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1. Programmatically generate JavaDoc files

Is it possible to programmatically generate JavaDoc files by passing in a class? If so how?

2. javadoc: how to use it to document ONE single java file on Window 7?

I'm trying to use javadoc to document one single java file on window 7,to simplify things, I only use the following simple command:

However, javadoc gives me IllegalArgumentException without detailed where ...

3. How do I automatically convert all javadoc package.html files into files?

We use a lot of legacy package.html files in our project and we want to convert them to files. Doing that manually isn't an option (way too many files). Is ...

5. How to access Javadoc comments from a file?

How would I access and parse the Javadoc comments properly? Either being from a java source file or from a generated Javadoc file would work.

6. Should I use /* */ or /** */ for the copyright in the top of a java file?

There is a copyright comment in each java file, but I don't know which one should I use: /* */ or /** */?

  * Copyright ...
 import ...

8. Extract information from Javadoc files

I want to extract class, method & parameter information from the javadoc files (in html format, not from source code). Are there any existing API's / opensource projects that would help me do this. I have tried searching google and the forums, but I end up finding results related to extracting javadoc info from the source files. However I am interested ...