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2. Using FileName Filter is an Advantage ?

Hi all, Assume there are two versions of program , let me tell you the objective of the program. Objective : To list the directory and select the files based on the given criteria. Version 1: Step 1: get the files list by using File.listFiles() Step 2. Loop through the list and select the files based on the criteria. Step 3: ...

3. Get file name of running file

4. How to get the file name and location?

You can't get that in the general case. Unless you're running in a debugger and you've told it where your .java files are, they're not usually even present when the program runs. Even the class file may not be on the local file system. Why do you think you need this information?

5. exec() doesnt support space in file name

6. Get Long File names

7. new File("filename") not creating files

Think of a File object as the description of a hypothetical file. The actual file may or may not exist, and in fact there's a method File.exists() (or the like -- look it up) to tell you whether it actually exists. Creating a File with a given path is like creating "Bob Wilkins, Fort Wayne, Indiana" on a piece of paper. ...

9. how to get the current filename in java

Define "the current file" first. The entire concept is pretty ridiculous in applications that don't work with files, and in most others it's irrelevant because there's never more than one relevant file open that's in use in a particular part of the application so there's no possibility of confusion what file is being worked on at any specific moment.

10. getting the file name it originated from

11. To display chinese/japanese language Character filename - Java Programming

Have your tried googling your problem? I found this article: [|] That seems promising, but ofcourse I cant tell if it will work on your application without seeing a shred of code. Im certain there is others that has had the same problem before, and put up their solutions on the net.

12. Keep looping and getting filename

13. filename completion

I am taking a CSE class and lab1 has just been passed out. Not bad of a lab, just one part i couldnt figure out. We are asked to enable the user to use a "file-completion" feature (like in unix were you enter a letter or two and press the tab key). The lab will be implemented in java using a ...

14. Java file name

15. Interesting problem related to file name

Our precise requirement is for the file name only. In our application, we would be writing to existing directory only. We are using File.Seperator to take care of OS independence. What we actually want to achieve is to know the exact problem with the file name. i.e. we want to know which are the invalid characters in the file name.

16. getting file system name

19. how to get fileName from SOAPMessage

21. Ignore filename case

22. Home to get only the file name ?

23. generating unique filename from a string that is inserted

I'm having abit of a problem here....i'm not sure how to generate a unique filename from a string that was just inserted. I'm currently using j2ee n BEA webLogic platform v.10 to do my codes. Do anyone have any sample codes to allow me to look through? Thankz alot Rainie Edited by: bluez on Mar 12, 2008 6:57 PM

24. How to assign a filename to a String

25. Not to display the file name in the browser bar.

Hello, Merry Christmas to all, Is it possible not to display the file name in the browser bar? Like say, when we write, the index page name is not displayed. Likewise is it possible for any other page too. What I want is not to display any of the page name for the whole application. Whichever page is requested the ...

26. File Copy/Path Names

I was using: \\MyServer\\F:\\Temp javacopy.txt I realized that Temp was a shared folder on the server and that I was not escaping the server. The following worked for me: \\\\MyServer\\Temp javacopy.txt Thanks. p.s. Does it have to reference a sharename? I have tried the following and it does not work: \\\\MyServer\\F:\\Temp1 javacopy.txt (Where Temp1 is not shared) Just wondering.

27. xsd file name space

28. Including a filename

29. java file name

You seem to have a really hard time believing it works, even when you've seen it works. Extensions in general are not some magical construct that instantly transform the information in a file from one thing to another, you know... The file could be called "something.jpg" and still contain Java code, not an image. I don't think any of Java specs ...

30. how to get file name ?

31. Turning a string name into a file

32. Spaces in file names

I'm having a problem with spaces in the path name on a windows computer. Here's the issue: I use ClassLoader.getResource(filename) to retrieve a URL to a file. I thenk use url.getFile() to return a file. The problem is that this file name still has %20 instead of " " in the file name. When I go to do listFiles in that ...

33. need help incrementing a file name

1. Find the index of the (final) dot with String's lastIndexOf. (6, in this example) 2. Extract the substring of digits ("000") 3. Parse that into an int using Integers's parseInt (yielding int 0) 4. Increment the number (from 0 to 1) 5. Format the new filename. I would use String's format method to pad the number with leading O's

34. How to get the complete file name?

Files don't keep a list of all the places they've been kept. If it used to be on someone's local disk and now it's on a webserver you can't just ask the file where it used to be. During upload the filename is provided within the multipart form data. That's your only opportunity to obtain the information. If you're using a ...

35. Help adding current Date and Time stamp to file name

I need help with my script adding current Date and Time stamp to file name. This is my file name = myfile.htm I would like to save it as = myfile 8/29/2007 11:41 AM .htm This is my script:

36. File Names with Accents

37. How to set Value of String as a File Name

38. Determining the name of a file after it has been moved

I have a program which follows a log file and does things based on what it finds. The problem I am having is that once the log rolls over and gets moved from log to log.1, the FileReader does not know that the file has been moved, and still reads from what is now the log.1 file. I have tried checking ...

39. FileName with a whitespace in command line argument

I have a problem regarding reading a file with a whitespace using a command line argument. Ex. I have a file named MY FILE.txt then i will require it as a command line argument: java Test MY FILE.txt Java will throw an error because he will interpret MY as the file name not as MY FILE.txt.... So how can i let ...

40. WindowsXP: Complete Relative File Name

Hello I am working in Java on WindowsXP and am stuck. My program reads in files names from the Windows Registry and then attempts to operate on those files. However, many files in the Registry are listed in relative path names. I was hoping to find a quick way to get the full absolute path of a file in WindowsXP, given ...

41. How to get the file name?

This is a great opportunity to explain what you want to achieve rather than what you're trying to do. When you say "file" do you want the class file, the jar file or the original source file? Why are trying to do that? Bear in mind that the compiled application may (and probably will) be distributed without the source code.

42. Choosing files by filename pattern

43. Programmatically get file name?

Is there a way to get the name of the current file I'm in? I'm using a jsp file (I didn't post this in the jsp forum because it's more a general java question), and it would simplify things if I could get the name of the current jsp file I'm in, instead of hard-coding it. There should be something like ...

44. Dynamic file name.

May I safely assume that you have absolutely no idea about Java? either that, or I absolutely don't get you, it seems. Sorry, but the File c'tor takes a String. If you don't want to hard-code it, just create it in any other way you find suitable. And all of this still hasn't anything to do with HTML or websites.

45. Some problem with filename

Have a look at the javadoc for the System class. It is possible to use the static getProperty() method to recover some information such as the users home and current working directories. To use this method, you would code something like; String homeDir = System.getProperty("user.home"); This is not however ideal as you are in effect hard coding this path into your ...

46. current date for file name

Hi, I have this function to get the current system's date and time private String getDateTime() { DateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); Date date = new Date(); return dateFormat.format(date); }; it works fine but I'm trying to use it as an xls filename if I use any name I create the xls file like this and it works fine: try ...

47. file name extraction

48. Inserting file name into the datasbe table