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1. Web to Arduino serial communication

I am looking to transfer commands/data from a web-page to an Arduino in order to interact with it in the same way you would on a local computer. I have done ...

2. Info required for voice communication

3. fax communication

4. BindException & Communication Exception

Hi All, We are trying to update LDAP with the contents from a CRL file(around 300KB). We delete the contents in LDAP first and then insert the CRL entries. It deletes the entries successfully. But while inserting the data it throws up this error. Address in use: no further information javax.naming.CommunicationException: Address in use: no further information Does somebody ...

5. Data Communication Settings

Please forgive me if I have posted this in the incorrect forum. I have noticed that when one computing device communicates with another there are a standard group of settings. Baud Rate Parity Data Bits Stop Bits What do these settings control? How do these settings affect input and output in Java programs? Thanks, The Sunburned Surveyor

6. a question about Seaial communication

Sorry,I will post it again. Recently I am doing a project that must use the communication with Serial port. But I searched the Java1.4 API and don't find any methods to operate hardware such as Serial. So ,my question is how to operate the Serial Port in JAVA. What method I should use? Thanks a lot.Wish all of you a happy ...

7. Code for RS 232 communication

8. Code for RS232 communication

You have two variants: Make yuor code with Runtime() - i have some examples, or download libruary: Windows - RXTX *nix - javax.comm; Samlpe: public boolean Inicialization() { portList = CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifiers(); boolean portOpen = false; while (portList.hasMoreElements()) { portId = (CommPortIdentifier) portList.nextElement(); if (portId.getPortType() == CommPortIdentifier.PORT_SERIAL) { //System.out.println(portId.getName()); if (portId.getName().equals("COM1")) { System.out.println("Found port COM1 , try to open..."); try { port ...

9. Java SCP communication

10. Communication between Java and Mainframe System

Hi , I am using Java Socket programming to communicate with Mainframe system. Just I am connecting the Mainframe system using Socket class in java. After that interacting the Mainframe system with java input and output stream. But I don't know how it is working ? . Can you please explain how it is working , how mainframe system accept my ...