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1. Any command line format tool available for java file?

We are working on a legacy system(7 years old), with lots of java/jsp files that have never been formatted before, not reader at all. Because we have many old versions, we ...

2. hprof file format

Does anyone know a reference for the .hprof (binary heap dumps) file format? Does anyone know libraries that handle .hprof files? I know that hat does that and also

3. obtaing File Format in java/ DOS-UNIX

Is there an easy way to see whether particular file has DOS/MAC/UNIX line endings? Currently i read the file byte by byte and stop if i see Windows carriage return

for (byte thisByte ...

4. How to determine File Format? DOS/Unix/MAC

I have written the following method to detemine whether file in question is formatted with DOS/ MAC, or UNIX line endings. I see at least 1 obvious issue: 1. i am hoping that ...

5. read/write files in Java

How can I read a file easily in Java if I have following file format:

I want to get all words that belongs to "a", "b", and "c". What data structure I ...

6. Format XML output with apache commons configuration XMLConfiguration

I am using the apache commons configuration XMLConfiguration to build and save an XML file. When saving there is no formatting. I get something like:

I know there are plenty of ways to use ...

7. Java output file formatting

I am having a bit of trouble formatting an output file for myself to be easily readable. I am trying to output the file such as:

Name of School    ...

8. Best file format regarding standard string and integer data?

For my project, I need to store info about protocols (the data sent (most likely integers) and in the order it's sent) and info that might be formatted something like this:
'ID' ...

9. Formatting a file name when using %1$s

Anyone help me with a formatting issue I have? I have a relative file path that my app uses to copy the file over and save it, such as:

Only problem ...

10. How to Call a Formatting More than Once in Java?

To make it simple, I have a class called FileEditor: package modmaker;

import java.util.*;

public class FileEditor {
public static Formatter projectFile;
public static String modName;

public void ...

11. How to format Java Call in .bat-file

When I try to call a java program from my batch script like that:

java -jar %PATH_TO_BATIK%batik-rasterizer.jar -w 72 -h 72 -dpi 240 -d %2%\hdpi -m %MIME_TYPE% %1%
The command fails. When I ...

12. Java output to file in table format?

I have a bunch of info that I want to output to a file and it needs to be setup like a table. For example, I need columns with titles and ...

13. Represent electric circuit with loops, flows in XML format?

Does anyone knows, how to represent a complex electric circuit with loops, flows in XML format? The efficient way to parse it? Efficient data structure to store parsing data, from which we ...

14. ReadLong and WriteLong methods in Java.Random.IO

I am trying to write Long using Java command for Random File IO as follows:

fstreamOut = new FileOutputStream(new File("C:\\Basmah","dataOutput.7"),true);
DataOutputStream out=new DataOutputStream(fstreamOut);
Long p= Long.parseLong(longNumberInString );  // Number of digits for this ...

15. determine the format of the data

16. Help with File Output Formatting

Hi, This may be kind of a beginner question, but please bear with me. I am working in Windows and am writing an application that takes a configuration file written by another program, lets the user modify the configurations, and then writes the file back out in the same format as the original. My problem is that I can't get the ...

17. How get useful data from PostScript format file(.ps)?

You'll need to tell us a lot more about what's in the PostScript file if you really want any help. In case you are not aware, PostScript is actually a programming language, optimized for describing pages of text. ".ps" files are programs in that language, which when evaluated by a printer (or other 'rasterizer') produce an image. If all the documents ...

18. Most portable format for data

This is probably a dumb question but are CSV files written as char? As in, if I want to store 123456 as an actual integer it would take 4 bytes, as opposed to 12 bytes to store the six that right? If so, then I must write the numbers and commas and end-of-line characters. Thank you for your input. =) ...

19. formating outFile

hey guys, I am writing a text file from a string. When I do this, it just writes it all in one big line with out any returns. I've created some code that inserts an outFile.println() every 60 characters, but when I do this it breaks up words. So now I am trying to write something that won't break the words ...

20. printf formating

Hello I am just learning java and am trying to format my output using printf which is supposed to be able to format the output as desired. I am using fairly simple code such as double q = 1.0/3.0; // Print the number with 3 decimal places. System.out.printf ("1.0/3.0 = %5.3f %n", q); however I am getting an error saying The ...

