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1. Maximum value of long number?

I'm trying to declare a long value in Java, which unfortunately does not work. This is my code. It results in the following error message: "The literal 4294967296 of type int is ...

2. Counting the number of characters in a file

I'm writing a program that for one part asks for the program to print how many characters (including whitespaces) are in a file. The code I have right now though returns ...

3. Format file size as MB, GB etc

I need to display a file size as String using sensible units. e.g.

1L ==> "1 B";
1024L ==> "1 KB";
2537253L ==> "2.3 MB"
etc. I found this previous answer, which I didn't find satisfatory I ...

4. Is there a way to get the java file/line number?

In C/C++ the filename is returned by FILE and line number is returned by LINE. Java does have a getFileName(), but does not seem to have a corresponding getLineNumber(). It would be nice ...

5. Max Number of FileConnections

Is there a theoretical or practical limit to the maximum number of open FileConnections? Thanks!

6. Java content APIs for a large number of files

Does anyone know any java libraries (open source) that provides features for handling a large number of files (write/read) from a disk. I am talking about 2-4 millions of files ...

7. reduce number of opened files in java code

Hi I have some code that uses block

RandomAccessFile file = new RandomAccessFile("some file", "rw");
FileChannel channel = file.getChannel();

// some code
String line = "some data";
ByteBuffer buf = ByteBuffer.wrap(line.getBytes());

but the specific of the application ...

8. java add incremental number to file exist before

I need to to add an incremental number to file exist before ,i know how to chek that and how to add the number at the end but i ...

9. Java calculating average of numbers from another file

public void computeAverage(String [] names, int [] scores, char [] grades){
    int av = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < names.length; i++)

10. Volume Serial Number On Partitions

The "volume serial number" is a DOS conceit. Since Java is designed for "write-once, run-anywhere", it couldn't be part of the core package - systems like the Macintosh, Unix, IBM mainframes, etc. either don't have volume serials, or interprets the term differently - for example, on an IBM mainframe, the VOLSER is a 6-character EBCDIC field. You need JNI to call ...

11. Pls HELP! How to count the number of row in file?

public class ReadWriteFile { static public String [B]getContents[/B](File aFile) { //...checks on aFile are elided StringBuffer contents = new StringBuffer(); BufferedReader input = null; try { //use buffering, reading one line at a time //FileReader always assumes default encoding is OK! input = new BufferedReader( new FileReader(aFile) ); String line = null; //not declared within while loop while (( line = ...

12. Magic number for Microsoft 2007 files

13. get number of files

14. Feeding a 42 digit number from a file to sum number datatype.

I have written a program which takes a number in form of string, then parse it to a suitable data type. Now the point is int and long are definitely not suitable. here is the program or to be precise, its a snippet. for (int a = 0; a < 4; a++) { arr[a] = strLine = br.readLine(); double c = ...

16. Count number of integers left in a file, hard with rules allowed!

Hello, I could really use some suggestions here if anyone has some. I have tried to type up what I feel is required, without all the extra crap. Thank you for any help you can give. The eventual output will go to an outfile, I have only inserted the System.out.println for test purposes, and it will provide things that you may ...

17. Counting number of entries in a file

Hi all, I am having problems with counting the number of entries (doubles) in a file as specified by user input. The file opens fine and begins to count, however the accumulator never progresses past 1. also when counting a file with no entries, it never returns as zero, but always 1. Below is the code of the offending method. Java ...

18. Counting number of palindromes in a file

import*; public class palindromes { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { File file = new File("C:\\test.txt"); //select file FileReader fr = new FileReader(file); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr); StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); String eachLine = br.readLine(); int numberpalindromes = 0; while (eachLine != null) { sb.append(eachLine); sb.append(" "); //puts space between lines eachLine = br.readLine(); } System.out.println(sb.toString().length()); ...

19. Add numbers together from a file

20. how to count number of methods in a java file

23. How to get the page number from a DPF file

24. number of methods in a file

25. number of methods in a file

26. File Handling - Problem in counting number of records

Hi I have count the total number of records (Lines) in a file Number of Records = File Size / Record size Here Record size is fixed For eg., 4 Records with each record of size 10, then the expected file size is 40. But in my case file size is getting varied in like instaed 40 bytes it says 41 ...

27. number of char/words in a file

28. Calculate the number of rows and items in the file

First you call Scanner.hasNext() to see if the Scanner has anything for you to process. Your next step should be to call to get that thing, and then to process it. But since you never call next(), the Scanner always has something waiting for you. You made this error in both of the loops which use Scanners.