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1. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: setAttribute: Non-serializable attribute

I have inherited some code and am getting an error when I try to run it. The error is below:

10:08:32,093 ERROR [MyServlet]:260 - Servlet.service() for servlet MyServlet threw exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: setAttribute: Non-serializable ...

2. Jibx - how to unmarshal/marshal tag with value and attribute?

   <MyTag name="voltage">12</Mytag>
   <MyTag name="Fuel">72</Mytag>
Sorry Guys, I did not meant to be lazy. Ok Here is the question: I have xml structure with above block of xml ...

3. How to get numeric groupid/userid using java7 file attribute apis?

I can use the following code to get the name of the owner of a file;

    final PosixFileAttributes basicFileAttributes =
        Files.readAttributes( ...

4. file attributes

5. Attributes on files

well it was the permissions I wanted to get. Working on a backup that will work on all systems and that will be able to restore files as they were before the backup. To do that I need to know the permissions on the files so that information can be stored with the file in the db.

6. How to get FIle attributes?

8. OS-specific file/directory attributes

I'm looking for access to more detailed file/dir attributes than are provided by the package. Some of these are OS-specific, but I'd still like to access them. For example: -Volume name in windows (most important) -owner, group owner, various ACL stuff -lock state -file creation and last access date (windows) Anyone have any ideas? thanks

9. on FILE attributes (badly need help)

hi, i need some help deleting a file, this is my sitaution: i have a code capturing frames from an mpeg stream, the frames it captured (jpeg) are stored on one folder. I have to rename all these during a particular method using renameTo (File dest), it works well for most of the images (i don't know why not all) but ...

10. creating a file with attributes...

11. jibx - using FLEXIBLE="TRUE" attribute in binding file

hi! i have problem using FLEXIBLE="TRUE" attribute in jibx binding file. Actually this attribute is used for ignoring extra element. problems: problem 1: This attribute is ignored on a collection element. problem2: If structure is defined as below then it gives following error All child components must define element names for flexible='true'; so, structure element is written ...

12. file attributes question?

...... I'm playing around with a simple backup program and I am wondering is there anything in Java that allows you to reset a files archive attribute? I would like to reset this attribute on all files after I have completed a "full backup". It seems that the only thing I can use is a files last modified timestamp as a ...

13. divide file by attribute

14. file attributes

15. Hi how to know file attribute in java