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1. How to switch data pins on/off on parallel port?    stackoverflow.com

I want to simply switch certain data pins on and off, so that they can control a set of relays. I'm not asking about the hardware bit (should be easy), but ...

2. com port communication    coderanch.com

hi all I am new to this forum.Can any one guide me how to configure com port for communication with external devices. Iam doing one project and I want to connect at com port 1. An instrument for RF measurements 2. A Digital RF modem to configure for digital rf carrier and alarm display I want to give command to above ...

3. COM Ports    coderanch.com

I know this is not strictly a Java question but Java brought me to it so if anyone can help or point me in the right direction, I'd much appreciate it. I'm attaching a Serial Reader Keypad to my only remaining com port at the back of my PC. A Java class tries to locate it but can't. What do I ...

4. control parallel port using Java Comm API    coderanch.com

/* Currently, I am working on controlling IBM Parallel Port using */ /* Java Communication API. And i faced a few problems and wish */ /* can get help as soon as possible. All helps are highly appreciated. */ DOSone.writeByte(0x90); ------- Statement 1 When the LED attached with parallel port are connected with the computer, Data Pin 3,4,5,6,7,8 are lighted. Although ...

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6. Blocking a port    coderanch.com

OK, that seems to be all right but in my case the port seems to be open all the time, or reserved or something so I get an exception saying that the port is being used (I want to block port 135 on a Win2K machine). Is there something I can do for that? Tom.

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8. parallel port    coderanch.com

I am working on an application where one of the requirements will be to transfer files over a parallel port. I am using J2SE version 1.4. Is there a good package to implement this? I found the comm API that Sun has, but I wasn't sure if 1.4 has a better way.

9. Comm Port opening?    coderanch.com

I am currently writing my senior project in college and it is a cash register program. I have a cash drawer which hooks up to the computer via the Comm Port. Now, I have searched on java.sun.com without much luck of finding a tutorial or sample code that was very understandable. My OS is Windows 2000. If anyone could give me ...

10. reading from a port    coderanch.com

11. JavaComm and Parellel Ports    coderanch.com

hi all, I have a problem when I send Data throw Parllel port using javacomm , here is my code try{ CommPortIdentifier dd =CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifier("LPT1"); CommPort ss = dd.open("ss",0); System.out.println ("will send"); ss.getOutputStream().write(10); System.out.println ("sent"); } catch(Exception e){System.out.println (e);} the program never print Sent when I tested the pins with leds there is a data sent to the port but the thread ...

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17. liting led through parallel port    coderanch.com

hi dudes... i have got a task to lit 8 led's through parallel port cable..i have searched a little and found that parport is a package for parallel port access....is it necessary to have that package or if i found dll for that, will it be ok...if any one of u has done some work on it plz let me know ...

19. RS 232 port control    coderanch.com

21. Com port issues    coderanch.com

Hi, Im trying to read from a com port, which shouldnt be too hard. I look up some old articles about it and they said it would be easy using javax.comm...the problem is I cant seem to find the library for download for windows. it only has linux and solaris. Is there another way to read from a com port in ...

22. Serial Com ports    coderanch.com

I'm a fairly new java programmer, and I'm having some problems. I've done some reading in these forms on the internet. Here's my goal: I have a device (a weather station) attached to my rs232 com port, and I'd like to read in the data being sent to my pc. I have no idea how to approach this. This is what ...

23. IO and ports    coderanch.com

please, Does the java API support serial and parallel port communication. if i have a device which connects to my computer via the serial or parallel communication port,can i write a java io code to communicate with it. i saw something about javax.comm;pls what does it do.can it work on a windows xp operating system. thanks for ur help

24. IO and Ports    coderanch.com

25. Unable to lis thte Comm Ports    coderanch.com

HI I am developing a sms server app for a demo purpose... When I run the web within the Netbeans IDE while development there is no problem... The problem happens only when I deploy the app in a standalone Apache Tomcat (The one thats not integrated within Netbeans).. Please note that both the development and deployment happened on the same machine ...

26. listening to a port    coderanch.com

27. Reading data from serial ports    coderanch.com

Good day! I have to read a data from a machine that is interfaced with my program through COM1 port. I have not found enough examples except for the tutorial in javax.comm. which as of the moment, I am trying to comprehend. My scenario is this: I have to click a button that will read the data from the machine then ...

28. communication between java and GSM device, connected to USB port    coderanch.com

i am implementing a code which sends sms to more than one GSM mobiles via GSM mobile connected to PC. I have to connect the GSM mobile to serial port because javax.comm communicates only with RS232 port but not USB port. Please suggest if there any package which lets the communication between java and GSM device, connected to USB port. Thanks, ...

29. am copying file using java api . which port i should open?    coderanch.com

Since it looks like file transfer, you can create your own protocol or use an existing one. If you create your own, you can use whatever port you want. A port is just a number, an ID. Be aware if you are running another server that uses a certain port there may be conflicts. Unless you are implementing a service that ...

30. identify usb port    coderanch.com

i need to write programm to usb port when someone plug flash to it.but problem is there are four usb ports in my computer. and time to time it changes the drive letter of pluged usb drive.how to overcome this.i need to get the drive letter of usb drive when flash drive plug to it

31. Identify usb port    coderanch.com

i need to write programm to usb prot when i plug flash drive to usb port it copy all data on it to the hard drive.but the problem is the drive letter of the usb port change time to time.i wrote a programm.it is working but i need to identify usb drive letter automatically when flash drive plug to it.can you ...

32. Parallel port IO problem    coderanch.com

Hi, I am trying to write into the parallel port using rxtx jars. The opening of the port is fine but when it comes to writing it somehow detects that there is no device connected. I am trying to use a mutlimeter to detect the data bits[using pins 2 ,3 ,..] [high and low]. So can somebody tell me how i ...

34. Unreadable string from port. Please help.    coderanch.com

I am using RXTXcomm.jar to communicate and read data from a digital compass (OS5000 - US). The compass is connected to COM-2. When the port COM 2 is read using Microsoft Hyperterminal, I get data in readable string format. Example : $OHPR,130.3,-17.9,173.0,36.3,0.0000,201.85,185.69,-65.13,44.93,0.989,-0.305,0.11 9,-0.933,91.43,91.43,0.00,6300*29 (this is an acceptable format). However, when I connect to the same port using Java (via RXTXcomm.jar) , ...

35. Communicating over a virtual COM port    coderanch.com

Then try it. Using COM ports is a very uncommon thing to do in Java (and in any language given that COM ports are rapidly disappearing from the hardware), so you aren't likely to find experts here or anywhere else. Once you get the answer you're going to be one of the world experts on the topic.

36. C IO port function equivalent in Java    java-forums.org

Except I don't know how to open a port based on a memory address. I am not using either serial or parallel ports. Also, my attempt at using serial ports did not succeed. I spent 4 weeks trying to get a program to work and never could get it to function properly. The port would open, but I could not get ...

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