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1. How to let root and named loggers's filehandler log to the same file?

My goal is to use java.util.logging(jdk1.6)

  • write all logs to the same log file and
  • do log rotation
  • can use %u in file pattern to avoid potential file conflict with other program
I had ...

2. How to handle log rotation? (/var/adm/messages)

Hi, I am writing a log monitor. The monitor has to be able to handle log rotations. I tried to do a rotation manually in windows by renaming the original log to another name and creating a new log file. The OS complains that the file is in use by another application. Looks like java locks the file. How can i ...

3. JDK Logging API :- File rotation and .lck file issue

Hi , I am using Java Logging API (java.util.logging.Logger) to log message into files. Development environment is as below:- Java Runtime :- Java 1.6 Application Server :- Websphere Application Server Logging file configuration is below.All messages are getting succesfully. file configuration com.test.jdk14logger.filepath=C:/temp/log%g.log com.test.logger.jdk14logger.limit=1048576 com.test.logger.jdk14logger.count=2 com.test.logger.jdk14logger.append=true I am expecting below behavior for above configuration:- 1 Two files should be created ...