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1. IndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to read MS Excel file using Apache POI-HSSF

Whilst trying to parse MS Excel file using POI-HSSF v3.2 I am getting IndexOutOfBoundsException. The spreadsheet I am trying to read isn't empty it has been created using MS ...

2. reading data from Excel file prior to version 95

Apparently Excel 4.0 is still used and I have to read it in Java. Neither poi nor jExcelAPI, as great as they are, can parse them. I can't ...

3. read excel file in j2me

Hi i have excel file , i want to use it like data base on j2me . how can i read excel file in j2me ? thanks

4. How to read excel file and convert it to tab delimited file with java

I have a directory where files are constantly updated. I need to read the latest excel file and convert it into tab delimited file. It is under windows. A batch + ...

5. which is the best API to read large sized excel files in Java?

what my application needs are 1) Read large sized excel files with .xls or .xlsx format 2) insert every column as a row in database with previous column as a parent of next means ...

6. How to read and update dynamic excel file programatically using apache poi3.5 and java

Now i want to read any excel file that are given by the user dynamically and also the extract the data in the tabular form and also update the data the ...

7. Memory-efficient Java library to read Excel files?

Is there a memory-efficient Java library to read large Microsoft Excel files (both .xls and .xlsx)? I have very limited experience with Apache POI, and it seemed to be a ...

8. Coudnt read Excel files of a specific kind with Apache-Poi API

Please take a look at the file sample.xls clcik here I was using Apache-Poi to read xls files and convert them into HTML table format. For few files the POIFSFileSystem (inputStream) ...

10. facility to read excel files

11. Reading and writing an Excel file from one place to another

I have created a socket and am attempting to pull an excel file from an ftp website. I have a handle on the file and read it in using BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(client.getInputStream());, When I write the file out to my local drive the file gets butchered and I can not open it! Does anyone have any ideas? I am compiling with 1.3.1. ...

12. Reading an Excel File from Java

13. Reading an Excel File from Java

14. Query Regarding Reading Excel files at Runtime

Hi, I am storing Excel files in database. The database that I am using is Access. I have stored the Excel file as an OLE object in the database. I am required to read a Excel File at runtime from database and processing on it. I am using POI API from Apache to process the Excel files. The problem that I ...

15. Reading Excel File into Java

16. read an excel file

17. reading from excel file.

18. How to Read Excel File.

20. Reading the excel file

I am using hssf to read an excel which users uploading to a servlet. The problem is that it can not read the SSN . So i made ssn as text. But i already have name as text. I am geteting ssn and anem as text. My que how to take ssn out frm that. I pasting the portion of the ...

21. Upload and Read Excel File

22. Reading excel file

23. reading from excel files

24. Reading an Excel file using Java

Hi people, I wanted to know if there is any way to read data from an Excel spread sheet by using Java code and doing some function such as sending a mail depending upon the data which is read from the file. I wish to write an application but am stuck up at how to start it up.PLease do help me ...

25. Reading a Excel file using java programe

Hi all I am trying to read a excel file from a java programe. I am using JdbcOdbcDriver to read from the excel file. I am using the class in code as Class.forName( "sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver" ); The program complies fine but when i run the programe i get the following error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun/jdbc/odbc/JdbcOdbcDriver i have added rt.jar into my class path which ...

26. Write to and read from Excel file

27. Reading date from excel file

Dear All, I am trying to read a date from excel file. The category of the column is General. In the date value is stored as 20090625 which i want to interpret as 25th June 2009. When i am trying to read and print this value in java class, i am getting a wrong value as mentioned in the below log, ...

28. Read data from excel file

Hi I am assigned with a task to read data from the excel file. I am using Apache POI api 3.6 to read the date. Please find below the code: public class ExcelReader { private static InputStream inputStream = null; private static boolean initialized; private List columnName = null; private List dataList = null; private static void init() { try { ...

29. how to write and read excel file

30. Problem in reading the excel file path from WINDOWs machine from UNIX environment

Hello friends, my requirement is to read each row of the excel sheet and sent that row to the database. I have implemented it by using jxl and apache poi framework. locally in my WINDOWS machine it is working fine.. But when i deploy the code in UNIX machine. and trying to read the excel file in WINDOWS environment. I am ...

