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1. excel file not generating after UTF-8 encoding chosen

This part of my code was creating xls file successfuly

FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("c:\\Decrypted.xls");
when other part of the code had this statement ( which was before the above ...

2. Generate Excel file

Hi, The requirement is to read the data available in the database and send them as excel stream to another web application - in specific a JSP page. 1. Everytime I read the records from the database, should I generate an Excel sheet and store the excel file physically before sending it across? What is the better way to implement this? ...

3. Generating Excel Files using Java

For each element in vector a report is created in excel. Suppose there are five elements in vector i should be able to generate five reports in excel. My problem is iam able to generate report for only first element in vector,after that the process stops. It may be due to the reason that iam using same WritableWorkbook object w for ...

4. Not able to generate excel file locally

It's a serious security problem if a server can put a file directly onto a client system. So forget about that idea. You can't do it and you shouldn't do it. What you should do is to send the contents of the file as the response to the client's request. Any Java EE tutorial should have examples of how to do ...

5. Pie chart generation in excel file