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1. When and how are NIO direct buffers freed?    stackoverflow.com

I have a C library that wants a temporary buffer for scratch space. I'm considering passing the address of a direct byte buffer to it.

  • Is the VM ever allowed to ...

2. Java LoadLibrary UnsatisfiedLinkError, though Java can see the file and runs on another computer    stackoverflow.com

Hi All: This problem is really befuddling me and hopefully someone could help me out. I've written some plugin libraries for a large java software. Everything works fine and well ...

3. calling a c++ function from java which uses some other function which refers include files    stackoverflow.com

i am trying to call a navite method defined in c++ from java, the function which i am trying to call refers some functions defined in header files and also the ...

4. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError - loading multiple lib files?    stackoverflow.com

At first, this error looked normal to me, but after trying all known things, I still have no luck running my program. So please let me explain in detail. I am trying ...

5. JNI-wrapped library seeks out wrong working directory -- how to circumvent?    stackoverflow.com

I am using JNI to wrap a few native functions in a closed-source PDF library. It has an dependent fonts directory which must be in a subfolder of the ...

6. Non-Blocking File Reads    stackoverflow.com

Is there a non-blocking file read API in java? If not would it be wise to build one in C++ and call it from a java app via JNI?

7. Unable to generate JNI .c file using javah -stubs    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to generate JNI code from my Java class. I was able to generate the header without a problem using javah Whenever I run javah with the -stubs command I get ...

8. Need help on understanding generated JNI header file    stackoverflow.com

I was going through JNI tutorial and I came across below line in generated header file.

JNIEXPORT jbyteArray JNICALL Java_ReadFile_loadFile
(JNIEnv *, jobject, jstring);
I can understand the meaning of jbyteArray, JNIEnv, jobject and ...

9. Problem using JNI - Error when generating header file    stackoverflow.com

I used the following guide to get started, http://cnd.netbeans.org/docs/jni/beginning-jni-win.html. But when I try to generate the header file using the command below

JAVA_HOME\bin\javah.exe -o HelloWorldNative.h -jni ...

10. JNI lib crash, with a change in a .c file which is not included in the Makefile    stackoverflow.com

We are facing an unusual problem, our JNI lib crashes at load time. we use CentOS 5.4/G++ and VS2005 for development. scenario: we are currently working on an enhancement in our product and wanted ...

11. SWIG issue, empty files being generated    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to wrap a C++ class using SWIG to create a Java interface, but when I run SWIG on my files it generates empty files. I am following the ...

12. Serial Communication using JNI?    coderanch.com

Hi ranchos,(I hope you dont mind me calling this) So here is the thing..... I am developing a webservices project for controlling a Meade ETX125 telescope, for that I have the protocol file written in C, which I converted to JAVA platform using JNI. The C code is mainly the serial port communication. Along side I have written another JAVA program ...

13. Filename in DBCS and JNI    coderanch.com

Hi all, I have this strange problem. I have a filename, which is passed as an argument to a native function. I used to pass a String and convert this String to a UTF c-string in the native function. Then I called fopen(...). All this on Windows. Of course this didn't work when there were some accented (e.g. German) characters in ...

14. JNI and jni.h files    coderanch.com

15. how to convert static String return into JNI    coderanch.com

Hello i now this is basic and i hope some one helps please read. Sample #1 --> Start //this is a java code that calls the JNI to print "Hello World" class HelloWorld { static { //System.loadLibrary("HelloWorld"); System.load("C:/HelloWorld.dll"); } private native void print(); public static void main(String[] args) { new HelloWorld().print(); } } #include #include #include "HelloWorld.h" JNIEXPORT void ...

16. jni.h: No such file or directory    java-forums.org

class A { static { System.loadLibrary("A"); } public native void print(); public static void main(String[] args) { new A().print(); } } /* DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is machine generated */ #include /* Header for class A */ #ifndef _Included_A #define _Included_A #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif /* * Class: A * Method: print * Signature: ()V ...

17. need *JNI.h* file    forums.oracle.com

18. unable to compile .c file which includes jni.h    forums.oracle.com

I have implemented the native method in c program and saved it as JNIDemo.c.The problem is that when I compile the c file I get lots of error regarding jni.h file which I have placed inside the include dir of torbo c.Please tell me- is there any specific path setting of jni.h header file?? How to create the dll file of ...

19. JNI - how to use java access function in TypeLibrary( .tlb file) HELP ME PL    forums.oracle.com

Hey All I got one project which can be done by calling up functions in xxxx.tlb (window type library) file, that is no problem. How to use java to access those functions??? I know there are some classes which can be used to access function in DLL file e.g. JAWIN. Is the .tlb file related to one DLL file??? if so, ...

20. [JNI: Java to C Connectivity] .so file creation from g++    forums.oracle.com

Hello Everyone, I am trying to run a simple JNI based example taken from JNI's specifications. I am running it on a Fedora OS based server. All the steps go fine but when I try to make a .so file from the C code, I get an error. I took the compilation command from the JNI specifications again. That command is ...

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