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1. how to make setup file

i have made an application using source is in .java file i want to create a setup file from these source files.... so can anyone tell me how i can ...

2. Java Ant: How to setup "apply" task with allowing file overwriting?

My command line app call looks like this:

java -jar myapp.jar --output c:\test.txt c:\test.txt
Which reads test.txt, processes it and saves result to the same file. I am trying to make ant task out ...

3. How do you create a setup file for a Java application?

I need help to create a setup file(.exe) of a Java application.

4. Creating Setup file in Java

5. Create setup file of Java Application

I have created a java desktop application using Swings and created a executable jar of it. But the main problem is that jar doesn't run on machine that doesn't have JRE, so i want to create a setup file of Java Desktop Application that installs the JRE if its not already on the machine. Could anyone have any idea of how ...

6. setup file

8. getting a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on installing a setup file

No my jar is not in this directory but we map that to a recommended directory. 1 main question , If I am using the same set up in different system there I am not getting this error then why in other one I am getting an exception , so it means the setup is ok

9. creating setup file

I have developed a system using netbeans and I also have generated the jar file using netbeans(which was generated in dest file in the project folder). But the problem is when I move the jar file into another folder and and try to run it there, there is an error pops up mentioning that the main class can't be found.... What ...

11. setup file

12. How many softwares are there to create a setup file for java programs

Hi, i am new to java I want to know how many softwares are there to create a setup file for java programs. I know one software i.e java launcher to create a setup file. I want to know about any other softwares are available to create a setup file for java programs. I created a setup file for swings program ...

14. how to create the setup file injava

15. how to create the setup file in java

16. plz help setup java refrence directory

I'm new to java and comd from an Actionscript 3 scripting background......I'm specifically Programming for the Android smart phone.....however this requires java programming alongside the Android SDK. Now with the AS 3 background alot of the java programming makes sense and i'm able to follow it fairly well my problem is i can't find refrence material such as what imports are ...

17. Creating setup file for java

18. how to create setup file in core java projects by using java launcher

hi all, i created on application and i want to create setup file for that application. i also download java launcher but iam not getting how create a .exe file in java launcher. plz give me steps to create .exe file 1. what is the name to be give in main class and output class plz give me guidance thanks, Thiru ...

19. setup file issue