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1. How do you turn a FileSet into a list of Files in a Mojo

I'm writing my first Maven Mojo, in it I'm wanting to take a file set and process all the files it refers to. In pseudo code what I'd like to do...

void myCode(org.apache.maven.model.FileSet ...

2. List serialVersionUIDs in serialized data

I have a file that contains serialized Java classes. I would like to parse this file in order to get a list of the classes in the file and the serialVersionUID ...

3. Download files from a directory listing

Is it possible to download all the files from a directory listing? Eg., the following link leads to a listing. Please point me to some related API's to download all ...

4. list non-english filename

I decide write a program that list all of the files and directories, but have a problem when dealing with non-english filename. The problem is that my program cannot gurantee those directories ...

5. How do I import a directory (and subdirectory) listing in Java?

Here is the code I have thus far:


class JAVAFilter implements FilenameFilter {
    public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {
        return ...

6. Generating a comma-delimited file list with Ant

I'm trying to create a comma-delimited list of files or directories under the current directory. For instance, suppose I have the following folder structure:

-- Directory1
-- Directory2
I want to generate a variable ...

7. Invoking FindBugs from Ant: passing a space-separated list of files to java

I'm trying to invoke FindBugs from inside Ant. In order to control the amount of memory available to FindBugs, I've chosen not to use the ant-task. The problem I have now ...

8. Serializing a very large list

I'm gettint a large amount of data from a database query and I'm making objects of them. I finally have a list of these objects (about 1M of them) and I ...

9. list directories and files without using the package

I'm trying to list all the directories and files on windows mobile but I can't use the package because it's not supported. Does anyone have an idea if there is some ...

10. Listing files in Java without using

how to list files and directories in current directory without using*?

11. RandomAccessSubList not serialized

I am trying to get a sublist of a List but I want the sublist to be serialized. I found out that when we get sublist from an ArrayList the sublist ...

12. OutOfMemory when list files in a directory

When I list files of a directory that has 300,000 files with Java, out of memory occurs.

String[] fileNames = file.list();
What I want is a way that can list all files ...

13. Reflection a list of object which is serializable

I have asked a question in : reflect a list object I actually got my answer just want to understand why when do this I will hits illegalArgumentException : Can not ...

14. Recursively list files in Java

How do I recursively list all files under a directory in Java? Does the framework provide any utility? I saw a lot of hacky implementations. But none from the ...

15. How do I build a list of file names?

I need to write an Ant target that appends together (comma-delimited) a list of '.jar' file names from a folder into a variable, which is later used as input to an ...

16. Is it possible to include / exclude a list of files by refid in ant?

We currently have an ant task that contains something similar to the following:

     <filelist dir="${css.dir}" id="ordered_css">
        <file name="interface/foo.css" />

17. Directory listing not refreshing

This is driving me crazy! I have a panel that displays a list of files from a directory. The list is stored in a vector. When I click on a button, ...

18. List all files from a directory recursively with Java

Okay I got this function who prints the name of all files in a directory recursively problem is that it's very slow and it gets the stuff from a network device ...

19. Java: one-liner to list Dirs in a directory?

One-Liner to list TXT-files.

files = dir.listFiles(new FilenameFilter() {
           public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {

20. SVNKit , show list of files to commit

I almost use SVNKit API. I make my client and I can not find a way to show files that can commit. In some of the clients such as Tortoise, we have ...

21. How to get a list of all files in Ant FileSet

I'm writing an custom ant task in java. I would like to get a list of all the files within a FileSet. What is the best way to do this?

22. how to print object list to file with formatting in table format using java

I have to print list of objects to a text file with table format. For example, if I have list of Person(has getName,getAge and getAddress methods)objects, the text file should look ...

23. list all files from directories and subdirectories in Java

What would be the fastest way to list the names of files from 1000+ directories and sub-directories? EDIT; The current code I use is:


public class DirectoryReader {

  static int spc_count=-1;


24. Parse a task list

A file contains the following:

HPWAMain.exe                  3876 Console        ...

25. How to list a 2 million files directory in java without having a out of memory exception

I have to deal with a directory of about 2 million xml's to be processed. I've already solved the processing distributing the work between machines and threads using queues and everything ...

