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1. How to set the working directory for a task to something other than the basedir?    stackoverflow.com

I have an Ant script with a junit target where I want it to start up the VM with a different working directory than the basedir. How would I do this? Here's ...

2. How do I set the working directory for the Ant 'junit' task?    stackoverflow.com

My Ant build includes a junit task that runs some tests. In order for the tests to work, the value of the property that specifies the current working directory (user.dir) must ...

3. Forcing FileNotFoundException    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing a test for a piece of code that has an IOException catch in it that I'm trying to cover. The try/catch looks something like this:

try {

4. Test data directory with jUnit    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing some jUnit tests that depend on data files. Where should those data files go? And how would I (in the jUnit tests) get the location of that directory? In ...

5. Findbugs filter file for ignoring JUnits    stackoverflow.com

I need to set up a filter file for my findbugs ant script that scans only the src/* files and not the test/* files. What is the syntax for checking all classes ...

6. problem of testing file worker in java    stackoverflow.com

I have a question which is described below: What problems would arise for testing a Java class which counts number of words in a file? The function's signature is below:

public int wordCount(String ...

7. Easy to get a test file into JUnit    stackoverflow.com

Can somebody suggest an easy way to get a reference to a file as a String/InputStream/File/etc type object in a junit test class? Obviously I could paste the file (xml ...

8. Junit test of the same object    stackoverflow.com

Hi i want to make a unit test suite on same object with same variable but different values But if the object get the same name (created by this.setName("testlaunch"); (who must have ...

9. Fixtures in JUnit and file structure    stackoverflow.com

I'm building a card game which is only relevant because of the examples given below. I consider myself a fairly experienced C++ programmer, with considerable TDD experience in that language; most recently ...

10. How can I compare files in a JUnit test case?    stackoverflow.com

I want to implement JUnit on a small project I'm working on because I want to learn a little bit about it. The tutorials that I read all make reference to methods ...

11. Writing data to System.in    stackoverflow.com

In our application, we expect user input within a Thread as follows :

BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));
I want to pass that part in my unit test so that I can ...

12. Change working directory in ant junit task    stackoverflow.com

I have a ant file that runs JUnits tests. These tests rely on a relative path to certain configuration files. I've tried to set the working directory for the batch test, ...

13. printing junit result to file    stackoverflow.com

I want to print the results of my junit tests to a txt file. this is my code

try {
  //Creates html header 
  String breaks = "<html><center><p><h2>"+"Test Started ...

14. Jmock Mockery, mocking a file system object    stackoverflow.com

I want to be able to mock the File object in java using Mockery. I seems like we may not be able to create an interface for the File in java. ...

15. JUnit files not found     stackoverflow.com

I've added the JUnit jar to my classpath, and it can find and run tests alright using the command window, but when I try and compile a test I know works, ...

16. Can't delete folder created by junit TemporaryFolderRule    stackoverflow.com

I have a class that manages the archive of some files that we do some incoming processing on. When trying to test the archiving process I made use of the TemporaryFolder ...

17. junit not using the newest file    stackoverflow.com

I use junit automatically installed by maven. When I run the maven test my tests work fine. But when I call the Eclipse JUnit test it doesn't use the current version ...

18. How to test IO code in JUnit?    stackoverflow.com

I'm want to test two services:

  1. service which builds file name
  2. service which writes some data into file provided by 1st service
In first i'm building some complex file structure (just for example {user}/{date}/{time}/{generatedId}.bin) In ...

19. JUnit in Ant build script attempting and failing to delete .svn directory    stackoverflow.com

I'm following an example from Pragmatic Project Automation. I'm running on Windows 7 and pulling the project from a local Subversion repo. When I run ant in the project's base directory, ...

20. JUnit tests fail when creating new Files    stackoverflow.com

We have several JUnit tests that rely on creating new files and reading them. However there are issues with the files not being created properly. But this fault comes and goes. ...

21. JUnit for a directory zipper    stackoverflow.com

I have a piece of code in Java that zips the contents of a directory into a zip file. The signature of the method is as follows:

 * Zips the contents of ...

22. Access a file in package    stackoverflow.com

I am using JUnit to do some automated tests on my application, the tests are in a folder called tests in my JUnit classes package. As of now, I access the files ...

23. How to JUnit testing objects which are parsed from file    stackoverflow.com

I'm working a program which is parsing some files and than process these files. The parser is well tested, but I have to test the processing part too. The problem is ...

24. What is the best way to filter errors/failures in JUnit files?    stackoverflow.com

My division uses continuous integration but our product and process don't lend well to the model that bugs should be fixed immediately (long runtimes, shared resources, old VCS tools, etc). CI ...

25. Ant Build file with junit test for java project    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to write an android build file that compiles, creates a jar executes it and also runs a bunch of test files. This is what I have so far, ...

26. i/o with serilizable and junit test    coderanch.com

I'm trying to input from a file that got stuff that was serilized. I outputed an array of objects called playerbean that have three attributes like uname,pword and level. it seems to write out, but I"m not sure about reading it in. I tested with a Junit test, but I'm not sure if it is really passing or if the exception ...

27. Junit Test Coding standard for FILE    forums.oracle.com

28. jUnit - UnmarshalException in ABT where IOException expected    forums.oracle.com

timthesheepshagga, Thanx for the reply. The call to the bean isn't a remote procedure call, is it? The test case is running in the same JVM as the server... it (the test case) gets an instance of the bean via it's remote interface, and everything after that is "normal" method invocation isn't it? Or am I completely at sea? Anyway, it ...

29. Junit question...multiple input files    forums.oracle.com

I'm not very clear if fixtures is what I need to use and if so how to even use it in my case. I have a simple XMLUnit testcase that compares a set of xml files using DetailedDiff and getAllDifferences(). This works just fine for a comparison of a single set of XML files, how should this be done for n ...

30. Writing to file in JUnit test case? Not working?    forums.oracle.com

I have a singleton class called InstantLogger that internally uses a PrintWriter to write to file. It is very basic, has startLogger(String filename), log(String msg), and stopLogger(). startLogger just creates file, log write to file, and stopLogger closes file. When I use this class outside of the JUnit test suite it works fine. As soon as I use it in a ...

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