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1. How to determine when end of file has been reached?    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to read text from a text file. I need help figuring out when the end of file has occured. How can I determine this in Java?

FileInputStream istream = new ...

2. try to end a program if file no found    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to terminate a program if the if statement returns that the file does not exist. At the moment the method is

public static void calcMarks() 

3. How can i add my script from code behind to end of the file    stackoverflow.com

I have script for Google Analytics in my master page at the bottom of the page. it is just below the tag..... from the code behind i need to push some ...

4. how to fix the issue->'Premature end of JPEG file' in java    stackoverflow.com

hi I am using Jtidy parser to fetch the image in java.

URL url = new URL("www.yahoo.com");
  HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
  InputStream in = conn.getInputStream(); 
  doc ...

5. Reached End of File    bytes.com

6. How to recognize end of file (EOF)?    coderanch.com

I am opening a file for reading: BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("test.txt")); ..... String line = in.readLine(); Can anybody tell me how to recognize the end of file? Because there are some blank lines between text lines, I could not use: while( line != null){...} I am newer. Thank you for your help.

7. End of file    coderanch.com

8. Alert message for end users    coderanch.com

Hi..Everyone! I am not a java programmer and have a very little knowledge about it. I would really appreciate if someone could send me example code of java applet which reads content of a text file and displays those contents on the web page. The thing I am trying to do is a kind of alert message for the end users. ...

9. end of file question    coderanch.com

Well, readLine() is a BufferedReader method (Or LineNumberReader). For other Readers, InputStreams and Channels, the standard way to detect an end-of-stream is when the read() method returns -1. This method could be read(byte[]), read(char[]), read(ByteBuffer), or something similar, depending on the specific class used. There are a few other IO classes that have their own special ways to indicate end of ...

10. junk added at the end of file    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am using PrintWriter over an FileOutputStream to write some strings in a file. But the problem is in , writer appends some junk character at the end of file which I dont want. I believe it is either because of flusing or character encoding. I am enclosing the code, any suggestions? try { datalogwriter.println(sfact); } catch (NullPointerException ...

11. End Of File Marker    coderanch.com

When I write a DataOutputStream, do I need to include the marker at the end of the file (ie. -1)? For some reason I thought that Java did this for me, but I was reading back some of the variable length files I had written and keep getting an EndOfFile Exception (I was checking for -1). The data is a series ...

12. How to seek start and end points in File?    coderanch.com

Hi all, In my application ,I need to find start position and end position in File. After that, delete text between start position and end position. Again , i need to update with new data in same position. Now i am using RandomAcesssFile. seek method for start position. using same seek method i can find end position also.But i am unable ...

13. expected end of file and unexpected end of file    coderanch.com

Page 570, Quote : Note that the method differenciate between the expected end of ile and an unexpected end of ile, all files must come to an end. The method is prepared for the case that the end of file has been reached before the start of record. In that case, the method simply returns false. However if the file ends ...

14. How to reach end of file    coderanch.com

15. getErrorStream() leads to end of file    coderanch.com

hi all, In my project , I have to interact with octave (scientific computation tool), I have to give the input and get the output from octave. So , I created a process using processbuilder class. Icreated two streams output stream and inputstream for giving input to octave process and getting output from octave process and I redirected the errorstream to ...

16. need to ^M at end of file    coderanch.com

Hi All, I am not familiar with Unix. I am creating a text file through the my Java code. Now my client want me to add ^M character at end of file so he will identify end of file in Unix env. How to add ^M in file is it any escape seq char . does he mean to add "\r\n" ...

17. end of file    java-forums.org

class MyReader { private BufferedReader reader; private String currentLine; public MyReader (File file) { reader = new BufferedReader (...); currentLine = reader.readLine (); } public String nextLine () { if (currentLine == null) { throw new Exception ("Reached the end of the file already!!!"); } String toReturn = currentLine; currentLine = reader.readLine (); return toReturn; } public boolean hasMore () { ...

18. End of file    java-forums.org

Hey guys. So my programme is supposed to read characthers from a text file, but how do I end it? So my sequence of numbers ends with 0 and I want that to be enough to end the reading. But the programme prints "end of file while reading from file "data.txt"" any idea whats going on? edit: I have a few ...

19. End of file character in java ?    forums.oracle.com

I tried to use the code and indeed, it does return -1 at the EOF. Now the thing is that, I wish to read files but the files are written either in UNIX or in WINDOWS environments. I though using this code to view the format of the carriage return used in my files but don't know how to proceed. In ...

20. End of File    forums.oracle.com

Yes, the application creates the sequential access file as that is what the application is about. Contrary to your last reply the problem is with NetBeans and Eclipse. This has been confirmed by Deitel Associates. I was hoping that someone else may have had the same problem and had found a solution for NetBeans. Deitel Associates also confirmed that z works ...

21. End of File Constant in Java    forums.oracle.com

Thanks so much. If I am reading the file line by line with the randomaccessfile method readLine(), how can I check to see when I reach the eof character? Presently I use this loop for (String line = getLine.readLine(); line != null; line = getLine.readLine()) I just want to be able to read the whole file then exit.

22. End Of File    forums.oracle.com

24. Wrtie to end of output file    forums.oracle.com

jverd wrote: #1 is preferred if everything you want to write is available at once, and you can just spin through writing it all out. #2 is preferred if what you want to write comes in in pieces that are far apart in time, or if there's lots of processing to be done between writes. Jeff I have to disagree with ...

25. How to read/monitor end of file? (tail)    forums.oracle.com

27. Restart at beginning of file once the end is reached    forums.oracle.com

Well I'm probably going to be told to post in the Swing forum after explaining this, but it isn't a Swing-related issue. What I am doing is taking the items in a JList and putting them into an ArrayList. Then, I'm starting from the first index of the ArrayList and scanning a file for a match. If so, it'll print out ...

28. JOGL End User Files    forums.oracle.com

I am creating a program with JOGL, which requires the jogl.jar file and the jogl.dll file. The jogl.jar must be in the ClassPath and the jogl.dll must be in the java.library.path. SO I have two questions: 1. How do I, on my computer, change my java.library.path permenantly (not just dynamically every time i run the program). I looked in My Computer---Environment ...

29. Help running program till end of file.    forums.oracle.com

/*if (e == lineFromFile.length()) break; //changed from boolean valid = false; if (lineFromFile.charAt(e) >= 'A' && lineFromFile.charAt(e) <= 'Z') valid = true; if (lineFromFile.charAt(e) >= 'a' && lineFromFile.charAt(e) <= 'z') valid = true; if (lineFromFile.charAt(e) == '.') valid = true; if (lineFromFile.charAt(e) >= '-') valid = true; if (valid) e++; if (lineFromFile.charAt(e) == '.') hasDot = true; else break; */

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