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1. Error while downloading Excel 2007 file from a Java - based web page

We have created a portal using APACHE POI Framework, and when we enter the data in this portal, the output is retrieved in a pre - designed Excel Sheets. These excel ...

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3. Excel File Download

4. Download to Excel then delete the temp file

I have succeeded in downloading data from my java application to an excel spreadsheet with multiple pages. That works fine. In doing this I write to a file. I now want to delete that file. I can get it to delete, but it happens before the user gets to download anything....or it does not delete. Here is the code I tried. ...

5. Generating and downloading Excel file using java

Dear all, I have a web application built with jsps and servlets. I have a page showing reports with the resultset from database. How can I generate reports in excel and allow users to download it to their computer. I have used the jxl library for creating the excel file. The code is given below: import*; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; ...

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