. How can we read it manually using ...

49. Java.io.IO.Exception; there is not enough space on the disk while running J2ME application    stackoverflow.com

I am getting following Error "Java.io.IO.Exception; there is not enough space on the disk" while running my J2ME Application can any body Please tell me what type of the Error is ...

50. Help: J2ME: java.io.IOException    forums.oracle.com

51. how do i read and write in to file in j2me???    forums.oracle.com

52. Is it possible to save 3d model as file from j2se or better from j2me?    forums.oracle.com

Thats right, m3g files are 3d graphical models for J2ME. I'm trying to develop a GPS navigation software for mobiles, i have managed to create a 3d map model from an xml data file, this process is too slow and therefor i'm trying to save that 3d model as an m3g file so i could load it directly. To make long ...