26. how can I get list of revisions of file from webdav repository on client side

I'm getting list of files via PropFindMethod:

DavMethod pFind = new PropFindMethod(url, DavConstants.PROPFIND_ALL_PROP, DavConstants.DEPTH_1);
MultiStatus multiStatus = pFind.getResponseBodyAsMultiStatus();
MultiStatusResponse[] responses = multiStatus.getResponses();
for (int i = 0; i < responses.length; i++) {

27. Strange behavior while listing directory contents using

I'm using to do some windows directory searching. Basically the user inputs a directory path and I validate the path with file.isDirectory(). If the path is invalid I ask the ...

28. List files in a path which having wildcards using DirectoryScanner

Im using apache directory scanner to scan files in a path having wildcards.

DirectoryScanner scanner = new DirectoryScanner();
scanner.setIncludes(new String[]{"*/*.java"});
String[] files = scanner.getIncludedFiles();
The problem here is if i use the above code it ...

29. Java: list all files(10-20,000+) from single directory

I want to list large number of files(10, 20 thousand or so) contained in a single directory, quickly and efficiently. I have read quite a few posts especially over here explaining the ...

30. Table listing of files with search

I have XML files stored in a folder. I would create a table with 5 columns: Process No.: file name; Name of patient: I will get the xml file there is information; Date of ...

31. java programm to list files with their path

Possible Duplicate:
Recursively list files in Java
Java programm to list all files in a drive along with the path of that it possible? how? ...

32. Serialize an object with a List member

Given the following classes:

public class Container {
    private List<SomeData> list;
    // public getter & setter for list

public class SomeData {
    private String ...

33. list only subdirectory from directory, not files

How I list only subdirectory from directory not file within directory. Is there any method in java for doing this?. please reply me if you have any idea about that. thank you. ...

34. Inaccessible files and File.list()

while searching my file system for a file, my program threw a null pointer exception because File.list() could not access 'Documents And Settings' on my file system and an attempt to ...

35. add elements into the list in Java

Here is the code:

class Test {
    public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception { fail = new"C:/Users/Student/Desktop/Morze.txt");

36. Storing directories/files list

I design a multi-threaded application that will monitor and handle files in selected folders (according to user preference). What is the best way to store information on the files ? (e.g. User ...

37. Using RHINO API to pull out a list of functions in a js file in Java

I'd like to pull out information regarding the js file I have. Is there anyway to list the functions within the scriptable object you have using Rhino? Any help as always ...

38. Getting the list of files within a directory that has lots of files in java

Will using the list() method in the File class give issues if its a directory with thousands of files in it? Could this cause the array returned to use too much ...

39. List of files starting with a particular letter in java

I've got some files in the relative directory (directory the app is running in) starting with '@' and I need to open all of them in java. Show me a way ...

40. Trying to parse links in an HTML directory listing using Java

Please can someone help me parse these links from an HTML page

I want to parse using the "handle" word which is common in these links. I'm using the ...

41. Serializing List of Interfaces GSON

I came across some weird behavior in GSON. If I have the following class structure:

public interface Animal {
    public void nothing();

public class Cat implements Animal {

42. Generate imports list for Java File

I'm writing some Java code in vim and really miss the feature afforded by the IDEs such that I can type up a block of code, and after a few keystrokes ...

43. Linking drop down lists with files

How do I link the drop down lists with files in hard disk, so that on selecting an option in drop down list (which is actually a folder in one of ...

44. Most Efficient way to create XML from java List object

i am working on converting CSV to XML, though i have many ways to do this but my requirement is to do it in such a way that in future the ...

45. How do I rename XStream list elements?

I have a model that looks like:

class Article {
  List<String> tags;
  List<String> categories;
XStream serializes to XML that looks like:

46. List compiled java class's members

I have a compiled java class file :

Is there a command-line command I can use to list all members of the class?

47. List Files of Remote Directory

I have to dynamically select a file from a remote location based on the regular expression. I used

FileUtils.listFiles(fileDirectory ,new RegexFileFilter("(" A.*")"),DirectoryFileFilter.DIRECTORY)
to list the files , this fails as it says that ...

48. How to get contents of a folder and put into arrary list

I want to use File f = new File("C:\\"); To make An Arrary list With the contents of the folder. I am not very good with buffered readers so please tell me if ...

49. error while listing files in a directory

I have a java class for listing the files of a given directory. It works fine with directories with only files and no sub-directories. But if there is a child directory ...