21. File Formatting best practices ?

Hi Guys : Im working on a tool integration project involving multiple file formats. We have run into an interesting issue- the need to create flat files as input to legacy tools, using data from a relational database. Does anybody have any thoughts on "best practices" for such an operation? I can think of 2 ways 1) have a database create ...

22. format of file

23. Downloaded file format not supported

24. Herb: formatted IO?

Java 2, v5.0 has added a capability that has long been desired by programmers: the ability to easily create formatted output. Although Java has always offered a rich and varied API, it had not offered an easy way to create formatted text output, especially for numeric values. Although classes such as NumberFormat, DateFormat, and MessageFormat provided by earlier versions of Java ...

25. [ Suggestion ] A simple validateable file format

XML is a subset of Standard General Markup Language (or something real close to that). SGML is a nasty thing, but I'd bet there are grammars and validators out there. Roll your own could be fun. You can define grammars and make parsers to validate them. It's a whole other world when you get into that stuff ... I wouldn't try ...

26. hi csf file format

27. creating a file with user details in reccord format

respected Folks i have to create file with n number of records. each record contains some last name,firstname, city and state. what may be the file type i.e extension of the file like doc or txt ? how to insert those recors in to the file ? please suggest me with code snippets/examples... thank you [ October 10, 2007: Message edited ...

28. file format

30. Data is not populated in the file in a proper format

Dear All, While running the existing code (Below given) I am getting output Output Test.txt 00000029, Pistler, Richard 00000034 ,Townley ,Gary But I want the desired output in the test.txt file like Output Test.txt 00000029 Pistler Richard 00000034 Townley Gary That means pernr _WIDTH is 10 char. For example If it retrives 8 chars from database then 00000034 with two spaces. ...

31. File output format

Hi All, I am trying to open a license file using Servlet in a new browser window. The file opens, but the format is not correct. Example , input file is as below. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007 Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this ...

33. Need help formatting File Output

I am using to save the program data.... It doesn't see the'\n'....just writes in big long lines. I should know the answer to this, but could anyone refresh me on how to get carraige returns in my output using FileWriter or another class? I found the answer in my book the class sorry

34. how to cerate own file format?

Hi all..I am tryng to make my own fle format for my Diagram Editor.My program draws x and y gates and ties them with line and so on .I want to save this drawng as a some format. and I want to open this file with my program and make some correction or edit..How can make some thing like this?Where ...

35. Formatted output in output_file

Im sure there are numerous examples to most things online, i would probably say fair enough if he posted in another area of this forum but this is the newbie area. If everyone just followed examples and taught themselves everything there would not be any need for a forum in the first place

36. maintaining the file format

37. File Formating in UTF-8

Hello, I am generating CSV file with different API, and by using COPY query in Postgres I am populating database. But while reading such file database gives error like "invalid UTF-8 byte sequence detected near byte 0xa0". So can we change file format to UTF with any of the JAVA or org.apache API?? Thanks & Regards, Kasturi Karlekar.

38. Java API for IBM AFP file format

39. HDF format ( HDF4 HDF5 ) files in pure Java ?

40. Formatted output to a file.. need help

Hi, I need to print to a file in a specified format.. The file should have 3 columns 1. Name 2. Age 3. Country Every column should be of fixed length.. if i use out.println(name+"\t"age"\t"+Country); where out is a PrintWriter object the output will come like this Shaun Pollock 35 South Africa Styris 32 Newzealand It's not well aligned. I need ...

41. create Unix compress format .Z file in java

42. formating of a file generated through program

43. Help with choosing a file format

I am creating a program for law students/ practicing lawyers/ law professors/ general law-geeks etc that assists in annotating documents and then organizing them as the user needs. I have thought to annotate the documents using some kind of markup language, and some means by which I could let other applications know to ignore this language in displaying the documents. However ...

44. Download/save/upload file in any format out = httpServletResponse.getWriter(); out.print(""); out.print("test raise file dialog example output"); out.print(""); ******************************************************* The myFile.txt file exists in / directory. But when the dialog box appears to download and save the file , it tries to find the file in temporary internet folders instead of going to my project directory.Now since no file exists here, it downloads the contents of my ...

45. .nk2 file format

hai friends .... here i would like to know about what is the format of .nk2 file ??? how to open .nk2 file in our systems ( windows operating system ) ??? ----> this is the file which will stores all the information of mail ids which we use while sending mails from our system. how to get the clear cut ...