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1. what is the most efficient way of reading a log file in java?

What is the most efficient(fast and safe) way of reading a log file in java? The log file continuously(almost every second) gets updated.

2. Reading log files incrementally in Java

Got a requirement to read and process log file incrementally. Any suggestions / ideas to do this in Java? Need to consider all possible scenarios like file rollover, different logging formats, etc. Thanks, Sudhanshu ...

3. Read data from log file periodically

I am generating a log file and what i want is that i want to read the data periodically without having to read from the beginning each time. can anyone help. ...

4. How to read log files

The log file is generated from a Tool which get appended for every user interaction. I dont have provision to use that file directly. I need to make a copy of it and henceforth this copy needs to be updated based on changes in the original log file. How can this be done? Please help?

5. Pls Help on read the log file BACKWARd?

Well, if all the lines have the same size, it is pretty easy. Divide the size of the file by the size of every record (line) and that will tell you how many lines the log file has. If the file has more than a 1000 lines, then calculate what is the position of the first line you should read which ...

6. Reading log file using Java

Hi, I have a requirement where I have to setup a cron job using java which will connect to a unix box and read the app server log files by SSH library, like JSch. Basically I have to read three things from log: 1. Exception stack trace/error code (app generated) if there is any, 2. User sessionID. 3. Time Stamp. Connecting ...

7. Read log file from date to date as one object

Hi All, I have a huge file and I wanted to extract the lines availble in the file between a particular time frame. Note: The file has a specific format in each line of the log specifies Date/Time.Also Not all the lines in the logfile has date/Time stamp present in it . When there are errors during a particular time, the ...

8. Log File Read

9. any ideas creating app to read log file when updated?

Afternoon all, I have been asked to write a java app which will read the contents of the server log file every time the log file is updated by the server. The app will be deployed onto WebSphere Application Server. Can anyone point me in the right direction as I have never written anything like this before and I don't know ...

10. Log File Read

Just as you used a FileWriter and a BufferedWriter to write the log, you can use a FileReader and a BufferedReader to read the log. But if you're planning to read a log file that you've just written, in the same process (the same running program), then you're probably doing something wrong. If that's what you're asking.

11. reading info from a .log file

thats a problem when i typed it in here. i changed the actual file name to that. i dont put it in a directory because this will be distributed to multiple people. if there are any other syntax errors in here, theyre just simply my fault for typing it in wrong here. the program compiles and runs fine in eclipse.

12. Read log files incrementally (as they are written)

I would suggest you have a thread which reads the file and another which monitors the length. If the length is longer, you have more data to read, if it is shorter, you need to start again. If the format changes, you need to read the format differently. How you do this depends on what the format(s) are. From your description, ...