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1. Lucene Error While Reading binary block :

I am getting while reading a binary block from lucene index. I am storing java object as byte-array in lucene index field and reading it when hit occurs. Here is stack ...

2. Purpose / importance of the file modification date methods in Lucene's Directory?

I've built a Lucene Directory implementation for jdbm, an embedded Java database. Part of the Directory API are two methods related to "file" modification dates: touchFile and fileModified ...

3. Can Lucene return several search results from a single indexed file?

I am using Lucene to index and search a small number of large documents. Using the demo from the Lucene site I have indexed the documents and am able to search ...

4. lucene index file randomly crash and need to reindex

how you all deal wich such issue of occasionally need to reindex? what recommendation do you suggest to minimize this?

5. index directory usage in java lucene is a direct port of Lucene for java, so it stands to reason that i could use the index directory created by directly from Lucene in java, is this ...

6. no segments* file found

I need to access a lucene index ( created by crawling several webpages using Nutch) but it is giving the error shown above : no segments* file found in<path>: ...

7. Querying a Lucene index file

I'm trying to query a Lucene index file through QueryParser. However I would like to see the format of the index file before querying it. Is there a way to lookup ...

8. Have SolR limit number of hits per file

I have a SolR index where each record is a page from a file. So for every record we have the full text, the page number and the file ID. When we ...

9. What is a good Java Library to use for searching through several files for a list of search terms?

Basically, what I would like to do is search through a folder its subfolders for a list of search terms. It does not have to be highly optimized or anything ...

10. Lucene Java opening too many files. Am I using IndexWriter properly?

My Lucene Java implementation is eating up too many files. I followed the instructions in the Lucene Wiki about too many open files, but that only helped slow the problem. ...

11. Lucene Indexing stuck after ~1million files (nrm file getting larger and larger...)

Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm doing basic indexing + SAX parsing of XML files and adding each path as a new field in the document. I got to ...

12. How to have different schema files to different cores in SOLR?

I have one instance of SOLR with three different cores.
I created a solr.xml config file which specifies the schema file for each core, but, it is not recognized. The system still ...

13. Under what conditions is it safe to do I/O operations (move/replace) on a lucene index (compass)

Sometimes there is need to re-build a lucene-index from scratch. As I do not want the index to be incomplete for several hours while building, I am using a separate compass ...

14. Indexing files using Lucene

I have a set of files with different extensions .doc .txt .html etc. How do I index these files to use with Apache Lucene?

15. Too many open files in Lucene Indexing when number of users increase

I have been using Lucene Indexing and search technique for my web application. Initially I faced the "Too many Open files problem", after research I fixed it by using a common ...

16. too many open files with lucene

I am using lucene for indexing the files and then these indexes are used to search/update or delete records in files.Apart from that whenever a new record is created in database it also triggers the creation of the record in lucene based file index system. Compass core APi is used for interaction with lucene. This worked fine in development and QA ...

17. Search HTML files using lucene API

Hi All, I have to create a application that will index HTML docs/files and then perform search on that index and fetch records on the basis of HTML file name that user provides. Basically this is a impact analysis utility, if we remove a HTML doc or module from the application (application here is 4 which we are creating this impact ...

18. Too many open files issue with lucene

As a part of initial anlysis we found out that at the time when this error occured the number of open files on the Linux box were 31k which is fairly large number. I feel the problem has to be with lucene rather than other applications deployed on the box coz once we stopped the application that was using lucene evrything ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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