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1. Is there a Java Open source Library for parsing Excel 2007 Files?

Is there a Java Open source Library for parsing Excel 2007 Files?

2. Which is better open source for Excel file parsing in Java?

Which is better API for excel parsing in Java Apache POI or JExcel API? In terms of speed, memory utilization and code stability.

3. Opening an Excel file using the default program

My program successfully creates and fills a Excel(.xls) file. Once created, I would like the new file to open in the system's default program (Excel in my case). How can I ...

4. How to give focus to the excel file opened from java when 'Group similar taskbar buttons' enabled

I am opening an excel file multiple time from my java program. The 'Group similar taskbar buttons' option is enabled in windows (Testes in both XP and 7). I am using ...

5. opening an excel file through Java

Hi, I have a file( word or excel) in my web folder. In my application I have a hyperlink. On click of which I have to open the excel in such a way that it should allow to open or save it at my desired location through the open/save dialog box. Can anyone help me out???

6. open excel file

How would I open the existing xsl file in JSP page or java? I have done like this, but I don't see the contents of the ATR.xls. This file is located in C: drive. response.setContentType("application/"); response.setHeader("Content-disposition","attachment; filename= c:\\ATR.xls"); Can anyone tell what is the wrong in this code please? Thanks [ March 07, 2008: Message edited by: lakshmi manepally ]

7. how to open the excel file in java program?

I think the problem has a different cause: the Excel file is simply not an executable by itself. Therefore, you can't launch it as a program. There are (using Windows) two ways of handling this: - with rundll32.exe; I just keep forgetting the complete parameters - using "cmd /c start xxx.xls" The latter launches a hidden command window which executes "start ...

9. How to open WK4(lotus notes) type Excel files using java?

Hai frnds, I need to open the WK4 type Excel File using java.I tried out using jxl API but it shows biff exception.If i can do save as for that excel file by specifying microsoft excel workbook its working fine.But its not possible for me to save as all my excel files i m having more number of files to open.Can ...

10. Opening Excel File