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1. CAMEL is processing the file before the "mv" command completes

We are facing a problem in our monitor script. The flow of the program is

  1. Customer ftp/sftp the file (in .csv format) to "source" directory
  2. Bash script renames the completed .csv file to .aaa ...

2. How do I write out a file using camel, and return the name of the file?

If I send direct:report a byte[]. How do I find out the absolute path and name of the file it was written to?


3. How to send serialized java objects via apache camel?

We use Message or Exchange to set the outbound message . the only method these provide is exchange.getOut.setBody(); if i do something like setBody(new Object()) doesn't work so how do we send ...

4. Apache Camel Ftp2 order of downloaded files

How I can specify the order in which I want to pull data from ftp, for instance for some folders I want to pull data in alphabetical order or numerical but ...

5. Apache Camel using AHC component throws Invalid CRLF while unmarshalling XML using JAXB

I am trying to use Apache Camel's AHC component for sending the some request data to multiple URLs and gather the responses. To do this on my local machine I have done ...