50. Serialize list of employees in java

I have a simple employee class:

class Employee {

    private int     id;
    private String  firstName;
    private String  ...

51. Java Desktop Application - how to obtain list of files with similar file names in a specific folder

I have a Java Desktop Application, in which at an intermediate stage, some files with the following file names are generated


and so on.
The number of files with such names is variable, ...

52. Using xargs to compile a list of Java files

I have a directory tree with several java files. Example:

 |-- src1
 |    |--- folder A
 |    |--- folder B
 |-- src2
 |   ...

53. Ant list directory content in a custom format

I am using Ant to build my software. Ant creates an Xml file with the echoxml function and then provides the created xml file to another special program. Now I would like ...

54. How to implement a second List into java program

I have a program that takes a list of names from a file and puts it in a List. Then the user can do what they want from it using ...

55. Listing Subdirectories

I need to create a method that will list all subdirectories of a given directory. I know how to use the listFiles() method of the file object to list files within a directory and filter them based on their name, but how can I filter out files that are not directories? Thanks, Tristan

56. List all files from a drive

I try to write all file(names) from a drive into a vector. Code: public static Vector listFilez(File tree) throws IOException { Vector endAll = new Vector(); File[] files = tree.listFiles(); for (int i = 0; i < files.length; i++) { String fileName = files[i].getName(); if (files[i].isFile()) { if (fileName.endsWith(".ini")) { endAll.addElement(files[i]); } } if (files[i].isDirectory()) { listFilez(files[i]); } } return ...

57. List of Files

58. Getting file/folder list

This is the code I always use when wanting to list files, it has the option of recursing through subdirectories too. 2 notes: - you can have the option to filter on particular filenames (uncomment the test if a file is named *.txt etc) - if you don't want to recurse through subdirectories, just comment out the recursive call to listFiles() ...

59. Get Directory List from Parent Directory

Angela, As far as I know (I could be wrong!!!) the drive name (C:\) cannot be changed, at least on Win32 platform. Win32 requires a C:\ root..., and can have any number of other drives. On *nix platform, root = '/', and can have only that one root. The snippet of code below is from a program I cobbled together some ...

60. How to get a list of files with specified suffix

I create a File object for a directory and want to get a list of the files in the directory that end with *.ulaw. I know that I can say: File f = new File(directoryName); String [] myFiles = f.list(); for (int i=0; i < myFiles.length; ++i) { if (myFiles[i].endsWith(".ulaw") { // do something with it } else { // ignore ...

61. Directory Listing

Help!!! Been trying to work out how to obtain a listing of a directory for a while now. My javas pretty poor to say the least!!! Have looked at the package and no thats where the solution is, i just can't translate it into code. I read another topic posted on this forum whcih mentions File.list, but i still can't ...

62. Unsorted file list

heh guys, I am having a little problem with uploading files onto the server. Initially when I try to upload the files, they go to a particular directory... until this point everything works fine. Now when I want to display the contents of the directory, I am taking the contents out of that directory into an array and displaying that array. ...

63. list of File in a directory

Just out of curiousity if anyone can help me answer this: File f = new File("c:\\newFolder"); //f is a directory called newFolder String fileList[] = f.list(); //return the string arrays of the files in the folder of f my question is: in what order does the file being return are? for example: newFolder has 5 file 09022005test1 09032005test2 08032005test3 .. . ...

64. splitting up lists

I have a list composed of lists of lists, looking this: [[[hello, one, two, three],[four, to, the][six]],[[k][block, three, nine]],... and so on. What i need to do is seperate each individual list of lists, as below, [[hello, one, two, three],[four, to, the],[six]] [[k],[block, three, nine]].... I then need to merge the individual lists inside thes lists together, like below: [hello, one, ...

65. Problems searching through a list

Hey i have written a method to take two lists of strings as input, merge these two lists together, then go through each list individually and if it contains a word in the merge list, to return 1 otherwise return 0. However currently this only checks if the "exact" same string is in the list, as in it is case sensitive, ...

66. list the files or subdirectories ina directory

Originally posted by vivek gaur: how do i write this recursive method . please advice me technically. Hmm, this sounds suspiciously like a homework assignment. since a recursive method works by calling itself, in a general way, you write a method that lists the objects in a directory, examines each object in the list and, if the object represents ...