31. How to Read Excel file??

Hi, i'm new in java prg i'm trying to write a code for extracting data from an excel file. The excel file name is : TEST.XLS The worksheet name is: qas In the Tool Administrator, the datasource name is: qa-list When i excecute the code, i have an error: java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][Pilote ODBC Excel] Not enough parameters 1 waited. here is my ...

33. How to read Excel file in java

Hi All I'm new to java, and i want to know how to read excel file. i have did using poi API but i getting the following error please help me out in this issue. C:\sai\Excel>java ReadExcel Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ReadExcel Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ReadExcel at$ Source) at Method) at Source) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source) at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown ...

34. Excel file read error

import*; class ExcelFileRead { public static void main(String[] args) { try { FileInputStream fstream = new FileInputStream("AAPL.csv"); DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(fstream); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(in)); String strLine; while(strLine == br.readLine() && != null) { String str2 = strLine.replace(',',' '); System.out.println(str2); } in.close(); } catch(Exception e) { System.err.println("Error: " + e.getMessage()); } } }

35. .exe reading from Excel files

Hi everybody, I know similar questions have been asked lots of times but while searching the forum didn't find an anwer to my problem. I created an exe file (using exe4j) of a java application which reads form Excel files. Although it works when I run it from my editor, when running the exe file it cant find the Excel file. ...

36. How to read Excel file using Java code

37. Reading Excel File

38. How to read excel file using java code

Not everyone needs it. Search the site. The exact part of the POI project you need is HSSF (Horrible SpreadSheet Format). Download the packages. Both in the distribution and on the web site, are numerous examples. Take a look for yourself. It may take a little work, but come on, at least try. It is there to find, you just need ...

39. How to read write MS Excel File?

Can anybody please help me reading/writing MS Excel file from java.?? I've googled it but all the results show codes that use third party libraries.. Is it possible to work with Excel without any third party API ?? If not .. is there any free Library that I can use for this ?? Thanks

40. Reading from an excel file

PaulOckleford wrote: If all you want to do is select from the excel sheet you may find it easier to use the jdbc option, I have an example of some code I wrote that does a select from an excel sheet and it may be useful for you: Just my opinion here but I would avoid using odbc to deal with ...

41. How do I read an excel file in java

So, did you get the POI site []? There's a link on the left labelled "Download". As for using HSSF (the spreadsheet format of excel), the link to the HSSF project page [] is useful. Again, look on the left where the link labelled "Quick Guide" has a lot of recipes. POI only addresses the question you asked: reading and writing ...

42. Excel file reading project

Hi, I am new here and just finished AP Computer Science learning Java. I am now doing a little programming project for my brother. He is giving me a folder with spreadsheets. I should be able to detect if he has added new spreadsheets. I have figured out the logic of the program (except how to detect if he adds new ...

43. Reading Chinese pinyin from excel file - problem

hello, I am trying to read a sample Chinese dictionary from an excel file and show it using a table. When reading the pinyin column, some characters are not read properly, instead they show a ? character. Below is the excel file as it should be, and the what the Table in Java shows. The Table yng rn jng fi yng ...

44. Read Excel file

45. Read an Excel file in java

Greetings all I am not a java pro but have to develop a software for my company init. i need to read data from an excel file. I couldnt find proper help on the internet so thought about dropping a message here in java guru forum. i'll be obliged if somone could help me. thanks alot.

46. how to read an excel file with unknown fields

Google "POI HSSF" and or "Andy Khan jxl" Edit: If you insist on using the bridge, then take a look at the DatabaseMetaData class, or do a select * and look at the ResultSetMetaData class, although you are much better off not trying to use a Spreadsheet as a database, it isn't one, after all.

47. reading excel file using java

Hi all, I have to read a excel file(which is basically file generated by logs of a server),then after reading excel file I have to perform a search operation.The search requirement is when a user enters any string the result should be all lines that contains that string will be the output. I am using eclipse ganymede as my IDE and ...

48. Reading of Excel file using jdk.1.6

Hi, I have migrated my application from weblogic 8.3 to Weblogic 10.3. There is a program which will build a excel file and as well read the excel file. It is building the excel file and saving locally properly, but when iam trying to read the file run time, it is opening in a Ascii code (Junk values are displayed) Please ...

