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1. File.exists() returns false when file exists    stackoverflow.com

I've encountered a bug I can't seem to find any logic behind. I have this File object, which is created like this:

File file = new File("utilities/data/someTextFile.txt");
I then do file.exists() and it ...

2. how to overwrite a file if it exists?    stackoverflow.com

I am using this to save a string value to a file:

 BufferedWriter writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(filename));


If the file exists, I get an error.

3. Alternative to File.exists() in Java    stackoverflow.com

I never thought it would happen to me, but I ran into my first bug in Java: http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=5003595 I'm pretty much in the same exact situation as described in the bug ...

4. Java file exists underscore    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to solve this issue. When searching I'm not able to find the file due to the underscore in the file name

    File file = new File(filePath ...

5. Java does not know when file does NOT exist    stackoverflow.com

Java knows when a file exists as it prints out "File found" but when the file does not exists it does NOT print "File not found"

    File file ...

6. How to create a new file if an existing one already exists?    stackoverflow.com

I was wondering if it was possible to create a method that would check if the current file exists, and if it does, then it creates a new file with the ...

7. Test to determine if field or method exists    coderanch.com

I have read in 2 data files into 2 'Record' object arrays. I need to loop through the values in each to determine combinations based on a set of logic. I have created a new object called Merge that takes in an array of each of the Record objects (Record1 [] and Record2 []). The issue that I have is that ...

8. When does File.exists() return true?    coderanch.com

I have a large image file that writes to disk. When does File.exists() return true, when the file first starts writing to disk or when it is done writing to disk. If it is when it starts writing to disk, what is an easy way to tell when the file is done writing to disk? I thought of comparing the file ...

9. File.exists() returns true    coderanch.com

Hi! I have a thread that checks in a folder if 2 files exist.... When the files are copied the exists() method returns true even if the files is removed?? When i move the server to another machine it works fine? Somebody how can help! mac os x operating system on both machines

10. File.exists() doubt    coderanch.com

11. How to determine if 2 files exists    coderanch.com

I have build a server that sends job to other servers ( not built by me ) The 3 party servers has a hotfolder attached and check for 2 files that my server has copied to them. When the hotfolder is empty the 3 party server is done. My problem is that File.exists returns true even if the file doens not ...

12. File Exists Wildcard    coderanch.com

I have written a piece of code that creates a new file object when passed the full path & filename. It then checks if the file exists. No problem. File f = new File(location + localname); if (tj.isReceived()==false){ if (f.exists()){ System.out.println(location + localname + " received."); //Do other stuff } The problem i have is that i want to check if ...

13. test whether a file exists or not    coderanch.com

Hello all, I'm developing an application designed to return records along with any associated images. The images will be named after the records primary key; ie "102.jpg". I'm going to display the full record information on one jsp and provide a link to another jsp to display the image, via a button/link whatever. The problem is that not all records have ...

15. Using the File.exists method    coderanch.com

16. how to determine if a file exists ?    forums.oracle.com

17. File exists()    forums.oracle.com

Can someone please help me out.. Just want to know why file.exists("c:/hello/check/////") returns true? "c:/hello/check" is a valid directory. Actually I am writing a client which has a "cd(String toDir)" method.. I have a check in place to see if "toDir" directory exists using file.exists(toDir). When i do file.exists("c:/hello/check/////") it returns true and method moves the current dir to "c:/hello/check/////".. Please ...

18. java.io.File.exists() timeout?    forums.oracle.com

your problem is not related to the File class. The File class relies heavily on the local filesystem without knowing that there is some sort of network behind it, so if the local filesystem takes a long time to respond, so will the File class. The threading option is a good workaround for your problem. At least it keeps your application ...

19. File.exists    forums.oracle.com

Lets say there is one file on your disk, "C:\file.txt". new File("C: file.txt").exists() returns true, but new File("C: file").exists() also returns true. This is causing me problem because my application checks if a file name is valid via exists(), but when you try to open a FIS on it, it cant be found. Is there a reason for this behavior? It ...

20. file.exists() problem    forums.oracle.com

I am checking whether a file exists or not in a shared network location. Code will be as follows: File file = new File("//c7mdcs114/cg_NxGen\Server/Enterprise/Ngs_d_e_01/fs/Documentum/1-3M2UR9.pdf"); if(file.exists()){ .....do something }else{ .....do something else.... } This code 90% of times shows the results properly. But sometimes though file exists in the shared network location, it says file does not exist. Both application and network ...

21. Problem with File exists() method    forums.oracle.com

And is the file really in c:\Users, or have you omitted part of the name when posting? I ask, because I suspect you're running Vista, and there may be permissions issues at work here. EDIT: Either way, try another directory that isn't Users or Windows, etc. A directory you made in the root of the drive. Edited by: paul.miner on Jan ...

22. To judge a file exists or not    forums.oracle.com

23. File.exists() vs. File.getAbsoluteFile().exists()    forums.oracle.com

Thanks for your reply. I have looked through the API, and I understand the difference between relative and absolute path if that's the difference you mean. My (incorrect, apparently) assumption was that relativeFile.exists() would always refer to the same location as relativeFile.getAbsoluteFile().exists()-- That is, at one point or another, you more or less concatenate the working directory and the relative path ...

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