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1. listing files of directory and subdirectory

/* * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. */ package javadirectory; import; /** * * @author madzombie */ public class Main { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO code application logic here File dir = new File("/home/madombie"); list(dir); } ...

2. How do I import a list file?

private void importTop(MovieList movieDatabase){ String year; String title; String row; String[] values = new String[4]; JFileChooser cf = new JFileChooser(); int result = cf.showOpenDialog(null); File file = null; if(result == JFileChooser.APPROVE_OPTION) file = cf.getSelectedFile(); try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file)); while ((row = in.readLine()) != null){ values = row.split(","); title = values[0]; int year_beg = title.indexOf("(")+1; int year_end = ...

3. File List shuffle

greetings to this community. i'm new on java and i'm trying to create a File List, and i used some scripts on google, but the problem is how i can shuffle the filelist????? here is the code: package com.wowza.wms.example; import; public class FolderTraversar { private File fileObject; public FolderTraversar(String fileObjectname) { fileObject = new File(fileObjectname); } public void traverse() { ...

4. List help

Hello, I am new to Java and I have inherited an existing program. I am in the data layer and have returned a List. When I add a watch to list I can see the data I am looking for however I cant figure out how to access the data programmatically. I tried something like: List myList = result.getAllStaff(); for(Serializable key ...

5. How to get the list of Files inthe Directory and write data into them One by One

import*; import; public class CreateFile2{ public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{ File f; try{ String strDirectoy ="test"; String strManyDirectories="Application\\Test\\"; // Create directory boolean success = (new File(strManyDirectories)).mkdirs(); if (success) { System.out.println("Directories: " + strManyDirectories + " created"); for (int i=0;i<=100 ;i++) { f=new File( ""+ strManyDirectories +""+"Application"+i+".txt"); f.createNewFile(); FileWriter fstream = new FileWriter(f,true); BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(fstream); ...

6. Saving string to list to add to file

Hey, I have to design a program to create a file of sums. The user inputs the sum and then it gets outputted to a new file. The problem for me is that the file should only be written once, when all the sums are completed and the user ends the program. So as it goes along each sum should be ...

7. File.getName() and File.list() can't read arabic????

Now I know something which I think is relevant but is not personally helping me, maybe you can make more out of it that me. I used to have this same problem before with all programs, I mean like internet explorer for example, when I typed anything in arabic in the address bar, it would show up as question marks. I ...

8. Searching for files and adding them to a list

Hi, i've made an application that currently opens up and displays one text file. I've been trying to populate a list box with files of the similar name (For example John.txt, John2.txt.. but not files such as Frank.txt) I was wondering if there was some code that would search through files and pick out the ones matching a criteria. I know ...

9. How to print list of Files?

10. how to retrieve files from a List

Hi I have list of list of files. like : List> While retrieve file from this list to another list which I would like it to maintain in the sequence like--1st file from 1st List,then 1st File from 2nd List,..till the 1st File from last List.Then again 2nd File from 1st List,2nd File from 2nd List.. I am using j2sdk1.4.2_04. pls ...

11. creating list of files from a directory

12. Get a list of files in a folder

13. Problem with Directory listing

14. Question on list serialization

15. file list

This is a swing application and I have more txt files in a directory.I have to put them in a combobox and when selecting a file,I must put its content in a table.For the moment I want to know how can I access the content of a file in a list of files..thanks

16. welcome-file list

17. welcome-file list

19. listing a special type of files in a subDirectory

hi all, i have a directory where there are some other subdirectories inside it . each one of these sub directories contains 2 files: an xml file and a PNG file . can i obtain a list of all the xml files only in all subdirectories ?? if any body knows please try to reply and show me how can this ...

20. get a list of files from filestructure

How would I search for all files with a certain name like "*.css" and get an array or collection of file specs that could be used to open these files? pseudocode: look for all files like *.css while not end of array open file do something to file overwrite old file with new file end while

22. A Data file consists of a list of positive random integers. The numbers are

Task a A Data file consists of a list of positive random integers. The numbers are separated by space. Design pseudo code to perform the following tasks: (a) Print all the numbers with 10 numbers in a line. (b) Calculate the total value of the even numbers in the file. (for example: totalValue=2+12+20+36+?and so on) (c) Print the largest and smallest ...

23. List all the files Error

The error would also show the stack trace (assuming you didn't swallow it by implementing faulty exception handling), and that's where you need to look. The code you posted shows no sign of being able to throw that exception, I believe. Edit: Well obviously I was wrong per sabre150's reply regarding File.list() being able to return null.

24. How to Move list of files from one folder to new folder Using java

Hi all, I want to move the list of files from one folder to another folder. here in my requirement i need to create the destination folder dynamically based on the files modified datetime, and the folder name should be the String+modified datetime. And this code should run once in 24 hours. And i want to call this code using the ...

25. need help listing directories and files

27. list all the files in the system

28. generating several file name lists in the program

You can do lots of things on the command line, and you can do lots of things to generate file lists. Whatever you're doing, there are probably equivalent ways to do it in Java, but since you went into absolutely no detail, it's impossible to say how exactly. You'll probably use the methods on whose names start with "list", though. ...

29. How to exclude files in list function?

30. Convert File[] to List

31. Writing Lists to Files

32. Listing files into a directory

33. find and list directory problem

35. Listing Files Without Path Name?

36. List files chronologically

37. getting a File List in remote machine

38. Which is better design: writing a file or maintaining a list?

Hi everybody, I'm just looking for a quick recommendation from the design perspective. For a group of 20,000 strings or more, if they need to be edited, is it better for efficiency and speed to save them in a list within a program, or to write a file containing the strings, and then access them from there? If you have an ...

39. listing directories

Hi, Hmm.. why does this thread say "This question is answered. Helpful answers available: 2. Correct answers available: 1." when there are no replies? Strange. Take a look at the File class, it has methods to list files of a directory, you should then write a recursive loop that lists all files within the directories that are found. Kaj

40. Error while listing files.

42. How to list out methods of java file ?

Hi, I want to list out all methods of a given java file with signature. Is there any way to accomplish this ? Can this be done with a java program (no streams please ) or any utilities are available to do this ? For example : ( Like this i would like to list out all methods ) public ...

43. get File List From webserver!

44. List of files under a directory

45. .list() not working properly

46. Getting file list from a folder...

47. How to list all files in my system

48. List files

I need to select files from a large directory containing about 1,000,000 files and then process them, basically decrypting, parsing and structuring the contents and put that data in a DB. This happens periodically on a tomcat web server. (Please don't ask why there are so many files in that directory - it's beyond my control.) In fact the selection file ...

50. Get directory listing or files contained in a folder which is placed on a s

There really is no way to do this except when the server has the directory listing option enabled. Today, for security reasons, most servers will not list '/' listings. (i.e. directory listing). Older servers will do this, and you can enable it on MIIS and others. Simply request '/' as a GET or HEAD method on the server. Read the result. ...

51. Hidden files and File.list() returning null

I tried canRead() and that was a no go. I did see I could set permissions but the problem was the OS is blocking any attempts to gain access to that folder. I am unable to physically browse the directory and I have admin permission. When I did attempt to physically access the directory, the OS clearly told me I do ...