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1. How to open a file with JSR 211 CHAPI (Content Handler API)    stackoverflow.com

Please note that this is a question about MIDlets, i.e. Java ME (not "ordinary" Java SE). I'm looking for the correct way to invoke content on a mobile phone using JSR 211, ...

2. Confusion with MIDlet attributes in a JAD file    stackoverflow.com

"MicroEdition-Profile" can have multiple values separated by space in the JAD file, where as "MicroEdtion-Configuration" can have only one value. According to JTWI specifications,

  1. Minimum requirement for MIDP is 2.0, so ...

3. Midlet throws javax.microedition.rms.RecordStoreException: error opening record store file in Samsung emulator    stackoverflow.com

I'm using the Samsung SDK 1.2.0 Beta in Netbeans 6.8. I'm trying to test my midlet for accessing the record store management system. This statement

 RecordStore rs = RecordStore.openRecordStore("Store", true);
runs fine ...

4. Who actually installs the Java MIDlet file    stackoverflow.com

Suppose i have TicTacToe.jar (Collection of class files and resource files) & TicTacToe.jad (Descriptor File) files, Who and How does this installation from jar file to some machine dependant files like (.sis ...

5. getting java.io.IOException while running simple http midlet in samsung E1410 mobile    stackoverflow.com

i made simple http midlet and run it on samsung mobile but i got java.io.ioexception code:

import javax.microedition.lcdui.*;
import javax.microedition.midlet.*;
import javax.microedition.io.*;

import java.io.*;

public class HttpMIDlet
 extends MIDlet implements CommandListener,Runnable{

    Display display;

6. Need light-weight base64 encoder and decoder for MIDlet    coderanch.com

Hello everyone I am looking for a light weight base64 encoder and decoder class that very small size because I need to use it with mobile application. Some class that I found don't work and quite large. Please could you give me base64 class or give link where to download it. Thank you very much.

7. Open file from directory in MIDlet    forums.oracle.com

Hi there! Ia m developing a simple MIDlet application for bluetooth image transfer. Generally i want to have a random number of files in a directory and store them into a Vector in my program. I ve been searching the internet for 2 days and havent found anything different from using the clas File with fileinputstream. I am using Netbeans IDE ...