49. craete read_only excel file in java

50. How do I read an excel file

51. How to Read Excel file with xelem

Hello Sir, I read up the file using xelem and it provide me WorkSheet. but I have to give the rowIndex or coulmn index to read data. that i don't want .Just i want to serach my data on sheet. i have gone through all Xelem reading package. i couldn't find fix. How can it be done using Xelem? Please help ...

52. How to read Excel file in java

public void checkABA_Number() { try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); c = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:ExcelTest","",""); // ExcelTest is the DSN name stmnt = c.createStatement(); ResultSet rs = stmnt.executeQuery("select * from abadata"); // abadata is my Excel file name while( { System.out.println(rs.getString(1)+" "+rs.getString(2)); } }catch(Exception e) { System.out.println(""+e.toString()); } finally { try { stmnt.close(); c.close(); } catch( Exception e ) { System.err.println( e ); } }

53. Reading data from Excel file

if( (c = r.getCell((short)j))== null){ type_cell = 3; } else { c = r.getCell((short)j); type_cell = c.getCellType(); } switch(type_cell){ case 0: // NUMERIC TYPE //System.out.println("Cell contains numeric value"); double value0 = c.getNumericCellValue(); value = String.valueOf(value0); arl.add(value); //System.out.println("values..."+arl.get(j)); excelContent =value","; //System.out.println("The value contained is" + " " + value0); pw.println("\n"); //String value = String.valueOf(value0); if(cell_num_counter == (int)temp + 1){ // replace 59 ...

54. How to read an excel file?

55. Read an Excel file using POIFSFileSystem API

56. Best in Performace for reading and writing Excel file

Hi, I need any API which is in best for reading and writing excel files. Best in terms of: 1- Low memory consumer 2- can load data in chunks 3- fast processing 4- reliable 5- efficient I have tested JExcelAPI, POI and Aspose but they load full file in memory, more memory consumer. If I can increase performace kindly also tell ...

57. Reading and Writing large Excel file using JExcel API

do u mind posting the line of code where the crash occurs..if it's an exception maybe one can look at the printStackTrace(). I use the JExcel API too but never worked with a file of this size. the way ur code handles this task may be wrong..i don't know..however, a peek at the code might help.

58. read from excel file

An Excel file is going to be stored in a proprietary (Excel) format. So sure go ahead and try to read it via a plain-old file stream which knows nothing about its format and tell us the results. No, you're obviously going to need something that knows how it is stored/formatted. Enter POI.

59. Error in reading an Excel file

60. I can read but not write to an Excel file!

Hello, I hope someone can help me witht this. I am writing a program that reads and writes to an Excel file with the use of Jakarta's HSSF. I can read the excel file with no problems, but when it comes to writing on it it only works the first time! Then when i try again, I get this: N:\Servers.xls ...

61. Exception while reading excel file

I have a excel which contains a choose function in one of the cells =CHOOSE(I3,N4,N5,N6,N7,N8,N9,N10,N11,N12,N13,N14,N15,N16,N17,N18,N19,N20,N21). I am trying to read the formulas instead of the contents of the cell. I get the following exception when the above CHOOSE function is encountered by the jexcelapi. jxl.biff.formula.FormulaException: Unrecognized token 0 at jxl.biff.formula.TokenFormulaParser.parseSubExpression ( at jxl.biff.formula.TokenFormulaParser.handleMemoryFunction ( at jxl.biff.formula.TokenFormulaParser.parseSubExpression ( at jxl.biff.formula.TokenFormulaParser.parse ( at ...

62. How to read data from the excel file using java code.

Do you have any data in the sheet? It ran fine for me. And when I put spaces in the cells A1,B1, amd C1, it told me there were 3 cols, and did not print any data, and also did not print the commas. Make sure there is actual data in the sheet. The first row is the header row with ...

63. Read&write Excel file using java

64. error in reading from excel file

65. excel file read

66. Unable to read Excel file

Hello everybody, I am using eclipse3.4.2, JBOSS4.2, JDK1.5.0, I have exported and excel file from SAP production(ERP) and trying to read data form that excel spreadsheet. I am having the error message compiler reads xxxx instead of xxxx. When I edit the xls file, it says the file contains a non unicode text. So my question is how to convert a ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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