67. searching a large list of words

Hi guys, I have a large text file containing 216556 words, one per line, in alphabetical order. I want to make a procedure that, given a word (in String or char[] form, I don't mind), returns true if that word is in the list, false otherwise. Firstly, would it be feasible to store this in memory, perhaps as some sort of ...

68. Parse and list the methods defined in Java file

My first reaction to reading this question is to suggest using the Reflection API. However, there isn't enough detail here to tell if that will meet your needs. So what are you doing after you parse a Java file? Also, are you writing this parser in Java? If not, there are tools like lex and yaac, or the GNU Open Source ...

69. list directory as links for client download of files

In apache, if you simply want to make all files in a directory accessible, set up a virtual directory in httpd.conf and point it at the real directory. You can also determine what files actually get displayed, what icons are used in a web directory page, etc. Check the apache docs. Java never gets involved.

70. welcome file list

71. welcome file list

72. Best Practice for Listing Directory Names

I need a user list on an input form that shows the possible directory names where a file will can be located in our network system. Should I gather the directory names into an array and present them in a list or do I create a data file which holds the possibilites and pull this record set into an array? If ...

73. File pointers and linked lists

This is the scenario. There is a file which consists of three fields name, firstpointer and last pointer. Assume 25 records exists in the file and these values should be filled with null and some values(any values) initially. At the beginning both the values of the firstpointer and last pointer will be same as they will point to the same address. ...

74. Getting A File List From A Directory

Okay, here is my problem. I'm trying to develop a small RMI application which will look in the folder "c:/alanistic" and produce an object array called "fileList" which will hold the names of all of the files in the directory. What I have been trying is: File initialDir = new File("C:/comu303ass1"); public static void listFiles(File pInitialDir) { File[] fileList = pInitialDir.listFiles(); ...

75. accessing or listing files

Hi, I'm trying to create a small utility that will : 1. Create a list of filenames 2. Create "process" that runs evryday that will scan the directory for changes compared to the list created in '1.' 3. Report changes If anyone could help me out with how to get started on this, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

76. Listing the Files or Subdirectories in a Directory

Are you aware of the File class, and the listFiles() method? That would be a good place to start. Unfortunately that method does not list the contents of subdirectories. So: are you familiar with the idea of recursive methods? Have you ever written a recursive method? It's possible to write a fairly straightforward recursive method which lists the contents of all ...

77. File list() instance method

Returns an array of strings naming the files and directories in the directory denoted by this abstract pathname. If this abstract pathname does not denote a directory, then this method returns null. Otherwise an array of strings is returned, one for each file or directory in the directory. Names denoting the directory itself and the directory's parent directory are not included ...

78. File Listing

79. How well to list the content of a directory in java?

hi Sergio, also, beware of "Symbolic" links in the directory you are listing, to which you might not have access for listing, if you are on Unix. because if you are listing directories recursively (if you know what i mean) then that will give you error when you run the code and try to list directory that is a symbolic link ...

80. converting list object into file object

81. Listing files in directory (and subdirectory)

Hello all, I have some code that will return file names over a certain character count. What I am trying to do is take that to the next level and have it crawl into subfolders of that directory as well. The problem is I end up with some Frankenstein code that in the end doesn't work. Below is the working, first ...

82. How to print list of Files?

I have a list of Files. I would like to print their names. I tried as below: But I get an exception as below: Can anyone tel me what the problem is? private void createCheckBoxes(List javaFiles) { int count = javaFiles.size(); System.out.println("The number of files are"+count); Iterator it = javaFiles.iterator() ; while ( it.hasNext()){ String s = (String) ; System.out.println(s); } ...

83. How to get the directory name list?

84. list of files in a directory

guys just confused aboout one thing...when i m using the list() while searching then shouldn't it display all the files in the directory and its subdirectories? i know its a simple quest but still i am revolving around thid...please help! thanks public static void main(String[] args)throws IOException { String[] str=new String[20]; File f=new File("masterDir"); f.mkdir(); File f1=new File(f,"SlaveDir"); f1.mkdir(); File f2=new ...

85. List of downloaded files has to appear based on the User

Hi, This is regarding file uploading and downloading.. There are somany files uploaded to the server by authenticated users.(yes, already doing authentication). One user has the right to download files , if they are uploaded by himself only. for eg., if I click "DownLoad" option, the list has to display the files which are uploaded by me only, not other's uploaded ...

