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1. strange messages in log file @^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^

I have a application server for network operations written with Java based on Apache Mina. Recently I encounter a strange behavior in my log files. I noticed that the log file ...

2. TailerListener - how to avoid old log messages when file rotates?

I am using the apache commons Tailer api and running into issue when the log file I am monitoring rotates (e.g. when file hits 1MB size limit). When the file is rotated ...

3. Apache Commons IO Tailer delivers old log messages

My code is given below.

public static void main(String[] args) {
    // TODO code application logic here
    File pcounter_log = new File("c:\development\temp\test.log");

try {


4. Java write record or message to log file problem

try {
    // Create an appending file handler
    boolean append = true;
    FileHandler handler = new FileHandler("my.log", append);

    // ...

5. in java,how to avoid to read the old log messages

i am using the java Tail-listener API to do the tailf function(in Linux).ie,whenever log messages are updated in log file, this API will print the messages. My code is given below.


6. how can we remove extra message in log files

i have a simple logging program ie:

public class LoggingExample1 {
 public static void main(String args[]) {
try {
  LogManager lm = LogManager.getLogManager();
  Logger logger;
  FileHandler fh = new FileHandler("log_test.txt");


7. Problem with log messages.....

Hi, I am using java.util.log.logging to log the messages. In My application there are three modules are there. Among this two are able to get the log messages, one is not able to get the log messages. I have 2 test environments and 1 production environment. The exact problem is I am able to get the log messages in Test Envronment ...

8. unable to capture messages from java.util.logging

I have a class called ( which invokes a method called foo from another java class( using reflection API.Now this method foo logs messages using Java's logger.My requirement is to call foo for 3 times from Caller and capture/redirect the log messages into 3 log files. But only the first log file is capturing the log messages(from logger) and other two ...

9. why we go from bottom to top while debugging a log file messages

hi, I am debugging some erros within in websphere 6.0 server within the error log files. I came to know for debugging error say following error Code)) [9/17/09 14:32:27:578 CDT] 0000003f SystemErr R at$ Code)) [9/17/09 14:32:27:578 CDT] 0000003f SystemErr R at$ Code)) [9/17/09 14:48:28:141 CDT] 00000042 SystemErr R at at at at ...

12. Logging debug messages into a file

13. Help on printing error messages to a log file