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1. What is the escape character/sequence for properties in a JAD file

Is there a character or encoding I can do to escape a custom property in a JAD file for a J2ME application? Example: Would the extra : in this property break the ...

2. How to manage poperty files for different application instances?

I think in our project we have the common problem for really big projects... We have 4 regions in which our system is installed - Europe, USA, ASIA and Japan.. Each ...

3. apache-commons-config PropertiesConfiguration: comments after last property is lost

I am using PropertiesConfiguration to edit property file. This allows me to retain comments. All works fine except for comments that comes after the last key.. For example ...

4. Getting date/time of creation of a file

This seems like a pretty straightforward question but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer anywhere online. How can I get the date/time a file was created through Java's ...

5. How can i get the property in the sequence they have in file

I am using file properties file and loop through that file.

Properties Config= new Properties();
Config.load(new FileInputStream("c:\\"));
Enumeration e = Config.propertyNames();
while (e.hasMoreElements())
{ String key = (String) e.nextElement();
  System.out.println(key + " -- " + ...

6. UTF-8 encoded Java String into Properties

I have a single UTF-8 encoded String that is a chain of key + value pairs that is required to be loaded into a Properties object. I noticed I was getting ...

7. I want to use java properties from an interface

Could anyone help with my code below, for it to work. Or is it not possible from an interface point of view. How can I go about it? Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance. package tranformation; import; import java.util.Properties; import java.lang.Throwable; public interface TransformIf { try { // set up new properties object from file "myProperties.txt" FileInputStream ...

8. ResourceBundles & Properties

It seems clear that these two classes are very much intertwined. If I have a simple properties file it seems quickest and easiest to use the ResourceBundle to look up the different values. Only if I need to update it in some way, do I need the Properties class. Is this the standard procedure for this kind of thing? Thanks. Paul ...

9. Properties ignoring case

The only way I can think of doing that would be to use the propertyNames() method to get an Enumeration of all the property keys, then iterate through them comparing each one with the desired key using String's equalsIgnoreCase(String) method until you find the correct one, then call getProperties(String) with the actual key. This of course would be an expensive operation, ...


11. Output File Properties

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I am trying to output a list of files and properties to the screen. I have a file browser popping up and when i select a directory and click ok it outputs the path and list of files in that directory. However, i also want to output the size, type and created ...

12. JavaBean with Property Descriptor file example

In a J2EE application, I would like to use a number of Java objects having properties predefined in configuration text files. These, I thought, might well be implemented as JavaBeans. Rod Johnson, creator of the Spring framework, advocates this strategy. Do you know of a simple example showing the use of a JavaBean and its Property Descriptor file? I would like ...

13. Add a new page into file property window.

Hi I am facing requirements like: -> Select properties of any file (i.e. right click on file and select properties option) -> A property window will be opened. -> In that property window we often find some common tabs like (General, Summary etc) But in case of some specific file like pdf, winrar we find some extra ...

14. can be specified somewhere else

I have an applet trying to access the com port. I have to bundle the entire application. I would like to know if there is some way in which i can specify the file in the package so that the client may not need to manually include the file. Hope i'm clear. Thanks

15. How to get the File Property Informations?

Hi All, I need to get the File version,Product Version, Product Name, Comments, Build Description (if exists) of the dll, ocx & exe files (as in the attached Image) I need to write these details into a text file. I have got to fetch the file version. to get the other details can i get help. String dllFileName = "c:\\READ\\Errorhandler.dll"; File ...

16. set a file properties to hidden

18. File not found

19. how to modify a file .properties

20. Set and Get property value from different java file

If your goal is to maintain data across JVMs -- that is, a JVM starts, the JVM writes some data, the JVM ends, then a wholly different JVM process starts, and that second JVM reads the data that the previous JVM wrote -- you should know that the word generally used to refer to that is "persistence".

21. Reloading the Properties form config file

23. How to get File Properties like Comments , Subject and Title

what file properties are you referring to? at the most basic level, files don't really have any properties except file name and size. many operating systems and/or file systems have ways of augmenting information about a file. my guess is you are looking for a way to get this extra information. maybe on windows?