86. Recursive File List - Help me problem solve please

this is my beautiful code: import*; import java.util.*; public class RecursiveFileListAttemp1 { public static void main(String[] args) { File f = new File("C:\\"); search(f); } public static void search(File f) { if ( !f.exists() ) return; String name = f.getName(); if ( f.isDirectory() ) { File[] files = f.listFiles(); for( int i = 0 ; i < files.length; i++ ) ...

88. Reading a list of books and users from a file

I would like to be able to read a list of books and a list of users from a file. The content of the input file needs to have the following format: The first line contains an integer representing the number of books in the library. The second and third line contains info about the books (second line containing the title ...

89. Java Wrapper get file list using wrapper service.

Hai to all, I am using windows XP question i call method rule engine it is recurrenece. it get a value for path in network mapping the floder path correct. In run a wrapper but i not get the program run normal service print a null pointer exception how to slove problem. Please any one help me. ...

90. Recursive file listing in java

public class FileTraversal { public final void traverse( final File f ) throws IOException { if (f.isDirectory()) { onDirectory(f); final File[] childs = f.listFiles(); for( File child : childs ) { traverse(child); } return; } onFile(f); } public void onDirectory( final File d ) { } public void onFile( final File f ) { } }

91. list files names a litle "counting" problem

thank you very much to Greg for having helped me here, I have another problem: if I have files 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 4.jpg, 4.jpg (etc.. 3 left out on purpose) and I want to rename them 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, etc... (for a situation in which I remove one image and need to rename all imgs in folder again...) but problem ...

92. problem facing Files.listFiles also list the file whose writting is in progress.

i am writing some files (txt) in a location.many application try to access it and write the file in same location. at 10 minutes interval my scheduler comes and try to read the file and send the mail by reading the content in above directory. but at the same time since many apps are writing the file. any many files may ...

93. Listing all in a root (39 Line working code)

I have this set up : import java.util.*; import*; public class FileTest { String setFinal; FileTest() { String string = System.getProperty("user.dir"); try { File file = new File(string); File[] fileList = file.listRoots(); for (File fileUno : fileList) { setFinal = fileUno.toString(); } System.out.println(setFinal); File[] yomama = new File(setFinal).listFiles(); for (File string1 : yomama) { if(string1.getAbsoluteFile().isDirectory()) { for (File string2 : ...

94. List Files of Remote Directory

Hi , I have a requirement to dynamically select a file from a remote location based on the regular expression. Now i used FileUtils.listFiles(fileDirectory ,new RegexFileFilter("(" A.*")"),DirectoryFileFilter.DIRECTORY) to list the files , this fails as it says that the parameter directory is not a directory. Now i understand that the it is looking on the local system for the directory , ...

95. What Does it Mean when a Directory's Returns ?

I have some code I wrote quite a while ago that opens a object, and that processes it differently depending on whether or not returns or not. If it does return , then it creates a object named and sets it equal to the value the object's returns. But then before my code actually ...

96. A Data file consists of a list of positive random integers. The numbers are separated

Q1 A Data file consists of a list of positive random integers. The numbers are separated by space. Design pseudo code to perform the following tasks: (a) Print all the numbers with 10 numbers in a line. (b) Calculate the total value of the even numbers in the file. (for example: totalValue=2+12+20+36+and so on) (c) Print the largest and smallest even ...

97. List directory

98. Recursively listing files in a directory accepted as a string??

I need to write a program that uses a recursive method to list the files ( >= a specific size) in a given directory (as specified by user input through scanner)..then returns a vector that contains all the files which meet the size criteria... I get the basic idea of the whole thing but I just can't figure out how to ...

99. Listing directory contents

import; import java.util.Scanner; public class DirectoryContents { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner input = new Scanner(; String drive; String path; System.out.print("Please enter the drive letter: "); drive =; System.out.print("Please enter the directory path: "); path = drive + ":" +; File folder = new File(path); File[] listOfFiles = folder.listFiles(); for (int i = 0; i < ...

100. directory file list....

Please put the code in a short program to demo your problem. The source of a string for the File() parameter should have no bearing on the results. Do a println() of the string_variable that you are using to see what the problem is. What is returned by File.list() when there is nothing in the directory? or the File is not ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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